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Apr 23, 2015 7:15 AM ET

Archived: LIMITS: The World’s Smartest Cycling Power Meter – LIMITS is the smartest cycling power meter. Affordable. Truly interchangeable. Simplest ever to use

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2015

LIMITS: The World’s Smartest Cycling Power Meter

LIMITS is the smartest cycling power meter. Affordable. Truly interchangeable. Simplest ever to use.

Ioanna Kontoliou


Introducing LIMITS.


The World’s Smartest Cycling Power Meter is here!


Introducing a cycling training tool designed to maximize your training efforts and performance and revolutionize cycling power meters. LIMITS is a truly unique cycling power meter. LIMITS power meter is inspired by our cycling passion and our goal to remove all existing limitations in the marketplace.

  • Affordable – to make power meters accessible to cyclists at every level.
  • Interchangeable – compatible with all bikes, no need to replace any parts.
  • Simple to use – the easiest ever to install and use.


Cycling is about pushing your LIMITS; so are we!

LIMITS provides you with the power data to facilitate reliable, quantitative analysis of training loads eliminating the guesswork from gauging exercise intensity so training becomes less haphazard..

See LIMITS technology features below  for more info

                               Recently featured in                                               

“The world of power meters will be shaken up this week when an inventor seeks crowdfunding for a novel system called Limits, which promises breakthroughs in price, simplicity and technology” – Cycling Weekly                                                                                              

“That makes it highly affordable by current power meter standards” – road.cc                                                                                              

“UK-based startup LIMITS looks to be the cheapest and most universally compatible power meter yet” – bikeradar                                                                                             

                                                As reviewed by


“A Power meter is a priceless training tool taking the guess work out of training by telling you exactly what you’re doing and if you’re doing it right”.- 

Spokes Racing Team

“A power meter can be used by professional and amateur cyclists giving you the data you need to tailor your training towards your goals. Where heart rate is an effect of what you’re doing it can be effected by other factors whereas power is an absolute that you can’t escape from”.-

 Commonwealth Games athlete, Jane Barr 




Developing the smartest power meter means creating a powerful tool – at an unbelievable price. LIMITS is designed to make cycling power meters affordable, so all cyclists can power their performance.
LIMITS is available on Indiegogo from just $249 and the expected retail price will be only $384. Such a price will now make it possible for everyone to own a power meter.






Every aspect of LIMITS is designed to give you efficiency. 
It is truly interchangeable and compatible with every type of bicycle. For the first time, a bicycle power meter is located between the pedal and crank arm. And for the first time you can be flexible and move LIMITS between bicycles.





Simple to use

LIMITS takes user-friendly to the next level. Thanks to its unique design, which allows it to sit between the pedal and crank arm, you simply have to pedal. This means that no replacement parts or specialised tools are required. Removal and fitting of the pedal is easily achieved with standard bike tools.




LIMITS technology features

With technology that’s been designed to take your performance to the edge, LIMITS isn’t just a smart power meter, it’s also incredibly powerful. Not only is it designed to be efficient and easy to use, but it’s also engineered to measure your power reliably and consistently. And it comes with replaceable battery, waterproof as standard, shock resistance and temperature compensation technology so you can maximize your training efforts and performance.


Cadence is the rate at which you pedal, measured in revolutions per minute. LIMITS uses an inclinometer to measure your cadence. The inclinometer is highly accurate (detecting rotational change of sub 1 degree), and does not require the use of additional magnets.


Torque is the product of the force provided by the rider and the length of the lever-arm or crank. The LIMITS power meter measures the true force input by you to drive the bike forward. The true force is measured by precision strain gauges.

Power is a product of cadence and torque. Power output is how much energy you are providing over time. By knowing both power and heart rate, you can accurately measure your efficiency and significantly extend your peak performance. LIMITS gives you accurate, reliable power measurements in real time, allowing you to power your performance.

Feel free to download the LIMITS technical specifications PDF.

The five key factors for choosing a power meter*

Here’s how LIMITS stacks up

* According to Cycling Fitness magazine

Perks for our Indiegogo contributors

Project Roadmap

Meet LIMITS Team

Why we need your support

Only with your help can we achieve our vision – a power meter that offers all cyclists the real time data they need to power their performance, at a price point they can afford and in a solution they can use every day.

For us, our crowfunding campaign is a chance to connect with passionate cyclists like us worldwide and share our vision. That’s why we’re running this campaign, to let you know that at the heart of LIMITS design is understanding your needs and that with this training tool you can meet them!

Please help us to get LIMITS to the market faster. Our mission is to become a seamless and essential part of your training routine and to support you in becoming the best you can be by removing any limitations and enabling you to Push your LIMITS. Which is why our mantra is Power your performance smart. Together we can make this happen.


Questions & Answers

When will I receive LIMITS?
Backers LIMITS will ship December 2015
Where do you ship to?
We ship globally
Is shipping included?
No, please add $10 for shipping 
Right hand side spacing?
The product is shipped with a dummy LIMITS to balance spacing on the right hand side.  

How does the LIMITS power meter work?

LIMITS measures your power output through the pedal, where force is applied. LIMITS detects the tiny micro-strain caused by the force you apply to the pedal over the entire pedal stroke, using the torque and the cadence to calculate power.  
Does LIMITS measure cadence?
Yes, LIMITS measures cadence using an inclinometer at a resolution of 1degree. It does not need a magnet or anything else fitted to your bike.
Does LIMITS need special pedals?
No, LIMITS works with all standard 9/16th x 20tpi pedals. All the sensors are within the LIMITS. 
What makes of pedal and crank arm does LIMITS work with?
All standard pedals and crank arms designed to take 9/16th x 20tpi pedals.
How does LIMITS affect the Q-Factor?
LIMITS has been used by a number of the Spokes Racing Team and Club Members generating positive feedback with many of the cyclists reporting an improvement in foot position leading to an improvement in comfort, especially over longer rides. Analysis of this feedback highlighted that many cyclists knees track outward at the top of the pedal stroke adding unwanted stress on the knee and splaying the power outwards on an inefficient vector relative to the pedal travel. This outward tracking is typically addressed by adjusting cleat position or/and adding spacers between the cleat and shoe to intentionally narrow the knees all the way through the pedal stroke but this over recruits the stabilizers to track the knee on a unnatural plane, good pedal action involves as straight a vertical tracking of the knees as the riders physiology permits. LIMITS allows the cyclist to ride with a stance width that is comfortable and so allows the knee to track on the most vertically linear path as possible, it stands to reason that this action will put power directly down through the pedal.
How long does the LIMITS battery last?
Excellent battery life means you’ll only need to replace your power meter batteries once a year. They’re inexpensive and commonly available.
How is the LIMITS battery replaced?
The batteries are simple and quick to change using a standard 2mm allen key. 
Will it work with my road/TT/triathlon/track/mountain bike?
Yes, LIMITS works with any bike. It measures the forces applied to the pedals so the type of bike doesn’t matter.
Is LIMITS waterproof?
Yes. It’s designed to withstand submerging down to 1 metre for 30 seconds.
Will it work on my turbo trainer?
Yes, LIMITS works with any bike.
How accurate is LIMITS?
The LIMITS power meter is fitted with 4 high accuracy strain gauges. LIMITS has been designed with repeatability in mind that enables day-to-day consistency.
Does LIMITS measure power individually for each leg?
The initial version is a single-sensing power meter that measures power on the left pedal only and approximates total power. Future versions will independently measure power from each leg and report total power as well as the balance between your right and left leg.
What bike computer does LIMITS work with?
LIMITS uses ANT+ for wireless communications, so it is compatible with any ANT+ devices that can display power. That includes devices from Garmin, Timex, Bontrager, O-Synce and Wahoo (for iPhone) as well as displays from other power meter companies that use ANT+. Use the ANT+ device directory to check compatibility.
Does LIMITS work with Bluetooth Smart?
The initial version is only for ANT+. Future versions will include Bluetooth Smart compatibility. 

Comments, Questions, Ideas?

Feel free to ask on the comment thread here or email ikontoliou@limits.technology.

Contact Information:

Ken Norton
Gordon Drummond
Dace Lockwood
Ionna Kontoliou
Gordon Elliott

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