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Apr 22, 2015 8:23 AM ET

Archived: The secret to success in crowdfunding: have a good story

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

Having a good story is vital in order to succeed in your crowdfunding endeavors. You don’t necessarily need to provide a good gift or perk to those who are funding your project. Sometimes, a simple tweet or a facebook post can go a long way! If your story is catchy enough, you might not even need that.

Check the story of Toni Morgan as an example. She was a high school dropout homeless girl living in the streets of Toronto, Canada, who fought her way to success and was eventually accepted by the prestigious Harvard University for a Masters of Education degree.

The problem was that Ms. Morgan had never made much money in her life. Actually, she struggled in a few telemarketing jobs as well as at Toronto’s youth justice program to raise money to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. While studying at Ryerson University, she aimed for Harvard and was eventually accepted. Now she had to prove, in just 5 weeks, that she had the required US$71,000 to cover her tuition expenses.

That’s when she decided to start a gofundme campaign to raise funds for her cause, offering just her gratitude and some facebook posts to donors. She aimed low, just US$50,000 at start, but the campaign was a resounding success! It attracted no less than US$65,000 as we write this post (and counting). But the real lift to her campaign happened when it also attracted the attention of The Star. They published her story while she had raised US$7,000, helping to boost her numbers even more. Later they published a new one when she reached her goal the day after.

The beautiful Toni Morgan’s story is an example of how crowdfunding is indeed open to anyone. Her story is certainly very personal and hard to emulate, but reveals the strength of crowdfunding. Having a good story and the right channels to make it reach the right people are key to success! And we at iCrowdNewswire are here to help you to achieve just that!

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