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Apr 22, 2015 10:41 AM ET

Archived: Stoeffler Art Studio Expansion: expand my Art Studio to include art prints, jewelry, art fairs, art instruction, textiles, community outreach and artistic innovations

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

Stoeffler Art Studio Expansion

To expand my Art Studio to include art prints, jewelry, art fairs, art instruction, textiles, community outreach and artistic innovations.

More Info

I’ve always been creative and enjoy trying new ways of expressing creativity.  In 2011 a found my unique creative voice through the discovery of my own expressionistic painting methods.  Since then, I’ve displayed in galleries, arts magazines and fairs and have also begun teaching art.

For the last four years my studio has been operating on a “shoe-string” budget which has made it difficult to fund all my basic needs as an artist as well as build a solid business foundation for other avenues. My ideas, dreams and opportunities keep expanding to the point that it is clear to me that I alone cannot make these dreams become reality; I definitely need a little help from my friends to get started.  


PHASE 1 – $1,200

1. ART PRINTS I have about 50 original art pieces that I would like to make into art prints which would make my art more affordable and accessible to patrons. I would sell these prints at art fairs, galleries and online.

2. ART PRINTS INTO JEWELRY I also have plans to turn my expressionistic paintings into jewelry to have available at art fairs, online and in local and national boutiques. I need to purchase the jewelry making supplies as well as create miniature prints of my artwork.

PHASE 2 – $4,300

3. ART FAIR FUNDING I would like to exhibit at 5-10 art fairs during the 2015-2016 art fair seasons. The fair fees can range from $125-$480 per fair. Most of the well-known art fairs also have tent and display standards that must be followed in order to be accepted. 

Currently, exhibiting at art fairs is the main avenue in which artist are able to sell their artwork and make connections in the art world.  Kansas City has some really amazing art fair opportunities which I’m looking forward to exploring.  In the future, I would like to expand and go to other states throughout the US and possibly abroad.  It’s the main place where art lovers and buyers go to find great art!

4. TEACHING ART CLASSES I have begun teaching creativity workshops which has been extremely rewarding and exciting. I would like to expand my art classes to include other forms of arts to both children and adults. I will need a large storage unit, art supplies and tables and chairs to get started. 

5. ART EXPERIMENTATION AND INNOVATION My mind is always swimming with creative ideas that I’d like to try!  I would love to have the time, space and supplies to continue to experiment creatively and allow my “what if…” ideas to become reality.

PHASE 3 – $4,300

6. ART INTO TEXTILES At my first gallery opening in 2012 one of my friends approached me and said, “how soon can I wear your art?” That was when I first considered the idea of turning my expressionistic paintings into to become “wearable art”. I can still see lots of possibilities with this, however, this is an area that I have no experience, knowledge or connections!  At this point, I’m only guessing on the costs but I had to put something down because I wanted to list this here so that everyone can be aware of the scope of my vision. And, if anyone has contacts in the textiles industry, please let me know!

7. COMMUNITY OUTREACH: THE ART OF GIVING VALUE I have a vision to bring my creativity workshops and art classes to the homeless, prison inmates and/or women’s shelters. I believe so strongly that each of these individuals needs to know they are valued and there is a story inside of them worth discovering, uncovering and sharing in the midst of and despite their current circumstances. Artistic expression is one way individuals can regain their dignity and value as well as help process their own inner struggles and life journey. I don’t know what this looks like and I’m only guessing at the start-up cost right now. But as I actually enter into this stage I will adjust the cost accordingly. This is only a ballpark figure now.


PHASE 1 – $1,500

1. Art Print Start-up – $1,200

2. Art Jewelry Start-up – $300

PHASE 2 – $4,300

3. Art Fair Funds: Fees, Tent and Display Upgrade/Requirements – $2,500

4. Art Class Start-up, Supplies – $800

5. Art Innovation – $1,000

PHASE 3 – $4,300

6. Art into Textiles – $2,300

7. Community Outreach: The Art of Giving Value – $2,000


Thank you for your donation. Feel free to type in any donation amountit all helps. I set some convenient giving levels to make it easier to give.

Also, you may want to donate on a recurring monthly basis, instead of one lump sum right now. For recurring donations, you have the option to do that on your donation form. Simply click on the “Contribute each month” box before submitting your donation. That can be a little easier on the budget. You can easily discontinue these payments, too, by cancelling the recurring profile on the email notifications Fundly sends you a few days before they deduct.

If you want to give anonymously, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on “Donate” to give.
  • Select option: I would like to “contribute anonymously,” found on the donation form.
  • Remove checkmark on “Facebook post your support” (to avoid posting your support or donation on Facebook) 
  • If you want to give anonymously and don’t want any visible ties, do NOT click “Support.”

*Note: The anonymous option hides your personal information publicly on the campaign wall, but your information will still be visible to me.


While I’m waiting for the funding of these next steps, I will exhibit at the Strawberry Swing Art Fair on May 5-6, 2015. I hope to have my art prints and jewelry available at this fair. 

I have other gallery and fair exhibit opportunities pending, but not confirmed. I have plans for teaching poetry, calligraphy, drawing/painting and skit writing classes at my church as time and space allows.


I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Indiana and currently live in Kansas City.  I have indulged in many creative art forms: poetry, journaling, short stories, song and skit writing, drawing, painting, calligraphy, photography, singing and improvisational performing. I am mostly known for my laugh and always having a song for everything…which some people love about me and other people find annoying (oh well…).

Currently, I work parttime at my church as the Communications Coordinator and have a few other “odd jobs” to help make ends meet.  I’m not overly fond of giving a “resume” of my life so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  But I’m happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to contact me. 

You can also see images of my artwork, a full artist bio and art exhibit history by visiting my website:


I also have a studio facebook page: 


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