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Apr 25, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Archived: GEAK Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker – . Abandoning the traditional standards of stereo design and aesthetics, the GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker offers a sleek, cutting-edge alternative

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2015

GEAK Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker

By GEAK Audio

The story of the project

As technology rapidly progresses, traditional stereos and speakers have quickly become outdated, cumbersome and inferior in quality. Traditional stereos are often expensive, large and lacking wireless technologies — almost unthinkable qualities in this day and age.We were inspired to develop the GEAK Audio Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker as a counterpoint to these archaic speakers currently on the market. As aficionados of both technology and style, we found that no speaker met our expectations. They were either too big, too expensive, exhibited poor sound quality, lacked effective wireless capabilities or didn’t allow for the use of multiple stereo channels — or all of the above.

In response to this, we at GEAK Audio have worked to develop a wireless stereo speaker with exceptional sound quality — all without compromising on style and aesthetics. With years of expertise behind our product engineers, we aim to open your ears to the world of clear, superior speaker sound, no matter where you go.

GEAK Audio: It’s more artwork than stereo

Featuring minimalist design and exquisite workmanship, even the tiniest details have been refined over time to perfection. Abandoning the traditional standards of stereo design and aesthetics, the GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker offers a sleek, cutting-edge alternative to the bulky speakers of old.

Small in size but generous in sound quality

The GEAK Audio Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker is no larger than a small Coca-Cola bottle (185 mm x 69 mm x 74 mmh), making it perfectly portable.

Uncompromised sound quality

The GEAK Audio Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker effectively transmits sounds at various frequencies. Low frequency instruments such as drums, cello, bass, bassoon and French horn are transmitted as clearly as medium frequency sounds such as vocals – so clear, you might even hear the singer breathing!

Six music resources and Multiple play modes

The GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker has six music resources.You can enjoy the millions of excellent music with GEAK Audio and directly access Internet radio stations, music services and your personal music.

The GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker offers five play modes compatible with the diversified modes. These include DLNA, audio-in,online music source and Micro SD( iTunes music Pandora、Spotify,Rdio are under development). So, no matter whether wifi is available, your music will never stop.


Go anywhere you want, listen to any music you like

The GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker isn’t bound by the same restrictions of distance you might find with Bluetooth devices. You’ll receive crystal-clear sound, no matter how far from the speaker you are.

Listen to music and watch videos at the same time

The GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker works separately to any mobile phone audio channel. As such, you can enjoy your music while watching videos on your phone at the same time.Additionally, the speaker’s sound quality is not limited by your mobile phone’s sound quality.

Supports multiple devices

The GEAK Audio Stereo Speaker supports multiple devices, solving the problem of having numerous devices in play. This eliminates the need to constantly cut the connection to switch between the controlling device — the speaker allows anyone to access and control the stereo for free-flowing tunes and easy music sharing.

The GEAK Audio Wifi Hifi Stereo Speaker is also perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android systems, making it accessible to all tech-savvy music lovers.

Why we chose wifi over Bluetooth


1. Balancing speaker size with tone quality
Generally speaking, the laws of acoustics dictate that low-frequency sound quality depends on a relatively large stereo. In the pursuit of hifi sound quality, GEAK Audio worked for many months to refine this balance in order to successfully slim the device while maintaining superior sound quality.2. Controlling the cost
A wifi speaker requires one single chip microcomputer (CPU) and utilises more complex technology than a Bluetooth speaker, thereby raising the cost of development. However, GEAK Audio aims to make the device accessible to all music lovers, so our development phase involved working hard to streamline these increased costs. We aim to further refine this as we perfect our production process.

3. We anticipate our biggest challenge will be spreading the word about GEAK Audio to make our campaign a success. We are also continually working on improving the device’s battery life, hoping to release an improved version in the future.


Why do we need your help?

Here at GEAK Audio, we view music as a special, transformative language to which everyone should have access. We’ve worked over many months to research, develop and refine the speaker in order to give our customers the best possible listening experience. In order to continue to improve our product and bring it to more people, we sincerely welcome your feedback and ideas.We need your support to help bring this product to life.

Thank you so much.

How the funds will be used

The funds from this campaign will be used to fund the next round of speaker production, while also enabling us to continue R&D in order to improve GEAK Audio’s future products.As a new company, our aim is to improve our brand recognition and develop our brand identity through our innovative products. As such, your support will help us develop a product superior in both design and reputation. We greatly appreciate your support.

Some of my other work

Gu XiaoBin, GEAK Electronics CEO
Internet hardware enthusiastGu’s interest in digital gadgets began when he was a student. Since then, he has worked successfully in the electronics manufacturing industry, in which he has been a manufacturing engineer for six years. His expertise in the industry ranges from product design, raw material supply and production management to quality control and shipment processes.

In early 2000, Gu joined Sina where he has served in various roles including Sina Technology Channel’s senior editor and associate editor, Sina’s interactive products business director, the director of the testing centre, an assistant of research and development, and president, before being appointed TechWeb CEO in 2005.

At the end of 2012, Gu was appointed Shanda’s GEAK Audio CEO, leading the company to successfully launch GEAK Audio products.

Contact us

Shanghai GEAK Audio Co Ltd.

Project Team

GEAK Audio

Shanghai, CN Message Supported 0 Projects

上海果壳电子有限公司于2009年正式注册成立,主要产品包括BAMBOOK电子书,GEAK 智能手机,GEAK智能手表,GEAK Audio果壳智能音响等。果壳电子的愿景是成为中国最大的智能穿戴公司。
Shanghai Geak Electronic Co., Ltd was formally incorporated in 2009. The major products include Bambook e-books, Geak intelligent mobile phones, Geak smart watches,GEAK Audio. The vision of Geak is to become the largest smart wearable company in China.

Contact Information:

Gu XiaoBin

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