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Apr 23, 2015 6:15 PM ET

Archived: Choose Rain takes the EVIL out of bottled water – The purest, most natural bottled water for people who care about taste, health and the environment

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2015

Choose Rain takes the EVIL out of bottled water.

The purest, most natural bottled water for people who care about taste, health and the environment.
Larry Curran

Not All Bottled Water is EVIL,  Choose Rain has built a better mousetrap!

“Choose Rain’s proprietary process presents the most significant innovation in bottled water since the 1970’s when bottled water was first introduced in plastic bottles.” 

Choose Rain has replaced the EVIL perception of bottled water with PURE rainwater in a guilt free, eco-friendly bio-D bottle.

Creativity, transparency and authenticity are the keys to success for many very successful crowd funding campaigns.  The next two campaigns are outstanding examples.  The Kickstarter “Potato Salad” campaign, asked for $10 and raised $55,492 due to humor, social media and a viral campaign.  The Indiegogo “Flow Hive” campaign asked for just $70,000 and raised over $12 million.  Flow Hive developed the better mousetrap for wanna-be bee keepers and unlocked a previously untapped market – making the essential practice of bee keeping simple. What a concept!  Hats off to them all.

So in the true tradition of authentic, transparent and innovative campaigns, we bring you Choose Rain – the evolution of bottled water: removing the negatives and replacing them with positives.

Choose Rain is a company that harvests rainwater, purifies it naturally, pours it into bio-D bottles and distributes it to the marketplace where you can now enjoy pure, clean, eco-friendly bottled water.

Launched on April 22, 2015, to honor Earth Day, our campaign will create orders for our sustainable bottled water to help us gear up production to meet global demand.  In the three year since we first introduced Choose Rain, we have discovered a very real need for our unique water in our bio-D bottle.  We are now ready to take Choose Rain to the world market.

Our research shows us that people love Choose Rain!  They love the way the water tastes, the way the bottle looks and they simply love the fact that both are genuinely eco-friendly: thus making Choose Rain a unique product among bottled waters.

Our Campaign will provide the funds to take several steps forward on our quest to secure a larger rainwater catchment and bottling facility in Central Florida.  Whether we raise our $50,000 target goal or $500,000 or even $5,000,000, every dollar will get us closer to providing pure rainwater for human consumption that is safe, environmentally conscious, and easy to access anywhere on earth.

Check out the rest of our campaign to find out how we take the rain from the heavens and turn it into water you can drink safely and conscientiously.


The CEO of Choose Rain built a home in Florida where rainwater is his only source of water, free from harsh chemicals and over processing.  He decided to take his philosophy to the next level and provide the same fresh experience for people everywhere.

Memories of running around as a child catching rainwater on your tongue was the inspiration behind Choose Rain. By drinking our bottled water, it is the closest you will ever get to that childhood experience. Our water is safe for everyone to drink, just like catching rain straight from the skies!  Coming soon from a cloud near you!

Water Crisis!  Over filled landfills and polluted waterways!  Unhealthy water!                                                       

Rainwater gives aquifers a reprieve, Choose Rain!

Our bio-D bottle gives landfills a reprieve, Choose Rain!

Why is Choose Rain’s bottled rainwater a better mousetrap?  We all know that traditional bottled water, the old mousetrap, is bad for the environment.  It’s bad for the aquifer.  It’s bad for landfills.  For nearly 50 years, since the first plastic bottles appeared, people across the globe now purchase 200 billion bottles of water a year in the name of convenience.  We know we shouldn’t drink bottled water but we do anyway.  We call it “guilty sustenance”.  This is all anyone had available until Choose Rain changed the playing field to offer a superior, “guilt-free”, bottled water experience.

Water Crisis! Over filled landfills and polluted waterways!  Unhealthy water!  Choose Rain™ is a revolutionary alternative to the bottled water currently available on the market.  Captured before it hits the ground, our rainwater is still fresh, sweet and pure – no ground pollution!  Our one of a kind purification process avoids the use of Chlorine and other harmful chemicals.  Once discarded, our unique, eco-friendly, bio-D plastic bottles are manufactured to dissolve in less than five years in a typical landfill leaving no harmful by-products in the soil.  Of course our bottles are recyclable, in you choose.

The proof is in our process.  Choose Rain harvests rainwater before it is contaminated.  We process it naturally using ozone, ultra-violet light, micro-filtration and other techniques.  Our bio-D bottle that goes away in a landfill up to 100 times faster than traditional plastic bottles. Choose Rain’s proprietary system, our better mousetrap, offers an ultra-premium bottled water to the vast number of the people who do care about their health, the water crisis and the proliferation of plastic in our oceans, streams, lakes and landfills.

We are ready to revolutionize the bottled water industry to foster in a new ecological beginning for bottled water!

With a very attractive bottle and label, Choose Rain will stand out on the store shelf.  We start out cleaner than most end up.  We feel that Choose Rain simply tastes better and is better for you.  The bio-D bottle is just icing on the cake.  Our elegant look and wide mouthed bottle will compete quite favorably with the higher priced waters like Evian, FIJI, VOSS and Smartwater.

One of our best endorsements oddly comes from the label on Coke’s Glaceau Smart Water which reads.

“Is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? While we admit they’re not as great to have around on a beach day as say the sun.  Clouds are unsung heroes because they contain natures purest source of water.  Meanwhile spring water comes from the ground and contains random stuff and whatever else the animals that swim in it leave behind.  That’s why we copied our white puffy friends by creating Smart Water.  It’s vapor distilled so it is in its purest original state, but we don’t stop there.  We one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes.  It’s a difference you can taste, unless of course you have no taste buds, then you’re on your own”.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  We don’t have to “one-up” the clouds, we are the clouds’ pure rainwater in a eco-friendly bottle!

Please also review our web site for detailed information on our company, our products and our mission.  Look at the Frequently Asked Questions on our web site.

So, have fun playing in the rain and remember that drinking rainwater         CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.  

Also, remember to giggle like a little kid.




Our rewards are varied and pretty straight forward.  Participate and you can become a distributor, a consumer, an honorary officer in Choose Rain, an art collector, a rainman, a farmer or just support our cause.  All rewards are rainwater based.

Rewards summary – See right for more details and to select your reward

Water snobsThank you! We’re sending you lots of clouds filled with rainwater and very warm feelings!  Wanna try some Choose Rain?  We’ll send you your very own sustainably packaged bottle of Choose Rain in our old bottle style.  Think about tasting the sweet, fresh, velvety smooth Rainwater, bottled naturally, without chlorine, in a bio-D degradable and recyclable bottle.  After tasting it, you will always Choose Rain.  All we ask is that you complete a survey that we will send you.

Off Grid Aficionados – Rainman wanna-be.-A rainwater purification system, a simplified version but similar to the one our CEO uses in his home that will allow you to safely catch rainwater and drink it.  The system has everything you need: it Stores, Filters, Purifies with ozone and UV and delivers the rainwater ready to use.  Hook this 5′ cube system to your roof or catchment and, depending on the rainfall, you can provide 25 to 50 gallons of fresh rainwater daily. 



Closet Farmer – Choose Rain is also into Hydroponics and Hydroponic Nutrients.  We supply a rainwater based organic nutrient for feeding plants: Legitimate crops like Tomatoes & Lettuce or whatever you may choose to grow.  Mix the dry nutrient with rainwater for maximum effect.  We have been told that this is the Cat’s Meow for alternative crops.  MSRP $35-$40


Tree HuggersThese awesome bamboo T-shirts by ONNO are well made, soft and silky with 70% from organic bamboo and 30% from organic cotton.  Bamboo is much more eco-friendly than cotton and requires considerably  less water to grow it.  Cotton T-shirts keep you warm when it is cold and cool you off in hot weather.  ONNO T-shirts retail very well at $29, which is ONNO’s MSRP.  Add silk screening and the MSPR is $35-$40.

Choose from an Eco-friendly Bamboo T-shirt with your own personal Avatar drinking Choose Rain or an Eco-friendly Bamboo T-shirt with a Choose Rain Logo.


Art CollectorCarry this unique glass bottle around and refill it with your purest source of water, of course, rainwater preferred. Set of five Glass, silk screened, designer, limited edition, sequentially numbered, collectible bottles.


Bulk rainwater – By the case, pallet or truckload – 

Our Preferred Customer Base – Want to get new customers?  Purchase Choose Rain in bulk and sell to your customers who care about taste, the environment and their health.  Our main health foods customer sells more Choose Rain than they sell of any other bottled water.  All these bulk rainwater rewards will be plus freight. 
Water Champion Private Label – You are an enlightened corporation who understands that water represents one of the greatest resource risks for humanity.  PET Bottles pollute and you want to do something about it!  You want to save the aquifer by promoting rainwater.  Maybe you just want the best tasting water.  Choose this reward for your own private label and give your corporation a GREAT name.  Maybe you are planning a wedding and simply want your own eco-friendly water bottles.


Just because you like us. – 

No perk at all, you contribute because you believe in our cause.  Your donation is significant and we share our belief that rainwater can help solve our water crisis by listing your name (and company) on our Valued Supporters Page and keep you informed of updates and receive a personal email thanking you from Larry Curran, our CEO.

The sky is falling.  Let’s catch the rainwater as it falls from the clouds and bottle it in a truly sustainable way.  It’s raining opportunity to save the world!


“Pay It Forward” to Veterans 

I really like the “Pay It Forward” to Veterans.  We are trying to raise awareness to veteran’s efforts to start businesses through crowdfunding using a “Pay It Forward” theme to help veterans help other veterans.  Choose this reward and, as a veteran owned company, we will keep only half of what this reward raises. We will set aside the other 50% to “Pay It Forward” to other veterans initiating their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Bulk American Rain – By the case, pallet or truckload

Patriot’s Choice – Choose “American Rain” – Choose Rain will hire veterans and we want to sell American Rain to all patriots.  Our founder, Larry Curran, served in the US Coast Guard from 1966 to 1970, Vietnam Veteran 1968 – 1969.  We also want to sell bottled rainwater to the US Government.  A friend working for the government commented that this would be the pinnacle of our success.
This is the label that will be on the American Rain bottle.                                 

Tree Huggers – These awesome bamboo T-shirts by ONNO are well made, soft and silky with 70% from organic bamboo and 30% from organic cotton.  Bamboo is much more eco-friendly than cotton and requires considerably  less water to grow it.  Cotton T-shirts keep you warm when it is cold and cool you off in hot weather.  ONNO T-shirts retail very well at $29, which is ONNO’s MSRP.  Add silk screening and the MSPR is $35-$40.

Choose an Eco-friendly Bamboo T-shirt with American Rain graphic,


Support Choose Rain’s campaign and become part of a bottled water revolution. If you choose not to donate right now, we encourage you to share our project with your friends on social media so that they might have a chance to join us.  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our web site.

Thank you in advance for your support.  It is greatly appreciated!

Larry R. Curran, CEO



Choose Rain, Inc.

Website:  www.chooserain.com

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Larry R. Curran

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