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Apr 27, 2015 2:04 PM ET

Archived: Analyze Corp. – Analyze makes access to advanced big data analytics ubiquitous through Clientell (analyzeclients.com) and Donor Impact (analyzeimpact.org)

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

Analyze Corp.

Your Data Our Science

Fairfax, VA



Elevator Pitch

Analyze makes access to advanced big data analytics ubiquitous through Clientell (analyzeclients.com) and Donor Impact (analyzeimpact.org)

Executive Summary

Analyze Corp. is an Early-stage service in the Services (B2C) industry. The company already has revenue, users, paying customers, clients, strategic partners, and purchase agreements.

– Data set of over 250m households with 360 variables in each (including entire 2010 US Census)
– $500k in 2014 revenue
– $1.2m projected in 2015 revenue
– Current customers include BMW, Google, Habitat for Humanity, AlliedBank, and many more


Ed Lorenzini

CEO & President
Managed national strategic scale analytic and decision support systems for the Missile Defense Agency and created successful product lines for Raytheon.

Dr. Robert Nolker

VP of Engineering
Ph.D. in Data Science from University of Marlyand. Focused on socio-metric and psycho-graphic data analytics. Algorithm development at scale.

Scott Chase

Former CTO and co-founder of one of the leading cybersecurity analytics and research companies for the US intelligence community, sold to Raytheon. Specialized in the creation of infrastructure for large computing systems. Built second largest computer system in Florida for analytics discovery.

Wyatt Grantham

Entrepreneur; Strategic sales / marketing both domestic and internationally. Negotiator for a Fortune 100 company; Parliamentary assistant in the Scottish Parliament


Competitive Landscape

Clientell supplements the capabilities of marketing automation tools offered by companies such as SAS and Marketo. Clientell appeals to companies where their existing analysts are unable to complete challenging analytical tasks or unsatisfied with the analytical capabilities of current products they purchase and are looking for lower cost alternatives to hiring outside consultants. The product appeals to companies engaged in direct marketing (email, direct mail, and telemarketing) and seeking to improve response rates without the budget or market share to justify hiring high end marketing consultancies such as Experian, Axciom, and Merkle. Analyze anticipates that as industry specific modules of Clientell are developed for Automotive and Healthcare verticals, the product will also begin displacing marketing and analytical consultancies in these verticals such as Polk (well known in the Automative industry, recently acquired by IHS).Market Advantages:
Analyze has unique access to a large pool of advanced software developers from the cyber security industry, a developed open-source platform to build branding and credibility, a stable of clients that provide unique access to applied analytics problems, a turn key elastic cloud infrastructure, an operational version of the software, and experience training and developing a highly skilled employee base.


2015: $1.2m (projected)
2014: $500k
2013: $12k

Use of Funds

Product Tech Roadmap – 50%
Infrastructure Upgrades – 15%
Marketing and Sales – 35%
Contact Information:

Ed Lorenzini
Dr. Robert Nolker
Scott Chase
Wyatt Grantham

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