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Apr 23, 2015 8:15 AM ET

Archived: Couchlet: Power Up Your Sofa – The convenient dual USB port that turns your couch or bed into a charging station

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2015

Couchlet: Power Up Your Sofa

The convenient dual USB port that turns your couch or bed into a charging station.
Chris Hawker

Ever wanted to use your phone while you were charging it?

People frequently use their phone or tablet while they are charging it. The electrical outlet is hardly ever in a convenient position, and you probably know what it’s like to sit in an awkward position because your cord isn’t long enough. 

The Couchlet™: 

Power where you want it.

Presenting the USB Couchlet™, the USB port that is exactly where you need it. 

Sitting on the couch while your phone is charging? The Couchlet™ nests between cushions. 
Having trouble reaching your charger from the bed? The Couchlet™ has a folding arm that wedges under your mattress. 
The Couchlet™’s wedge-shaped design means that it fits between or under cushions and mattresses so that you can barely even see it. The fold out leg gives you extra stability and the ability to slide the Couchlet™ onto the outside of your furniture. 
Each Couchlet™ comes with a detachable 6-foot USB cable that uses your current wall charger for power. The Couchlet™ is low voltage, so it’s just as safe as the charging cord that comes with your phone.



Use the Couchlet™ folded or unfolded.




Wedge the Couchlet™ between couch cushions or next to the armrest. Use the folding elbow if you need extra stability, but most cushions hold the Couchlet™ nice and tight.Slide the Couchlet™ under the mattress or between the mattress and boxspring using the folding elbow. It can also be wedged under horizontally in the folded position.


Dimensions: 6.25″ x 2″ x 0.75″

Arm: 5 in. long

2 USB Ports

Includes a 6-foot USB cable


Click HERE for more information

Estimated Shipping Date: December 2015


Project Development

When we were brainstorming product opportunities, we realized that all of us have experienced cramped muscles, awkward stretching and texting with our phone two feet from our face. A few of us had even rigged up an elaborate system of cords or power strips in our couch and on our bed. We knew there had to be a better way to solve this issue. It needed to be sturdy, compatible with any device, have a long cord, and be slim and easy to slide in between seat cushions. Thus the Couchlet™ was born!

Why we are crowdfunding

Crowdfunding will allow us to produce Couchlet™ ourselves, rather than licensing it to another manufacturer. This active oversight on our behalf will allow us to make sure that the Couchlet™ lives up to our vision and standard of quality. We will use the funds to pay for the tooling for the plastic components and pay for the cost of manufacturing, shipping, and fulfillment.

About the team

The Couchlet™ was developed at Trident Design, LLC, an award winning product design and commercialization firm based in Columbus, Ohio. We work with inventors, startups, and corporations to develop and market products ranging from housewares to consumer electronics to medical devices. Serial entrepreneur and professional inventor, Chris Hawker, founded Trident with a simple philosophy: “When egos drop away, the best idea wins”. To date, his team of dedicated designers, engineers, videographers, and ping pong fanatics have brought more than 80 inventive products to the market.

Known for iconic products such as the PowerSquid and the Onion Goggles, Trident has also designed some of the most popular and successful crowdfunded products, such as the Coolest Cooler (the most-funded product of all time, raising over $13.2 million), the Beluga Razor (raising almost $200K), and the Quickey (the most-funded multi-tool of all time exceeding 5,538% of its goal).

Visit www.trident-design.com for more information.

Risk and challenges

Couchlet™ is a high design product that demands high quality. It has several components that are being produced by different suppliers and must come together to create the final product. We are on a mission to set ourselves and our backers up to win through production, quality control, and logistics systems. However, there are always risks. Here are the places we see the biggest ones:


There are so many variables that almost always you hit bumps in the road. We have commercialized well over 80 products, and all of them have had tough moments. In the “real” world, products are in development for often up to 2-3 years before they launch. Crowdfunding has created a unique situation where consumers are expecting things to hit very tight deadlines that truly are difficult to perfectly predict. We have done our best to account for unexpected delays, and will do our best to handle the bumps, but there is always a chance we could hit a snag bigger than we plan for.

Product Adjustments

We have made prototypes of the Couchlet™, but as it makes its way to final production release, there may be adjustments to the design required by manufacturing and cost considerations. We are committed to providing an awesome product that our backers love. We will let you know of any changes that we need to make and why.

Fulfillment timing

Once the product is ready for production we have to get them made and shipped to us before we can ship them to our backers. Depending on our volumes, and acts of God, we may experience delays in getting all the units shipped. We will scale up with the intention of shipping all of the units from the campaign between November and December, but there is a limit to how high our capacity can go with our selected supplier. In addition, customs can slow things down, as well as defective shipments. We will keep you apprised as things develop and let you know where things stand. We appreciate your support more than we can say, and also thank you for your patience as we work hard to fulfill our perks.


  • Where is Couchlet™ made?
    Couchlet™ was designed in Columbus, Ohio. It will be manufactured in China. 
  • When are the perks expected to ship?
    We expect to begin shipping in early December 2015. Not all perks will be shipped this soon, as we will ship in the order that purchases are received.
  • What is the Warranty?
    We provide a limited warranty that guarantees you receive your Couchlet™ free of manufacturing defects.
  • Can I change or cancel my perk?
    Indiegogo policy dictates that campaign owners have no ability to adjust your perk selection. That means we cannot upgrade your perk, we cannot change your perk and we cannot cancel your perk. Please note that contributions made on indiegogo are also non-refundable.
  • How much will shipping cost?
    Shipping will cost approximately $3 per unit domestically for up to 10 units. Shipping to Canada and Mexico will cost approximately $10 for the first unit and $3 for each additional unit. International shipping will cost approximately $15 for the first unit and $3 for each additional unit. Shipping will be handled at the end of the campaign.
  • How do I contact the Couchlet™ campaign managers?
    You can email us at couchlet@trident-design.com.
  • Is there any risk or fire hazard associated with this product?
    The Couchlet™ is low voltage, so it is just as safe as the USB charger that comes with your phone.

Referral program

Earn 1 FREE Couchlet™ when you refer 4 Couchlet™ purchases!

(Limited to earning 4 FREE Couchlets)

How it works:

  1. Simply log in to Indiegogo if you have not already, or create an account by signing up here.
  2. Then, visit this page on Indiegogo and look below the main video to share and copy your unique URL.
  3. Copy your unique URL link to post around the Internet and save it for later by clicking the “Link” icon or begin sharing on social media by simply clicking the “Facebook” or “Twitter” buttons with your URL pre-loaded.
  4. When you click on any share tool on the campaign page, then you’ll automatically get a post or tweet that’s ready-to-go with your personal URL.

How to track your results:

  1. Log into your Indiegogo account.
  2. Click on your user name beside the search box at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the “My Profile” option.
  4. Click on the tab that says “Referrals” for the latest totals of referrals and contributions.
  5. Count the number of funders.


For press and bulk order inquires please contact us at couchlet@trident-design.com. For press materials visit our press kit. To see more information on Trident Design, visit www.trident-design.com.

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