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Apr 22, 2015 9:18 AM ET

Archived: The Renewable Energy Supermarket: provide two families with a full home energy saving package including solar PV, LED light switch over, Nest thermostat entitling them to the full 20 year goverment Feed In Tarriff payments

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

The Renewable Energy Supermarket

The Renewable Energy Supermarket

Project aim

We aim to raise enough money to provide two families with a full home energy saving package including solar PV, LED light switch over, Nest thermostat entitling them to the full 20 year goverment Feed In Tarriff payments. This reduces their total energy costs by as much as possible completely FREE of charge to families that would benefit from it but could not afford it otherwise.

About the project


The Renewable Energy Supermarket was founded in by Sean Mann in 2010 in response to his realisation that the UK was in desperate need of an organisation that would give clear, fair and impartial advice about home improvements particularly within the renewable energy sector.

Five years later we are striving to become the industries “ethical guardian”bench mark. We follow fully industry regulator guidlines and will only engage with a trusted network of suppliers and installers who adhere to the same principles. In doing this we aim to completely clean up the industry and rid it of the rogue traders who have historically brought it into disrepute.

The massive impact of this is that more and more people will be made aware of the amazing enviromental and financial benefits that can be derived from solar and other renewables and become involved with total confidence, enjoying peace of mind through their interaction with TRES.


Solar PV is considered a luxury, it seems that only the wealthy families can afford to save money and make money. We want this to change and hopefully other companies will follow in our footsteps. We have something really amazing, we have new technologies that mean we are able to save people A LOT of money for a very long time. 

Our aim is to raise £16,000 to provide two families who really need the help with our best home energy package. It will include a high quality insured and guarenteed solar PV system, 25 LED bulbs and a Nest thermostat to reduce heating costs. All of these combined will add value to their property, save them thousands of pounds, protect them from rising energy bills and ultimately give a struggling home some peace of mind.

In achieving this goal we also:-

1) are developing a trusted network of installers and suppliers who are comstantly monitored to make sure standards are always upheldand improved.

2) will create jobs in local communitiesacross the UK. Training and education forms a huge part of this ethos and we look to only recruit good hearted peoplewho understand our philosophy and are persuing carreers at all levels for the right reasons.

3) are creating awareness to the general public as to the fantastic enviromental benefit plus the added bonus of financial rewards that can be achieved by looking at renewables and energy efficiency.

4) will support local community schemes that can benefit from renewable energy, cleaning up the enviroment and at the same time freeing up funds for other much needed purposes.

5) will build a strong UK based foundation from which we can support projects overseas such as WaterAid and Sustainable Energy 4 All.  

We need your help…..

Aside from your donations we also need help finding these people that may benefit from our scheme. It may be a family with young children struggling with bills and childcare, It might be an ederly couple down the road who’s pensions arent rising at the same speed as the bills, maybe you have a grandparent who has wanted a solar system but thinks they are too old to benefit from it. The only criteria we have is that they are a homeowner and could not afford it without our help.

Please get in contact via email if you know of anyone we could help at enquiries@tres.solar. But more importantly please donate.


Contact Information:


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