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Apr 17, 2015 12:15 PM ET

Archived: ZEOFORM – Hemp+Water & nothing else: a new raw material

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 17, 2015

ZEOFORM – Hemp+Water & nothing else

My name is Alf Wheeler,
I’m really excited to be sharing my passion with you –Zeoform. It’s a new raw material – I love it and I know you will too. It’s made from just hemp fiber and water and nothing else!
It replaces wood and plastics so you can make all sorts of stuff out of it from toys to houses.  Steel, wood, plastic, fibreglass, copper, Formica, MDF – have always been around. A new raw material with relevant applications to all of us, comes along only once in a lifetime – if we are lucky. Check it out onZeoform.com 
We intend to license Zeoform technology around the world, empowering people everywhere to build stuff sustainably – using just plant fibre, water and renewable energy.
Our company ‘Zeo‘ is building a North American facility capable of supplying customers all over the world with this ‘game-changing new raw material‘ and with an initial range of finished Zeoform products.
Zeo requires $1m to get started properly.
The $100k requested in our campaign will allow Zeo to add a key production component to our existing Australian set up, which will subsequently allow development of a range of product opportunities including the ZeoCase for iPhones. 
My vision is for millions of people all over the world to be working in sustainable factories making products from Zeoform, for companies that put people and principles before profits
I know everybody wants Zeoform, my inbox is filled everyday with an extraordinary range of enquiries.
I want to start with a World-Class Centre Of Excellence – When a new raw material comes along – people need to learn how to use it! 
With enough public support we can accelerate our plans and get Zeoform to you even quicker.
2015 is our target – pledge your support and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  
Thank you.

Contact Information:

Alfred C Wheeler

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