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Apr 18, 2015 5:00 PM ET

Tosee Intelligent Cigarette Holder: to provide smokers with the data to help them understand the impact of their habit

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 18, 2015

Tosee Intelligent Cigarette Holder 

By Ang Mi

The story of the project

Tosee is a cigarette holder with sensors that chart how much you’re actually inhaling, allowing you use that data to regulate and reduce your habit. 

We designed Tosee to provide smokers with the data to help them understand the impact of their habit and tools to actively reduce it according to goals they set for themselves. Tosee has been designed for smokers by smokers, with an understanding of the unique challenges of the habit. 
Every moment with your friends and family is precious. We can’t ignore it – smoking harms not only your health, but the health of those around you. At the same time, most products available on the market focus overwhelmingly on quitting, rather than actually giving you an effective way to get there or helping you to first reduce and manage your habit. 

Media Report

The ToSee Solution

Smoking is a habit that can become so natural to us we do it without thinking – until we try to stop and realise how much a part of our life it has become. 

The quitting process can be roughly divided into three stages – A. Beginning, B. Trying and C. Actually quitting. Most smokers who intend to quit “one day” assume they will go directly from A to C, but the truth is that stage B is where relapse is most likely to occur, while also being the most neglected part of the process. 

Tosee focuses on the Trying stage of quitting, using data and user-determined reminders to help smokers determine their own pace of reducing or quitting.

Tosee’s sensors link to your phone with Bluetooth, showing through the Tosee App the number of sticks smoked and, more importantly, the kind and amount of harmful substances inhaled. Users can follow Tosee’s default quitting guide, or set their own by making daily goals of how much they’d like to cut back or consume. This allows for a gradual, more manageable pace of reducing and monitoring your habit. 

The Tosee App


The Prototype


1. Appearance & Construction

The main challenge of building Tosee was to realise a fully functioning product in a compact and limited space, while also ensuring that all materials were nontoxic and able to withstand the heat of the smoke. Fortunately, we managed to secure a brilliant designer with excellent experience in the industry, to help us navigate through months of testing and prototyping. 

We are also developing the filter element of the device, testing a double activated carbon filter that will reduce the amount of harmful substances like carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine from normal cigarettes.

The structural design of products not only required artistry, but also a balance of functions and the efficiency of mass production. Because of the tiny scale, everything had to be built to a high level of micro accuracy, from the aluminum alloy shell, to the ingenious double PCB vertical connection, and the smallest lithium battery available on the market. 

2. Sensor & battery life 

The Tosee sensor has a signal current of 0.5uA, and is able to detect changes in air pressure of 0.02hPa 

To maximise the standby time while keeping the Tosee slim, we abandoned button and dry batteries and used a low-power chip with an energy saving mode. Optimization in design and software improved the Tosee’s response speed, allowing it to quickly enter sleep mode when not in use. 

Technical Specs

How the funds will be used

The Tosee team has completed the design and debugging of the device and is getting ready to enter small batch production.  

All funds from this campaign will be used to trial a small-scale production to further improve the prototype before we head into mass production. 

Your support will allow us to make Tosee happen, and help our team continue to make great products. 



Some of my other work

The Tosee team hails from small independent research and design studio Angmi. We develop smart products that provide solutions with the aid of data and connectivity. Our team members carry the experience of working in top Internet and hardware companies in China. 

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Address :Caizhi Building, No. 2413, Guangzhou Avenue ,Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province,China

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Project Team

Ang Mi

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About us
Tosee’s founder——Angmi (Angmi Network Technology Co., Ltd.), Independent research and development of intelligent products, combined with Internet and data analysis services, and provide solutions. Members of Angmi technology team in many of the MBA and the experience of studying abroad, but most of them come from the top domestic Internet and Hardware Companies, the core developers have many years of experience in hardware and software development.

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Ang Mi

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