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Apr 27, 2015 1:49 PM ET

Archived: 1WealthStreetApp: a free financial app that helps people get real-time answers to financial questions in their life.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015


by Dylan Moore

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I’m looking to build a free financial app that helps people get real-time answers to financial questions in their life.

Dylan Moore

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About this project

I believe the financial services industry is too expensive for most people in the world. When you consider, that approximately 4B households have financial assets or net worth below $100,000 and most of the industry caters to individuals with $250,000 and above, there is a clear mismatch. My vision, using technology, is to provide free practical answers to people’s real financial problems. This app will be organically built from the user base of individuals – part of the network – that provide content to the platform using their own stories an examples. We want to demystify the industry and provide a practical need to those in need of free advice. We do this type of activity already offline with friends who are part of our social graph. So now lets do it online. The app will leverage the infrastructure and social graph information of Facebook and overtime have an option for Anonymity. That is, if somebody wants advise anonymously, the platform can offer that. For those people who help kickstart this project, I’d like to personally engage you all to be contributors to the app’s progression and help become advocates for the platform thru becoming part of the network of experts that help our community grow and foster without feeling like they are being sold an expensive and complicated financial products. This is just a free app, with information provided by our community.

Risks and challenges

The cost to develop a great UI for any app can be expensive. By talking to some friends in the tech industry I think the goal I set is more than enough to get this project up and running. If we face setbacks, I am going to personally try and fund this project as much as I feasibly can b/c I think this mission is so important in today’s world. There are too many people not getting the information they need.

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