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Apr 25, 2015 8:45 AM ET

Archived: Erie Drive Unique Goods & Content: Revolutionizing the Way You Discover, Learn & Designer Products

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 25, 2015

Erie Drive

Unique Goods & Content: Revolutionizing the Way You Discover, Learn &..

Erie Drive’s mission is to be the leader in the curated media and home decor and accessories market for the expanding audience of modern, on-trend, fashion-forward consumers with a passion for designer products, relevant lifestyle content and informative videos.  We offer a focused collection of distinctive products chosen for gorgeous design, great quality, fun and functionality.

In less than two years Erie Drive has attracted over 5,000 customers and 10,000 social media fans with sales totaling $250,000 and we’re GROWING!  We have an ever-increasing number of beloved name brands among our vendors.

We have assembled an experienced team of individuals driven by a collective passion to create and deliver truly engaging home accessories and functional gift buying experiences. Our customers are consistently thrilled with our products and high-touch customer service which delivers on the company promise that every transaction results in a Moment of Joy. Our dedication translates to a small business feel that is compelling to consumers, while we continue to position ourselves for global growth. Based in Boston, we ship our wares worldwide, with happy customers scattered across the globe.

ErieDrive.com was borne out of founder Alexandra Grenham’s personal search for charming, unique items to furnish her home and express her contemporary personality.  As Erie Drive’s Curator-In-Chief, Alexandra’s mission is to bring together the very best offerings from innovative product designers, style influencers, trending functional artists and undiscovered genius.  She also nurtures relationships with influential bloggers and tastemakers who are invited to contribute their creative concepts, ideas and inspirations.

Two years into it, Erie Drive is becoming a leading destination in the contemporary home accessories marketplace.

Our target customers are primarily women between the ages of 24-45 earning greater than $100,000 but we have successfully nurtured a male following as well – men now account for 40% of our revenue. Erie Drive provides the modern, urban, trendy consumer tailored information and unique goods, from home décor to gifts and children’s toys.

Since January 2012 we have driven over 371,000 visits to our site, resulting in over $250,000 in sales and over a 1.2 million pageviews. We have nearly 1500 Twitter followers and over 7,500 Facebook fans, as well as growing audiences on both Pinterest and Instagram. Various notable sites have begun to take notice of our unique offerings, driving further traffic and drumming up excitement for our unmatched selection.

Our Team

Alexandra Grenham – CEO, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Award-winning jewelry designer, interior design enthusiast.

Alexandra has over 15 years experience in retail/wholesale, merchandising, design and curation. As Creative Director, Alexandra establishes the visual style and content direction of Erie Drive. Alexandra is an award-winning jewelry designer and interior design enthusiast whose home (and personal style) has been featured in both American and international design publications, including and most recently, Apartment Therapy.

John Gavin – COO and Co-Founder

Prior to founding Erie Drive, John was a principal in, and served as VP of Business Development at, Hybrivet Systems Inc. Under John’s leadership, Hybrivet’s flagship product, LeadCheck, gained national distribution in Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and Walmart. John helped transform Hybrivet’s marketing strategy and operations leading to a successful exit to 3M’s brand portfolio through an acquisition in 2011. He also plays an active role in early stage startups, real estate development and is a member of the Boston Harbor Angels.

Linda Tucker – CFO

Erie Drive’s CFO, Linda Tucker, is in charge of strategic planning and forecasting. She has over 25 years’ experience in business and financial leadership at multi-million dollar enterprises. Linda is an innovative, high-energy, accomplished executive with a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. She directly assists the Chief Operating Officer (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Greg Stobb – VP Sales/Marketing

Greg holds an MA in Global Marketing, Communications and Advertising from Emerson College and brings in over a decade of professional experience specializing in digital ad campaigns. His former clients include the Estee Lauder Companies, Yahoo and Discount Tire Company, where he created and managed strategies and tactics to target their best audience online. At Erie Drive, Greg’s deep understanding of existing and emerging marketing technologies and best practices has resulted in a successful strategic marketing direction and effective campaigns on multi-channel mediums.

Paul Nickerson – Customer Relations & Inventory Logistics

Paul Nickerson is in charge of Customer Relations & Inventory Logistics at Erie Drive. Paul’s experience has been as a senior executive in customer relationship management, shipping and global product logistics. Paul brings decades of logistical experience garnered from his years at Federal Express and other independent shipping companies. Paul is obsessively passionate about customer service and has consistently earned accolades from Erie Drive customers.

Jamie Wood – Editor-In-Chief

Jamie is experienced in merchandising having been the Retail Visual Manager at Anthropologie as well as a notable DIY Blogger for Vecco Studios. Jamie is the driving force behind Erie Drive’s lifestyle blog, The Niche. Her expertise is in creating sophisticated , visually appealing online site design . Jamie is responsible for our brand and content strategy from visualization to conceptualization with a focus on layout, style, design and tailored, brand-specific content.

Contact Information:

Alexandra Grenham
John Gavin
Linda Tucker
Greg Stobb
Paul Nickerson
Jamie Wood

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