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Apr 23, 2015 9:14 EST

Red Cloud Digital – SlideBatch: Capture Your Ideas in a Batch

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2015

Red Cloud Digital – SlideBatch

Red Cloud Digital - SlideBatch

Capture Your Ideas in a Batch

Red Cloud Digital – SlideBatch is raising $850,000 with a minimum reservation of $50,000.

Raise Details

  • Funding Goal$850,000
  • Minimum Reservation$50,000
  • Pre-money Valuation$6,050,000
  • Open Date04/01/2015
  • Closing Date


  • SlideBatch makes and publishes intelligent content.
  • Most important product features are launched.
  • Capital is needed to scale up marketing and sales.

Elevator Pitch

SlideBatch is an innovative new web application that cuts through content overload on the web with a simple concept of a “Batch”, which has ubiquitous appeal to both publishers and consumers.

Company Overview

SlideBatch is an innovative new web application that cuts through content overload on the web with a simple concept of a “Batch”, which has ubiquitous appeal to both publishers and consumers. A “Batch” is the right mix of content, delivered at the right place and time to a target audience.

SlideBatch’s technology platform is robust, scalable and cloud-based, with a unique media-first approach that includes built-in encoding and playback of any mix of media types, including videos, images, documents, websites, music and podcasts. Easy authoring tools allow media to be collected from anywhere, directly curated from the Web using a built-in web search tool, uploaded from local hard drives and imported from popular cloud storage services.

The SlideBatch tool enables marketers and PR professionals to improve the quality, variety and frequency of published content, leading to deeper audience engagement. SlideBatch is a freemium product, with a featured free version to encourage wide spread adoption, with SaaS conversion to more features and branding options for professional, business and organizational use. A mix of marketing tactics will be used to drive adoption in our target audiences, including email campaigns, ad buys, sponsorships, social placements and influencer partnerships.

SlideBatch is also a publisher of well-curated, digital content. Batching of digital content is a new form of publishing–much like blogging was 10 years ago. SlideBatch is paving the way to “clean up” content around ideas, make it intelligent, engaging, re-usable, easy to find, follow and share. In short, the way consumers want and need it. SlideBatch’s publishing channels will be monetized with ads, sponsorships and promotions.

The potential market for SlideBatch is large and high growth – essentially anywhere digital content is organized, presented and shared with a purpose. Publishing tools and platforms in the space have been very successful, with SlideShare being the most similar competitor to SlideBatch.


54000 Users

10 Ways to Use SlideBatch


  1. Be a Thought Leader
  2. Promote a Product
  3. Be a Fan
  4. Cover and Event
  5. Teach a Subject
  6. Create a “How To”
  7. Make a Top 10 List
  8. Coach a Sport
  9. Build a Bio Batch
  10. Promote a Destination




Beta product launched with initial customers — Graybar, Buckeye International, Fat Chimp Studios, Gamers Baseball

July, 2014

Started interaction with key influencers in content marketing and public relations

August, 2014

Started promotion on social media and with key influencers

November, 2014

Surpassed 50k users, 2000 free accounts, 135k monthly page views

March, 2015

Announced three business solutions: Content Marketing Batches, PR Newsroom and Video/Media Libraries

March, 2015

Major product update targeted at business solutions and publishing

April, 2015


“I was expecting it to be just another thing that I would feel uncomfortable when they asked me what I thought, but I was blown away. SlideBatch is going to change the look and feel of your newsrooms forever.”
Gine Dietrich CEO of Arment Dietrich (Marketing Communicati
Gine Dietrich
“I’m most interested in how SlideBatch allows you to add context to curated content…also really digging how it can be used by marketing depts to create useful content that sales can then push to leads/prospects to help close the deal.”
Tom Martin Author “Invisible Sale”, Digital Strategi
Tom Martin
“I’m using it to consolidate all of my media articles, another batch for photos clients ask for, another batch for testimonials (different batches for different industries) and more. Also, I’m creating “batches” of content that I’m finding on the Internet to consolidate the research I do for articles. Good for marketing, sharing content, training — even storing important files. “
Shep Hyken Customer Service Expert, Professional Speaker
Shep Hyken
“You have to check out @slidebatch. Awesome concept. Amazingly simple.”
Barry Feldman CEO Feldman Creative, Top 100 Influencer in C
Barry Feldman


Paul Shirer

Paul Shirer

Founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur in marketing technology strart-ups. Prior start-ups include MindActive, Shapevine and PresenterCast.
Michael Goessling

Michael Goessling

President, Co-Founder

Experienced manager, executive and consultant in numerous industries. Broad start-up expertise in both the profit & non-profit sectors.
Ed Mayuga

Ed Mayuga


Ed Mayuga is Chief Marketing Officer for SlideBatch.com , a new way to communicate digital content using content curation. SlideBatch is a startup based in Saint Louis, Missouri, and is introducing a way to make “media social”, a new way to batch, share, and show content the way you want.
Mark Gallion

Mark Gallion


Innovative business leader with broad track record in strategy, business development, and technology start-ups. Specialties: Business strategy, acquisitions, start-ups, business development, operations, & executive leadership. Also, founder of the Gamers baseball program in St. Louis, http://stlgamers.net. Have helped over 140 kids achieve the goal of playing college baseball. Can read a balance sheet and a spray chart.
Contact Information:

Paul Shirer
Michael Goessling
Ed Mayuga
Mark Gallion

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