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Apr 25, 2015 1:23 PM ET

Archived: The POWCH! – MAKE A PURCHASE…MAKE A DIFFERENCE: On-the-go, reusable, collapsible, eco-friendly food and drink pouch/bottle! Made in USA

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2015
The POWCH! On-the-go, reusable, collapsible, eco-friendly food and drink pouch/bottle! Made in USA
The POWCH! – MAKE A PURCHASE…MAKE A DIFFERENCE is powered by The Grommet and Indiegogo, partnering to help undiscovered products go from prototype to market.


Hi, I’m Karen Orlich, the founder of k.o. kidz and creator of ‘the POWCH’.

This idea started out simply.  I wanted an easy, on-the-go container to feed my son healthy snacks.  I thought giving him one of those disposal fruit and veggie pouches would be a good idea.  But they’re expensive, hold very little food, and they’re terrible for our environment.  Most of the packaging can’t even be recycled and 2.5 BILLION single use pouches go into our landfills EVERY year.

So I decided to do something about it and….

it’s called the POWCH!

Working in my basement over several months, I came up with a 12 oz pouch made of a soft, eco-friendly, waterproof fabric with the same built in straw as the disposables.  I filled it with applesauce or yogurt and my son loved it!

What I discovered was that I liked using the POWCH too.  It was easy to use when commuting, after a work-out, in the car, even hiking and biking.  So, it has become more than an option for just my son, it’s an option for our entire family.

I’ve spent 2 years and my life savings designing, developing, and testing this product with kids and adults.  But I need your help to get this convenient, recyclable product into your family’s hands.

Giving Back

I also want to make this about more than just selling products so I’ve taken it a step further and with every POWCH that you purchase, I’ll donate to a children’s education or environmental conservation charity.


If you buy right now, I’ll be one step closer to production.  The thing is…I need a minimum order of 2,500 to make it possible.

The $10,000 goal will cover a portion of the following:

  1. Production Equipment
  2. Raw Material & Fabric Expenses
  3. Inventory (minimum orders are required on all components to make cost effective)

Stretch goal:  $20,000

Let’s work together to get there!!

What Our Testers Are Saying…

“The kids enjoy it.  Seals completely without risk of leaking and it’s easy to store and clean.  My son didn’t want to give it back after testing!” – Mina F.

“Our daughter loves this type of product (squeeze pouches), but you can’t control what is in them (how much sugar, etc).  I like that you can take it on the road with you and that it doesn’t require utensils. The “mess” that is left is contained in the pouch which is nice too. No worries about crumbs, etc that come from a bagged item.” – Merryl B.

Love the way it washes and cleans up so easy – you can flip it inside out.  Love the concept and how you can reuse and reuse. Sara R. 



THE ECO T-SHIRT (Available in two designs, kids and adult sizes S-XL)

 1. Front (please specify number when ordering)

2. Front

Back (optional-$10 extra)

THE POWCH Colors: 

1. Spring Green   2. Purple   3. Pink   4. Royal Blue (Please specify number and color when ordering)

Limited Edition POWCH Patterns: (Please specify number and pattern name when ordering)

1. Galaxy                                                          2. Fashionista

3. Americana                                                  4. Camo


Become the unstoppable, eco-fighter superhero for a day and be featured on our logo, website, and all active social media (see below for samples).  Kids and pets encouraged!

NOTE:  Final designs will be completed by an experienced graphic artist and suitable for framing (and t-shirt printing).

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Are you passionate about our mission and ….    
  • Then, please spread the word!  Share on social media and email.  Statistics show that personal email messages are the most successful in persuading others to contribute.
  • Indiegogo has easy sharing tools too!

The Impact & Result

Disposable, single use pouches are expected to reach 35.8 BILLION by 2018!

With your help, we can prevent this from happening and provide our kids, grandkids, and families a fun, earth friendly way to eat a healthy snack while on the go.

Please make a difference.  Encourage healthy eating and fight for a greener planet today.  Thanks all!

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Contact Information:

karen orlich

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