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Apr 27, 2015 4:06 PM ET

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters: Making specialty coffee more approachable

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Making specialty coffee more approachable

Chicago, IL

  • Status OPEN
  • Target $250,000
  • Raised NEW




Team 60+ yrs of coffee experience: founding, roasting & operating

Performance ’14A Sales: $1.88M w/ 3 Stores | ’15E Sales: $4M w/ 6 Stores

Customers 170 other retailers, Retail, Sodikoff, Olgilvy, Whole Fods, Intercontinental Hotel, Columbia College, Chartwells at DePaul University, Dana Hotel, University of Chicago, Gilt Bar, Virgin Hotels



Through our cafes, growing wholesale roster, and strategic relationships here and abroad, we are building the foundations needed to improve quality and sustainability practices to bring better coffees to market.



Phil Tadros, Founder & CEO

Phil has opened over a dozen coffee shops in the Chicagoland area over nearly 2-decades, and understands the industry and market from a perspective that few others have. He has curated a team of industry professionals, with the vision that providing an open and collaborative environment will allow the Bow Truss product line and team to flourish, and he focuses heavily on new partnerships, and strategic growth.

Darren Marshall, Co-Founder & CMO

With over 10 years of Branding, Design, and Business Operations experience, Darren brings a wealth of knowledge to help keep the company efficiently seeking new opportunities for sales, and keeping the brand and culture aligned with Bow Truss core values.

Dennis W Jackson II, Head Roaster

With over 15 years of roasting experience, Dennis has produced coffee for both large and small roasters, taking him around the world. He has been a judge in the Cup of Excellence in Brazil, and educates farmers on agricultural techniques, and the benefits of direct trade.

Maciej Ostrowski, Head of Training


Tony Grewing, Assistant Roaster

Tony has experience 5+ years of experience roasting for StumpTown.

Brian Frain, Wholesale Ops Director

Between working for Intelligentsia for nearly 7 years, and opening his own cafes in the past, Brian has a combination of operations experience in both large and small operations that makes him an asset to our growing upstart. He’s responsible for the setup, training and management of Bow Truss’ outside accounts.



  • Revenue’14A Sales: $1.88M w/ 3 Stores | ’15E Sales: $4M w/ 6 Stores
  • Distribution3 Retail Locations and 60+ Wholesale Accounts



    Company Check

  • Status OPEN
  • Target $250,000
  • Raised NEW
  • Round Type Convertible Note
  • Entity Type LLC


Contact Information:

Phil Tadros
Darren Marshall
Dennis W Jackson II
Maciej Ostrowski
Tony Grewing
Brian Frain

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