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Apr 23, 2015 1:03 PM ET

WannaFollow.Me: Build a Free Personal Web Page+Connect Your Social Networks

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2015

WannaFollow.me is a revolutionary social media platform that allows you to efficiently brand and market yourself by channeling the power of all your social media accounts into one. Create a free web page through our splash page creation software, allowing easy discovery of yourself and your content. Express yourself, and open doors to great opportunities at the same time.


The rise of social media is a double-edged sword when it comes to connecting with others. While communication has been made far more accessible, today’s numerous social media platforms also render online communication a fragmented and complicated process.

So people are confused. How do you create your own website? How do you market and brand yourself correctly and efficiently? How can you channel the power of all your social media profiles into one, promoted space? How do you entice people to follow you when you have so many social media accounts to follow?

WannaFollow.me provides an affordable opportunity for you to create a presence for yourself on the web, connecting all of your social networks to one place so you can easily connect with your followers.


Express, Promote, Connect

Connecting with your followers through WannaFollow.me is easy. Simply create a web page through our splash page creation software for free, and link all of your social media profiles to your new single, centralized platform! Our features are unparalleled by any other similar service:

Tie in your Facebook feed, blog and Twitter account for more efficient self-marketing

Implement visually stimulating video background, drawing in more followers

Follow and promote certain Twitter hashtag feeds to drive more traffic to your website



With a WannaFollow.me account, users can effortlessly market their social media feeds, manage their reputation and brand themselves online. Our novel social media platform allows you to express yourself while better promoting yourself.


WannaFollow.me just launched in December of 2013, and already we have registered over 20,000 active users and counting!

The team at WannaFollow.me is constantly improving users’ experience. Just recently, we implemented a HashTag feed which allows users to efficiently promote specific Twitter HashTags

Our innovative technology is patent-pending

WannaFollow.me is excited to announce our recent partnership with PCDJ.COM, a DJ Software company that will take DJ Marketing and Event Marketing to the next level!

Soon, WannaFollow.me will be launching email blasts, notification service and a mobile app — so you’re connected to your followers anytime, anywhere


Roger Safont, CEO & Founder, has over 25 years of progressive IT experience spanning from application and social media development to strategic planning and web management. He is the primary architect for various high transactional websites for Fox Networks, and brings this expertise to WannaFollow.me — consistently architecting new versions of the software to ensure the satisfaction of our growing customer base.

John Jassy, Advisor, is a board member and investor for Mad Mobile, a premier mobile development platform. He guides Roger in discovering in implementing the best and most efficient business strategy for our company’s growth.

Contact Information:

Roger Safont
John Jassy

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