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Apr 27, 2015 8:12 AM ET

Archived: LighterVault: Jumbo Lighter Sleeve with Stash Vault: upgrades a Bic lighter to a Jumbo lighter that’s hard to steal or lose, while providing a convenient stash vault

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

LighterVault: Jumbo Lighter Sleeve with Stash Vault

by Constantinos Bellas

LighterVault upgrades a Bic lighter to a Jumbo lighter that’s hard to steal or lose, while providing a convenient stash vault.

About this project

We are super excited to launch the LighterVault through Kickstarter.  Our goal from this campaign is to transition from a home-based startup with a cool idea to a thriving company protecting lighters and stashing your stuff in jumbo style across the globe.  We hope to gain your trust and support!


We would like to thank our friend Mikey for stealing our lighters.  Without his annoying lighter thievery antics we would never have put our heads together to solve this problem.


The LighterVault is a 6 inch tall sleeve made out of heavy duty plastic that securely holds a standard full size Bic lighter, while providing a 3 inch deep “vault” storage compartment.  “The Vault” is accessed by an inconspicuous screw cap on the bottom and is perfect for convenient storage of anything you like.  Thanks to its jumbo size, the LighterVault is much harder for people to steal from you than a standard small lighter, as well as being harder to misplace around your house, car, work, etc.


Neon Green
Neon Green


*All of our Rewards are listed in the Top Right Section of This Page.*

**You will be able to select your colors at the end of our 30 Day campaign when we send you a survey to complete.**

Thank you for your Support!


We’ve spent the last five months designing and testing the LighterVault to be as sleek and durable as possible. Our current samples were acquired from a local 3D printing shop located just outside of NYC called Mini 3D Me. 3D printing has been a great resource for our prototyping, but unfortunately it’s not cost effective for mass producing LighterVaults.  We settled on the final design with the focus of making it look like an extension of a Bic lighter, with a few shape changes at the top to give it character.

For materials, we are in the process of making a final decision between delrin, pvc, and a few more solid thermoplastics.  Our goal is for the exterior of the LighterVault to be just as or more durable than the outer shell of a standard Bic lighter, and we are almost there!

In order to make the LighterVault accessible to the masses and accomplish our goal of selling on our website and selling wholesale to convenience stores, we need to order several thousand pieces from our USA manufacturer, as well as invest in a mold for the product.  This is where you come in!

With your help we can bring the LighterVault to market at a great low price and get our product into the hands of anyone that uses a lighter in their everyday life.


In addition to preparing to place our first purchase order with our USA manufacturer, we’ve filed intellectual property rights to protect our idea, and are arming ourselves to seek licensing opportunities at the trade show we will attend in August.  We figure that since organizations currently use lighters to promote their brands, we can do them one better. The LighterVault’s jumbo size, which makes it much harder to steal or lose, means that the brand’s promotional item will be with the consumer for a much longer period of time, all while offering more than double the visual presentation space normally provided by a standard lighter. With your support we can turn this vision into a reality!

If we reach our goal of $7,350 we will be able to shift our focus from raising capital to contributing to the creative arts community in a cool way. The LighterVault can serve as the perfect canvas for artists to build their brand on, showcasing their artwork on our product. We plan to do so by hosting contests on our Facebook page, where the designers with the most fan votes can collaborate with us and sell their customized LighterVaults on their websites.  We are going to reach out to all tattoo artists, graffiti artists, painters, brands, graphic designers or anyone that has a cool graphic that they would like to build their brand around.

Collaborative Artist Future Limted Edition
Collaborative Artist Future Limted Edition


April:  Launch our Kickstarter campaign! Continue working on sampling materials for our first mass production order.

May:  Select final material and begin production in our USA factory. Begin Facebook campaign searching for artists/brands to collaborate with.

June:  Orders could start shipping as early as the end of the month.  Purchase booth space for Las Vegas Trade Show.

July:  Our goal is to have all orders shipped by the second week in July. Any updates to the schedule will be communicated to our backers through updates.  We plan to launch our first collaborative series of LighterVaults with the highest voted artist/design on our Facebook page by the end of the month.

August:  We will exhibit at the ASD Market Week Trade Show in Las Vegas, where we plan to showcase the LighterVault and establish relationships with convenience store distributors to start selling wholesale, as well as explore licensing opportunities.


Risks and challenges

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

— Robert F. Kennedy

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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