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Apr 27, 2015 12:14 PM ET

Archived: Fund for an Automobile engineering school in Zibabwe

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

Fund for an Automobile engineering school

About This Campaign


                   A LIFE THAT I GAINED SKILL

I am a  man of 52 years of age of Zimbabwean nationality residing in the capital city Harare. My profession is motor vehicle engineering and managment. I have 30years of experience in the field  . After working for 20 years under the ministry of Home Affairs I retired in 2012.


I have learnt with sorrow that the young generation in my community are indulging in serious drug abuse,juvenile delinquency and they  are unemployed.

                     I WAS TRAINED BY MY WOUNDS

When l go into a deep thought about the plite of these children my heart aches with a sharp pain piercing through it. I was once like them when l dropped out of school because my parents could not afford to pay school fees for me. I would spend much of my time in the streets until one day my poor uncle sat down with me and gave me some advice which later turned into gold. He told me that he had no money but said that  l had power in my own hands to shape my future destiny and what l only needed was determination, and not money. He indicated to me that money comes after determination. l was touched by his speech and that changed my mindset to one of determination. I was 16years at that time. l sneaked into my mothers’ knitting room and found about 10 small bundles of yarn and l sold them in the neighbourhood and told them that l needed money for my school fees and in a short time they were all bought. The money was so little that l could only buy one dozen of large eggs and egg selling became my new  found business. In a short space of time l was buying a crate (30eggs). In 3 months l could buy and sell 10-15 crates per two weeks. l could raise money to do my first course with Speciss college in motor maintenance and repairs and at the same time l enrolled my acedemic studies with rapid results college of which l did junior certificate and o’level in maths, english and physics, l did few because of money. l divided my time and in the morning l would wake up at 4:30am and went out selling eggs door to door and at 6a.m l would return home and prepare to go to school. At around 1:30p.m school would end and l would rush to the egg market to order crates of eggs to sell the next morning. Through that l managed to finish my school. l tried to enrol for further studies at the only Polytechnic college in Harare but l was denied entry because they needed 5 o’levels so l was stranded. l was eventually employed by one of the government mechanical department and l used the certificate l got from Speciss college but it was lower quality and l could only do motor vehicle services under strict supervision.

l later joined the registrar of apprenticeship and skilled manpower of Zimbabwe and under went training until l became a artisan  class one. l further studied motor vehicle engineering from certificate ,diploma and advanced diploma whilst working. l became a foreman 2, foreman 1, workshop manager, national trainer ad transport policy project team manager. ln 1999 l was selected through an engineering test to go to  Rover Technical Acedemy in the United Kigdom for an Automotive engineering  course and orientation. l am  now a motor vehicle engineer because l can now do modifications on vehicles and l can invent new engineering ideas that can benefit the world . l am designing a new engine which could be environmentally friendly l termed it a High Speed  steam engine. l will not say much about it.


By opening a motor vehicle engineering school l have confidence that these teens in the streets and the unemployed can be turned into engineers who can contribute to the global manpower for the betterment of the world. l have trained many people, during my work and some are working in other countries like South Africa, Namibia, Canada, Australia, Britain, Newzealand, America and to the United Nations. By opening a school of engineering l will solve some problems in my community and l can not do it without help from the world communities. l tried to get loans from the banks to no avail. l am now faced with serious financial problems to make this dream come true. l can now understand the plite of someone like Mr Rudolph Christian Karl Diesel who designed a four stroke compression ignition engine which used a certain oil which was called diesel after his name and his engine was also called diesel engine after him. But the sad story is that he incurred  a lot of debts during the process of inventing the engine. lt is believed that Mr Diesel commited suicide because of the debts, he was in a serious financial problem and he died before he could enjoy the fruits of his engine. Today the world uses his engine for industrial, highway and marine applications. Mr Diesel never benefited from all this.

l would like to  appeal to people of the world to help by funding the establishment of the Automotive engineering school. l have made rough quotations  for starting the school. Land $24 000, Provisional structures $30 000 and training equipment $23 000 making a total of $77 000. We intend to start the project in May. lf we get started the school can grow to a world class school of Automotive engineering in Southern Africa. With determination l can make it happen but your help is of paramount importance.

Your dollar or more will help a long way for the realisation of this dream. You might say in your heart that a dollar is small for the project but imagine that many drops of water form the oceans of the world, so nothing is too small for a higher goal. Your dollar can change someone’s  life for good.


In return for your donation l will pray for you 12 minutes everyday for 40 days so that God can help you in other ways you wish in your life. My prayer condition will cover even to those who read this project and have a heart to help , but have no money, because that heartistic support is regarded as a donation. l will then ask you to do what your heart tells you to do. Thank you several times, l love you, GOD BLESS YOU.

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