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Apr 18, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Archived: Fun with Circuits: A toy that makes electronic circuits fun,simple & accessible for 6-10 yr olds. Welcome to the world of Ohm & Ampere

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 18, 2015

Fun with Circuits

by Fun with Circuits

A toy that makes electronic circuits fun,simple & accessible for 6-10 yr olds. Welcome to the world of Ohm & Ampere.

About this project

Through the adventures of Ohm & Ampere, a brother-sister duo, Fun with Circuits aims to make learning a fun and joyous ride for 6-10 yr olds. Kids self-learn, experiment, and fuel their curiosity by applying what they learn to building new circuits.

In this age, when STEM education and experiential learning is positively stressed upon, let us introduce our kids to electronic circuits early on.

How it works?

  • It offers a layered approach to learning via the medium of traditional storytelling and building kit.
  • As children read the story, they relate to it and understand the concepts with respect to their own environment, and, build new circuits using circuit blocks.
  • Following this, children make their own circuits led by their imagination.
  • It is easy, safe, and fun to play with. 

Why Fun with Circuits?

Most of the children today start playing with gadgets/devices as toddlers BUT how many of them understand even as a middle schooler how those devices work?

There are several electronic/science kits in the market BUT how many of them help younger kids understand the concepts without any external help ?

How many parents have the background and time to sit with their children and help them through these concepts? The interest dies before it is born.

How we started?

During an electronic circuits workshop at an Elementary School,I observed that students were blindly making different connections and when they could not get it to work, they would getfrustrated and walk away .

This was because they did not understand the underlying circuit concepts. They were not using the kit as a learning tool and the kit was not designed for it either.

Then came my nephew’s 7th birthday and I decided to give him a toy that would introduce him to circuits. I searched both online and in physical stores, but could not find a toy kit that would be both fun and educational at the same time.

I shared this with my partner and we realized that the situation was no different when we were kids.

We decided to create a self-learning toy that would make circuits fun and simple for both girls and boys. Early in 2014, we set out to design our prototype. 

For the first prototype, we 3D printed different circuit blocks and did a proof of concept. We also drafted the story. This prototype was tested with few children in the age group 6-10 years. Based on the feedback we received, we redesigned the kit and came out with our second prototype.

Where are we Now?

Since designing our second prototype, we have tested it in Elementary schools, museums and libraries in the Bay area, New York City, and Austin, Texas.The toy appeals equally to girls and boys. We are excited to share that we received very positive feedback and it motivated us to move to our next stage – mass production. 

For the past few months we have extensively worked with suppliers and manufacturers to secure our production, manage assembly line, set up test systems, and ensure packaging and shipping. Now, we need YOUR support to bring the fun of learning circuits to children everywhere. 

Please help us move forward by pledging your support. You can also help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends, family and anyone you might think would benefit from this.

Production Timeline

What is our Future plan?

We want to reach out to all the children around the world and help spark their curiosity for the unknown. We aim to design a series of such kits with the complexity increasing with every new kit. At the same time, each kit will be fun and simple enough to get children excited and bring out the imagineers in them.

Thank You!

We would like to thank each one of you who have supported us in our journey. People who challenged us at every step and helped us overcome our shortcomings deserve special thanks from us – you inspired us to go the extra mile and get out of our comfort zone.


Risks and challenges

The shipping date of a hardware product comes with the probability of getting slipped due to real time uncertainties. We have chosen our estimated delivery date by accounting for all the factors that could affect our shipment. However, there can be unknown manufacturing delays, tooling delays or a late delivery from a supplier. If not early, we will try our best that you receive your Fun with Circuits kit by the delivery date.


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