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Archived: Lumino Smartplug : The new way to wake up! – Waking up doesn’t have to be so harsh anymore! Transform any lamp into a wake up light!

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Lumino Smartplug : The new way to wake up!

Waking up doesn’t have to be so harsh anymore! Transform any lamp into a wake up light!
Philippe-Olivier Provost



Simply the best way to wake up!


With the use of your smartphone or tablet, the Lumino Bluetooth smartplug transforms your bedside lamp into a dawn simulator. Wake up feeling fresh and energized with the natural benefit of light. Afraid that the light won’t be enough to wake you up since you worked so hard the previous day? No worries you can also choose your favorite song just as a backup! Sounds interesting doesn’t it? But wait Lumino is much more than an alarm clock!


A few minutes before your set wake-up time, the intensity of your lamp will gradually start to increase, and your brain will be stimulated by the light, little by little, triggering your body to begin it’s wake up cycle. By the time the light reaches full intensity you will wake up on your own without the need for an alarm. This guarantees a natural and efficient wake-up process simulating natural sunrise.

When the light reaches maximum intensity there is also the option of having an alarm with your choice of a tune from your personal library or a tune suggested by Lumino Smartplug app. You may also use the app as a bedside clock to completely replace your old alarm clock!


Thanks to it’s easy to use application and affordable price, Lumino makes the benefits of light therapy accessible to everyone!

No more need to keep your old alarm clock! One size fits all!

Laser cut from our very own Canadian Oak

Tasks completed so far:

  • Design of the 120V electronic circuit and API
  • Validation of the light wake up effectiveness
  • Design and fabrication cost
  • Fabrication and assembly schedule
  • Design of the casing and BOM
  • Fabrication of prototypes
  • Development of the iOS application
  • Partial development of the Android application
  • Optimization of the PCB for mass production
  • Design the mold for the plastic casing
  • Certifications first reviews (CSA/UL, EMI)

Remaining tasks and scheduled completion dates:

  • Certifications second reviews (CSA/UL, EMI)       (May 2015)
  • BETA testing versions                                                 (May 2015)
  • Finalize the Android application                                (July 2015)
  • Obtain certifications (CSA/UL, EMI)                        (July 2015)
  • Fabricate the mold for the plastic casing                (July 2015)
  • Deliver Wood Phone Stand                                         (July 2015)
  • Launch production                                           (September 2015)
  • Deliver Lumino to all our backers!                     (October 2015)

We have been working on Lumino for the past year and we’ve come a long way. But now we need your help. Your support will allow us to initiate tooling and manufacturing so we can make Lumino available to you and the millions of people who have never before had the chance to wake up with a dawn simulator. Usually money is the limiting factor since the standard dawn simulator can be over a couple hundred dollars but we envision everyone waking up gracefully. Let’s make our mornings pleasant, our nights softer, and our lives even greater!

So why should you support us?

  • Be the first to get Lumino and all of it’s benefits.
  • Wake up gently and feeling refreshed instead of sluggish.
  • Get the stress of your day away with the relaxation mode!

Since James and Phil met during their studies in mechanical engineering 5 years ago, they have completed various successful projects: range extender for electric cars, guitar effect units, wooden sail boat, epitaxy equipment, LED lamps, etc.

During winter 2013, unable to find an affordable and efficient light therapy lamp, they decided to devise their own solution and Lumino’s story began. 

Wanting to get the best advises in all different fields of expertise, they teamed up with software developing professionals, electrical engineers, advisers and mentors so that Lumino can become a well thought out product.

What is the range of Lumino?

We use latest Bluetooth technology (BLE 4.1). This means 50 feet of range including going through walls, enough to cover almost every home.

How many alarms can I set per Lumino?

The app can support up to 10 different alarms per Lumino. An alarm is defined as a change of intensity over a period of time with a backup sound or not. You can decide to repeat the alarm throughout the week or to select the days you want it to ring or not. For example, you can set an alarm for your work, one for the night and another for the weekend.

Can I turn off the phone for the night? Can I use it in Airplane mode?

When you want to program a plug, you need your phone with the Bluetooth activated. Once you have program the plug, you no longer need a connection with it except if you want a sudden change. For the backup sound alarm, you must keep you phone ON and the Lumino app on foreground for iOS app. We suggest using the phone stand to show the time or you can put the phone face down and the screen will turn OFF. You must not close the screen with the side button. You can use airplane mode with no problem. Android version is more flexible.

Can I lock my phone’s screen?

You will turn off the backup sound alarm if you lock the screen. It’s only a concern on iOS version. But we are working on it as we speak for the next app update 🙂

How many Lumino may I control with a single phone?

You can pair your app with a maximum of 10 Lumino.

Can I control a Lumino with different phones? What if someone else also want to control it?

A Lumino can be paired with several phones. For example you could set the alarm one day and the next day someone else could do it. Each time someone programs a new alarm, it will erase all pending alarms set by another device. We have also the possibility to add a password to a device to keep the control of it.

How can I be ensure my lamp won’t respond to a nearby device that is not my own?

You can add a password to lock it from undesirable user. If you forget the password, you can simply unplug it for an hour and you will be able to connect to it again.

Which kind of bulb I can use?

Any kind of dimmable bulb: incandescent, Dimmable LED, Dimmable CFL, Halogen, …

What happens in the event of power outage during the night?

No worries! Even without light, your phone will still ring when it’s time to wake up! Lumino also has backup power just in case.

Which Bluetooth protocol version is used?

Bluetooth Smart 4.1

What’s the maximum power output? Can I control several lamps with a single Lumino?

Lumino is rated for 240W. We suggest to use an extension to control both your beside lamp to get the best dawn/dusk simulation experience or relaxation session.

What it the relaxation session?

During the relaxation session, the lamp connected to your lumino device will brighten and dim at a pre-determined rhythm for the duration of the session. By matching your breathing with the rhythm set by the gentle light, you will enter a state of relaxation that will facilitate slumber. The sessions are based on yoga breathing exercises and help to relieve stress at the end of your busy day.

How do I get the app? Is the app free to use?

The Lumino Smartplug app will be available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

How long is the warranty?

Warranty is 1 year.

Should I use LED instead of incandescent bulb? Is there any science behind tat lighting solution?

Blue light from cold LED bulb are the best solution for an efficient wake up. Studies show that the impact of blue light on the concentration of melatonin, the sleep hormone, has been proven in several scientific studies. Conventional bulbs also have an effect on these hormones, but less than LED. Research on the effects of light on human body is still a pretty new field of investigation. Yet we’ve seen more and more research work published in the recent years to include the Harvard Medicine School, the NASA and several sleep centers though Europe.

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