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Apr 20, 2015 7:15 AM ET

Archived: Quit Smoking 24/7: the first complete Standardized Behavioral Support System using scientifically verified techniques that end the cravings

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2015

Quit Smoking 24/7

Boulder, CO 80305, US

The simple truth: the industry standard for smoking cessation products has at a dismal 93% failure rate. The fact is the products out there don’t work on their own. Why, ask any smoker, smoking is a mental addiction not a physical one. All the products out there aim to solve the physical addiction. QS 24/7 is the first product ever to end addiction.

Let’s get scientific, a mental addiction doesn’t mean made up. It means the neurons in your brain have been trained to fire dopamine into the system. The result is an intense and unrelenting desire for nicotine so long as the neurons continue to fire. So, it’s in the brain but the addiction is the result of chemical reactions.

Throwing on a patch or chewing some gum won’t stop the neurons from firing,…ever. QS 24/7 is is the first complete Standardized Behavioral Support System using scientifically verified techniques that end the cravings.

Pharma seeks products like QS 24/7 to give their products a competitive advantage. Our primary aim is to exit to pharma with a very lean business model that requires no marketing or support staff. < 1.5 years with a $20M-$100M acquisition. To do this we are enhancing our system to benefit NRT manufacturers.

Behavioral support typically means 1-on-1 therapy sessions. Pharma can’t profit from this form of therapy, but they can profit from selling QS 24/7 along with their existing lines.

NRTs are a instant fix but not permanent
Behavioral Support is a permanent fix but not instant
Together we have created the most effective smoking cessation solution ever.

This will give one NRT manufacturer a clear competitive advantage in the $3B industry. We have identified 4 primary targets: GSK, Pfizer, RJ Reynolds and CVS. We will offer our program to each one of them increasing the likelihood of a competitive offer.

We will also test our product efficacy w/o NRTs. Allowing us to advance to a Series A VC round of $2M-$5M, at which point we go to market.

Products / Services

Standardized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Smoking Cessation

CBT has been documented as the most effective behavioral support available for smoking cessation. The QS 24/7 CBT program consists of a video that teaches smokers why and how they are addicted, followed by a reading and ending with a To Do list that requires users to perform specific actions that literally create new neural pathways away from nicotine cravings.

QS 24/7 App

The entire program will be accessible inside the app. The app is more than mobile information; it uses scientifically verified techniques that increase bloodflow and activity to the Pre Frontal Cortex, the area of the brain in charge of self control and rationalization.

By performing activities inside the app, users are strengthening their ability to control urges and eventually eliminate them with the use of the program.


Chief Executive Officer
Devlyn Steele

Devlyn SteeleDevlyn has been a practicing business and life coach for over 20 years. His method is formally known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is a clinically tested and verified method for treating multiple disorders ranging from Depression to Weightloss. In the late 90’s he realized the power of what we now know as social networks well before Friendster was even around. He developed his own social networking platform and program that took his experience in CBT and created Tools To Life which is free to all and has over 100,000 users. He continues to act as business consultant for several companies as well as a board advisor on other. Now, there is an opportunity to take Devlyn’s 20+ years of experience in this field and monetize it through the use of sophisticated algorithms and app technology.

Chief Development
Domenic Weber

Domenic WeberDomenic has been working with Devlyn in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for over 5 years. He makes things happen. Known as the solution finder, he’s presented with tasks and projects that no one else will take on and always gets them finished. His formal training in education allows him to guide his teams in productive directions that result in a finished product. Prior to joining Guardian Angel, Domenic was partner at an engineering firm called Princeton Cryotech and then shifted into an Internet Marketing position with a focus in consumer psychology. He now applies these skills to developing effective programs using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Chief Technology Officer
Kane Kim

Kane KimKane is the man who makes it all happen. He has been working with Devlyn for over 11 years and single handedly developed the entire Tools To Life platform. He was an early member of Sendgrid and still enjoys the title of Sr Software Engineer. Kane is proficient in multiple coding languages including Python and Ruby. He has extensive experience in starting from concept and developing platforms into full scale usable products.


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