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Archived: True Illusion Software: A start up company to create games – our goal is to bring Soccer to life, create exciting moments and be proud of what you accomplish in this online world

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True Illusion Software Inc.

Barrie, ON L4N0x4, CA
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True Illusion Software is a start up company of experienced developers and business man who have been in the industry for over 20 years working and leading other companies and now trying to get together again to create games we believe games want to play because we include them in every step of the development process so we can make sure our product is what the customer who is buying it wants to play. TIS is a expert in managing a business with over 50 years combined management experience in fields like web presents and retail. Our business strategy has three pillars , first is the business aspect of every game we develop it has to be fun but it needs to be sell able in great quantities , second hand picked team of developers special parts of the game are out sourced so we get the best quality possible and third for every game we start developing we try to connect with the right people to partner with us from the start. For example we are currently working on Soccer Legend Online a mix between FIFA’s Soccer and GTA5 Online mode , two of the best grossing Game title franchises of all time.
We partnered with Claudio Chiellini twin brother of Giorgio Chiellini Italy’s National Soccer Player world wide known for being the guy bitten in the world cup 2014 in Brazil 🙂 . We are planing after having secured funding and a playable alpha to promote the game to 2.5 Million Followers Giorgio has (Facebook and Twitter). The alpha version of the game is planed to be released at Steam Greenlight early access we are building a Fan base first by promoting the game to every
Game reporter on the planet to have there followers become fans for us at Steam. We need funding to hire more people to get all this going faster. more information about us at www.trueillusionsoftware.com and about the game www.soccerlegendonline.com

Products / Services

Soccer Legend Online

The game is a open world soccer game comparable mix between EA’s FIFA Clubmode(TM) and GTA Online(TM).
Our goal is to bring Soccer to life , create exciting moments and be proud of what you accomplish in this online world.
In our vision of a perfect match you will experience. fame , money , pain , love , hate , intrigue and this on a global scale.
– skill development meaning continuous training and bad habits have impact on performance for the game ( late out drinking , injuries)
– Newspaper and TV reporter interviews after and before game . (broadcast to everyone on same division , a good way to get famous)
– Able to buy vehicles , clothing , apartments and houses .
– Earning cash on the side by doing side missions like car racing , billiard game , boxing , playing bad to win a bet .
– Possibility to play for the national team ( together with other players or AI)
– Possibility to play in the same club as your friends .
– Possibility to take on a role of a coach (club or nat


Senior Vice President Development
Zvonimir Ilicic

Zvonimir IlicicZvonimir is a gamer at heart he has studied programming in Germany (Diplom ILS) and holds a MBA of Sales and Management as well , His vision with this company is to release games that are not main stream were the Gamer is the one who decides what type of content the finished product will have and not a publisher , it’s after all the world we all spend some time in it better be our gamer way. True Illusion Software is focused on creating multi-player environments to bring you the best what gaming has to offer.

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