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Archived: The Women of Central Himalaya – UTTARAKHAND, India 2015: a pilot program for Broadcast TV USA

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The Women of Central Himalaya – UTTARAKHAND, India 2015

We are raising funds to produce a pilot program for Broadcast TV USA. $50,000 for principal HD videography on location, post-editing, color-grading and audio mastering.

More Info

Our goal of $50,000 USD will be used for principal, HD-digital videography on location in India.

Subsequent editing, color-correction, and sound mixing will be performed in Mumbai, India, for the Indian Continent formatted release of the documentary film, whose working title is: “Women Of Central Himalaya – UTTARAKHAND”.

Additional transfer, editing, color-correction and trans-coding will be performed for the USA-formatted release of the documentary film.

Stories About The Women

The remote region of UTTARAKHAND, India will be visited, the people, customs and devastating Flash-flooding that occurred in June of 2013, paying special attention to the women and their roles.

  • The Women plant and harvest their crops, hauling bundles on their backs long distances.
  • The children haul water and collect firewood for cooking and heating their homes.
  • The Women home-school their children.
  • The Women wash their clothing, one item at a time, on the floor using a stone and soap.
  • The Women work long arduous days, laboring to provide for their families.
  • When the flash-flooding occurred, it took many days to rescue the Families isolated from basic services and food, caused by massive torrents of water washing under and collapsing many homes and buildings.

Introducing our Director – Rahul Hemanti Pandey 

Rahul Himanti Pandey is a young, dynamic, and imaginative director. He is highly skilled and proficient in the delivery of programs that simultaneously inspire and educate the viewer. He is a native born son of the UTTARAKHAND Region of India.

Rahul is motivated to reveal his native land using compelling imagery, delicately balancing equal measures of triumph and despair. He has participated in numerous Mumbai-based, broadcast television shows as a Director, Assistant director, Associate director, and Script writer.

During his ten year plus career in the broadcast television field, Rahul has delivered documentary films in the Fiction, Non-fiction, and Short-film categories. Additionally he has participated in numerous training workshops and seminars sharing his engaging personality.

Additionally, Rahul has extensive experience working in the legal field.

Rahul is efficient, versatile, loyal, and motivated. He is accustomed to working independently and with production teams. He demonstrates a rich sense of humor and a positive outlook, even when under pressure.

Long Term Goal

We are hopeful, that our documentary film will be broadcast both in India, and in the United States. Public Broadcasting in San Francisco, CA has  requested a ‘screening’ of the completed film.

Subsequent episodes may then be explored with a goal to create a series of travel documentaries.

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