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Apr 22, 2015 10:14 AM ET

Archived: IDaCo nyc – Italian Dance Connection: a laboratory for artists who work with an Italian idea, concept or component with the expressiveness of the human body and dance, as well as the power of connections

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

IDaCo nyc – Italian Dance Connection



Art can transform lives, it gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think about the world.                                          Lucy Liu

is innovation 
IDaCo is multidisciplinary
IDaCo is the new (dance) event of NYC
IDaCo is Italian Dance Connection  

We are a group of Italian artists looking to create an inspiring community;  IDaCo nyc, a new and innovative platform, will open a new dialogue between contemporary Dance and Art.
IDaCo nyc is a laboratory for artists who work with an Italian idea, concept or component with the expressiveness of the human body and dance, as well as the power of connections.

Through dance we want to build relationships and offer a supportive, inspiring, creative environment for video artists, photographers, musicians, sculptors: all artists who are working with the “art of movement”.

Through the connection between Dance and other forms of contemporary Art, we will tell stories of our time.

Our Mission
is to connect the Italian choreographers and artists who live or visit New York City, with the local contemporary art scene. We want to encourage networking and artistic research between multiple creative resources of the NYC performing arts. We aim to offer a mainstream artistic platform with the goal to unite, introduce and enrich the Italian community in America, cross cultural boundaries and nurture a sense of global identity.  

What – 12 choreographers and 12 visual and sound artists will show the results of their artistic collaboration; the program will include discussion panels, video screening, dance workshops, site-specific events and performances.

When –  The IDaCo nyc event will take place on May 19th – 23rd, 2015 in NYC at the Italian Cultural Institute, the SHEEN CENTER theater and site-specific locations.

Challenges –  Succeeding will take a lot of dedication and hard work for all artists involved and the organization team. IDaCo nyc is committed to bringing sophisticated, quality performances.  
Organizing and programming the full week event, Choreographing new works, 
Managing dancers in rehearsals, 
Light designing, 
Set design, 
Rehearsal schedule, Program design, 
Filling the theater, Advertising to the community, all these challenges will be faced head on with a positive attitude and pushing forward to create a more progressive, exciting and creative dance event.  

But we Need Your Support  
If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.                                                             John F. Kennedy  

With your donation, we will be able to cover the theater costs, promote the self-produced works, compensate the team and technicians who make IDaCo a reality. Your contribution directly implements our mission to support local and international professional artists and allows us to deliver exceptional and groundbreaking contemporary dance to new audiences.  

We need your support to make this happen! In exchange of your tax- deductible donations you will get appealing goods in Italian style. Check them out!

Project curated & produced by FLUSSO dance in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, NY and New York Italians  
All contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the fullest extent allowed by law.
Vanessa Tamburi/FLUSSO dance is an Associate Artist  and a fiscally sponsored member of New York Live Arts, Inc.
Other Ways You Can Help
Spreading the word
is another valuable way you can help the IDaCo nyc platform
this campaign on Facebook and Twitter!
Email it
to your friends! 

Follow us
on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/idaconyc  and twitter https://twitter.com/IDaCoNYC 

IDaCo team thanks you for your generosity and to be part of our important mission.  

Who we are   –  The Artists                                               
Alexandra Amirov – Giorgia Bovo – Benedetta Capanna – Ada Cacciatore – Enzo Celli – Alessia Della Casa – Catherine Correa Gregory Dolbashian -Sara Galassini – Alessandra Giambelli – Caterina Rago – Vanessa Tamburi – Breton Tyner-Bryan – Carla Vannucchi Visual Artists  Gaetano Alfano – Damiano Andreotti – Gianluca Bianchino – Andrea Bianconi -Tracy Collins – Francesco Izzo – Mauro Raponi – Pierre Andrè Transunto  Music Composers Francesco Beccaro – Zeno Gabaglio – Yukio Tsuji

The Team   
 Vanessa Tamburi – Enzo Celli  Artistic Director: Vanessa Tamburi   Artistic advisors board: Alessia Della Casa, Diana del Monte, Enzo Celli, Elisabetta MInutoli Organization & coordination: Diana del Monte, Alessia Della Casa, Vanessa Tamburi  Promotion, Communication, Marketing: Valeria Orani Social media & Fundraising: Michelle Applebaum Fundraising support: Elizabeth Ozil, Antonella Ricco, Marina Fadel  Research department: Diana Del Monte Media & Documentary: Harsha De Silva / Victoria Sendra Technical Director: Elijah Schreiner  

IDaCo nyc is possible thanks to the kind support of our partners   
Ticino in danza / Dance Cavise Studios / Alessia Della Casa / Harsha De Silva / Dash Ensemble / Compagnia Excursus /Alessandra Giambelli + Dancers / INSCENA, Italian theater festival / Alludo Room Gallery/ Caterina Rago dance company/  Vivo Ballet – Enzo Celli / Umanis / Formazione Danza/ Uselessness project /  Breton Tyner-Bryan & Catherine Correa / Amaris Dance / Gloom dance project / Sara Gals band

Project Leaders

  • Vanessa


    Larchmont, NY

    Member since: March 18, 2015


    Vanessa Tamburi worked as a solo dancer for key European theaters ( the Ballet of Montercarlo, the Hamburg Ballet and the Vienna Opera Ballet).  Over the years,  she developed experimental  work, melding dance with theatre, visual and multimedia arts. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, United States. In 2007 she established the “FLUSSO Dance Project”.  She is the Artistic Advisor of the Visa 2 Dance and Time2dance dance festivals in Tanzania and the Artistic Director of IDACO nyc. Since 2011 she lives and works in NYC. She is an associate artist of New York Live Arts.
    FLUSSO dance as art of the body in movement, as flux of energies, goes through time and space. The objective of FLUSSO dance is to promote contemporary dance as a language that cuts across different disciplines. FLUSSO dance has the important goal of creating synergies between body movement, contemporary performing arts and social issues. FLUSSO dance uses the language of dance as a meaning to promote integration, cultural exchange and the diversity of cultures. 

  • Michelle Applebaum

    Michelle Applebaum

    Queens, NY

    Member since: November 5, 2014


    Michelle Applebaum was born in Rome,  Italy and started Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance training at the age of 9 at Balletto di Roma. She concluded her training with a Ballet Degree at the age of 19. She then won a one year Contemporary Dance Scholarship at the age of 20 with the Spellbound Dance Company. After that she taught Ballet to children ages from 5 to 15 and adults, she also taught Contemporary and Modern Dance to adults and children at the Danzarmonia School. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in 2011 at Sapienza University in Rome and then a Master’s Degree in 2014 at Roma Tre, both in Performing Arts. She then decided to move to New York City and is currently attending two Internships regarding Fundraising,  Marketing and Administrative Organization for two New York City based dance companies. She also dances for CeDan Dance Company and Dance To The People.

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