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Apr 22, 2015 1:36 PM ET

Archived: reventive Medicine Group The Leaders in Preventive Medicine – a new standard of preventive care that attacks inflammatory disease

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

Preventive Medicine Group

The Leaders in Preventive Medicine – Heart Disease, Dia…



The Preventive Medicine Group is a new standard of preventive care that attacks inflammatory disease — the leading killer of Americans.

At the Centers for Dental Medicine, we believe preventive measures are essential to protecting your health. With that belief in mind, we’ve created a powerful preventive medicine diagnosis and treatment protocol that, performed during a routine visit to your dentist, can significantly reduce your risk of serious medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


It may seem strange to advocate preventive medicine and then talk about dental care. But the body is an intricate network of interrelated systems, and dentistry can provide valuable insight into conditions that affect the rest of the body.

A growing body of research shows that periodontal disease (a dental condition) is statisitcally the most important factor in preventive medicine. 

Chronic periodontal disease is a serious condition affecting ½ of all Americans over 30 and more than 75% over the age of 50. The disease is caused by certain pathogenic bacteria living beneath the gum line, but inflammation in the mouth promotes inflammation throughout the body, increasing the risk of some of the leading causes of death in the United States, including:

             Heart disease                Diabetes                    Alzheimers                    Cancer

At the Centers for Dental Medicine, we’ve developed a simple, effective means to screen periodontal disease that can significantly reduce your risk of these devastating conditions and help you take a proactive role in protecting your health.


Preventive Medicine Group has acquired Centers for Dental Medicine, a world leader in periodontal treatment, with the goal of promoting and providing better preventive medical care.

CDM’s “Wellness Assessment” is a low-cost but effective screening tool that tests for the tissue damage and inflammatory levels that can be indicators of other serious diseases and medical conditions. The CDM screening process reduces risk of

If you are found to be at risk for systemic disease, your CDM team will coordinate with your medical care providers to reduce your risks and provide any necessary treatments. Most periodontal treatments are done via painless laser procedures, with no surgery, no side effects, and significant benefits for your immune system and overall health.


Preventive Medicine Group has been providing our preventive periodontal screening tools and building our network of partner dental practices across the United States for more than 10 years.

Our team has demonstrated strong thought leadership, with numerous papers published in Dentistry Today, a leading dental journal.

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Our product is fully tested, complete and operational. Over 100 practices have been trained and used the CDM system to date, with 45 purchasing our system and services within the past year alone.

The next step for PMG and CDM is to implement an effective radio media marketing program to make critical information about periodontal care available to the public.

A crucial roadblock to better periodontal care has been lack of public awareness. With effective, targeted media strategies, Preventive Medicine Group believes we can inform and encourage people to take responsibility of their preventive medical care.


Bob Schulhof: President
Founder of Preventive Medicine Group/Centers for Dental Medicine in 2004. Track record of success as an entrepreneur and scientist in the dental field, publishing over 30 scienitifc papers and  having executed an IPO as CEO of Omega Orthodontics (NASDAQ: ORTH) in 1997. Additionally, he has worked for Hughes Aircraft on the Surveyor Moon Lander and Comsat Satellite programs, and was a founding partner of Integrated Management Systems.

Jim Rhode: Director of Development
Jim previously founded Smart Health, a $100M company that provides products and services to the healthcare industry, worldwide. The company mission statement is to “Improve health care to improve world health”. Jim was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990 for his contribution to Arizona’s economy. In 1994 SmartPractice was recognized for quality achievement and received the Arizona Pioneer Award for Quality, a prestigious prize based on the Baldridge criteria. Jim was a co-founder of Preventive Medicine Group in 2004.

Christopher Shunn: Director of Marketing
Christopher was the owner of Express Dental Laboratories, Inc., and successfully started 14 dental laboratories across the western U.S. He developed innovative marketing techniques to position them as market leaders, and later founded Affordable Dental Marketing.

Steven Turley: Director of Technical Services
Steven brings expertise in customer service and technical support to PMG, having worked as the head technician and head of customer service and tech support at Arrowhead Dental Lab (150 technicians) and as the head technician and head of technical support at Becden Dental Lab (80 technicians).

Contact Information:

Bob Schulhof
Jim Rhode
Christopher Shunn
Steven Turley

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