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Apr 28, 2015 2:04 PM ET

Archived: Flex Cam PIC : Bringing flexibility into your life – Record those precious moments in your everyday life easily at anytime, anywhere with PIC

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

Flex Cam PIC : Bringing flexibility into your life

Record those precious moments in your everyday life easily at anytime, anywhere with PIC.
boud (The Bridge of Unique Design)

That’s how our Campaign started…

What is PIC?

It’s an extension of yourself that integrates with all aspects of your daily life. Not simply a camera, but the “must have item” of 2015.

It started with the challenge from the idea that everyone should be able to use a camera  easily and be lightweight. That could transform its shape freely and fixed without a cradle. Also at various angles that were unavailable until now. Flex Cam PIC takes you one step closer to a comfortable everyday life.

Existing action cameras are good, but too heavy and expensive. We have to put up with the discomfort caused by narrow views from cell phone cameras. Flex Cam PIC is beyond these limitations. From action cameras to cell phone cameras, and now, Flex Cam PIC.

With its ability to flexibly transform, you can now pretty much put PIC anywhere.(head, arm, leg, bike, bag, belt, anywhere) Flex Cam PIC will be a part of your everyday life.

Flex Cam PIC features

PIC is flexible enough to transform into any shape and sturdily constructed of polyimid resin. You can handle PIC freely and as much as you want in any situation.

You can select various colors & fun characters to match your taste. Complete your own style and choose your preference.

PIC works underwater without an extra case shedding the bulk (30mins recording time, 1 meter). Be sure to take a PIC to capture those memorable summer holidays.

You can be liberated from cumbersome equipment. Its flexible body can be used to fasten PIC everywhere securely.

PIC’s Line-Up

How PIC works

PIC’s one touch button allows you to utilize main functions literally as easy as one, two, three and audio notifications will let you know what function you’re currently using. And you can shoot via Bluetooth from long distance.

Partial integration with free PIC app (iOS and Android) over Bluetooth. You can preview your shot before you start filming.

Whether snorkeling, snowboarding, or tearing up the bike track, PIC is ready for any adventure.  It’s compatible with every Contour Camera mount giving you unlimited angles. 124 degree wide angle means no matter where the PIC is mounted, you’ll always get the perfect leveled shot.

PIC has a built-in memory with 16GB. And with USB direct OTG (On-The-Go) output, you’ll be able to share your PIC’s photos & videos with friends and family on your Mobile Device & PC (USB direct OTG included).



PIC’s beautiful packaging is attractive and is suitable to use as a separate utility case for other items besides PIC.

We are taking great efforts to provide the perfect PIC for you.


Who We Are 

We’re PICASSO project team as members of the boud in Korea. The boud is a passionate company that builds real value through creative ideas. We provide & implement valuable insight for transforming consumer’s needs. The boud aims for projects based on user experience. Look forward to “New Value” from us in our future designs and products.


Why did we choose crowdfunding?

Without any outside investment, we wanted to see the reaction from everyone around the world just based purely on design and product quality.

Why do we need your help?

With PIC’s 1st prototype complete, we need your feedback in what we can do to make better PIC products and improvements in development.
We need your help to provide the best product we can before we reach production.

Where will the funds go?

All contributions will go towards improving performance and towards production planning for PIC.

Project timeline


Risks & Challenges

PIC is now in progress and we’re are almost there. PIC’s body was initially designed with its flat shape for a fancy appearance. However, we are continually developing its body shape for easy use in terms of flexibility. 

We also plan to focus on promoting developments in the memory & battery capacities for the next generation PIC. PIC will run for over 2-3 hours on a single charge with 700/1,000mAH. In addition to this, we’re integrating various functions and filters so you can edit right from the app itself. It will be possible to confirm photo & video on your smart phone in real time. And PIC will transfer data to your phone over WIFI in just a few seconds. All data saves automatically to your phone’s gallery within PIC the APP, and you can then add a caption and upload directly to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, Piccasa, Twitter, KAKAO story. And you can also connect with cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MS one drive, etc. 

We will keep you notified with up-to-date information.

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Contact Information:

Jimmy Park
Youngchil Kwon
Kite Kim
Arnnette S. Park
Sukwoo Lee
Chris Lee
Namgee Kim
Michael Kim

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