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Apr 27, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Archived: Savoury Sports Gel – we’ve all had that ‘yuck’ feeling of knowing we are running out of energy but dreading the taste of yet another sweet gel

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

Savoury Sports Gel

By Kirsty Shaw

The story of the project

You’re in the middle of a looooong hot ride, you’re sweating your guts out, your calves are cramping on every hill. You need the energy to get home. Just the thought of that sickly sweetness hanging out in the back pocket of your cycle jersey makes your toes curl and your stomach churn. What you wouldn’t give for some salty crisps, some Shapes, or your favourite Aussie survival food; a Vegemite sandwich!

Whether it’s been on a long run, during a triathlon, an ironman, mountain biking, adventure racing, kayaking or rock climbing, we’ve all had that ‘yuck’ feeling of knowing we are running out of energy but dreading the taste of yet another sweet gel, chomp, bar or drink.

My name is Kirsty and I’m a sports dietitian. My husband and I are Ironman triathletes and we’ve both been there, and had to suck up the sickly sweet stuff. That’s what drove us to create Geligmite; one of the world’s first truly savoury gels. It conveys carbohydrates to you in the same way that sweet gels do but without the super sugary taste. It can also eliminate, or reduce the need to take salt tablets. Geligmite is like having a Vegemite sandwich conveniently packaged into a gel.

We started making Geligmite in our own kitchen and when we found it to be useful on long rides, and the flavour a hit with our fellow athletes we enlisted a food technologist to refine it and improve the safety. Of course we also had to develop the packaging, look at all the legal aspects of manufacturing, viability etc etc

We now have something that is cutting edge in terms of sports nutrition and we want to share it with you. We need a hand to get the first batch out there but the benefits of that for you are plenty; we will bring you more savoury sports products in the future!

How the funds will be used

The set up costs for the first batch of Geligmite have been somewhat prohibitive in getting this off the ground. They include
Food technologist time for formulation – incorporate in manufacture
Legals ~$2500
Graphic Design/ Artwork (most of the time for this has been kindly donated by Kirsty Burke of Four Dogs Design, www.fourdogsdesigns.com.au) ~$100
Website development ~$1000
Raw materials expediting ~$2000
Plates, Cutting Forme and Laminate set up $2500
Manufacturing ($19 170) but we are footing the bill for most of this
Shipping and shipper set up $1000

The cost of the product itself will be funded by my husband and I because we believe there is a big need for a savoury product. We want our fellow athletes to have access to some flavour relief! (Obviously we are also hoping it goes gangbusters and pays for itself in the end).


Navigating a new world of manufacturing a product, and all the scary legal ramifications that go along with it.

Getting the formulation so that it is right for the majority of athletes/ users.

Learning how to promote and distribute.

Product Endorsements

Here are thoughts from some of the lucky athletes and a Sports Dietitian who have thus far trialled Geligmite:
Chris Buckley, endurance runner: “Wow.. The gel sure did taste like Vegemite. I could stomach it okay. I took it half way into a 22km run.. It tasted better than a lot of the crap I’ve had in the past..”
John Redondo, President, Southbank Triathlon Club: “I brought a savoury gel (vegemite flavour) on one of my long trail runs to try even though in the back of my mind I didn’t think it would be good as I don’t normally eat a lot of vegemite. While different to all the sweet gels I normally take I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It wasn’t as overpowering a flavour as I expected. In fact it would be a very good break from all the other sweet nutritional products available and to break that flavour “fatigue” in a long course event. Great creative concept. Some other flavours like bacon or biltong might be worth exploring.”
Sally Garrard, Accredited Sports Dietitian and Director of Apple to Zucchini: Sports Nutrition: “A landmark gel to the endurance scene. A much needed flavour change for the tastebuds!”

How else can you help?

We would love for you to spread the word of our Pozible Campaign so Tweet, Facebook, Text and email to your hearts content. Or if you prefer good old word of mouth, that works for us too!


I would love to thank those who have been instrumental in getting this product to manufacture stage:
My husband, David Sheehan, who has supported me in doing something I am passionate about.
Kirsty Burke of Four Dogs Design, www.fourdogsdesigns.com.au, who has kindly donated a lot of graphic design time and exercised great patience with my many emails and changes.
Tanya McAndrew, Michael Finch and Damien Jeffery for playing a starring role ( a little unknowingly) in footage.
Sally Garrard, Sports Dietitian and director of Apple to Zucchini Sports Nutrition for her advice and support.
All those athletes who took the risk and trialled something new.

Project Team

Contact Information:

Kirsty Shaw

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