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Apr 17, 2015 1:00 PM ET

Archived: UNPLUGGABLES – Inspired pockets designed to cover your smartphone when you choose to UNPLUG

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 17, 2015


Inspired pockets designed to cover your smartphone when you choose to UNPLUG.
Jenifer Novak Landers

Meet “Unpluggables” An Inspiring Invention That Makes Magic Happen Instead. 


·  Are your kids looking at their cell phones instead of interacting with the family? 

·  Do you attend business events where people use their smartphone instead of engaging in the meeting? 

·  Have you gone on a dinner date and wished your partner would “plug in” to your conversation?


The Trend of Unplugging
is Happening Everywhere.  

While working as a Life Coach, our founder Jenifer Novak Landers noticed the challenges people are having when it comes to being present with themselves and with each other.  What started as a game with her young daughter called “Magic Happens” turned into product idea, now merging into the worldwide trend of unplugging from technology as a demonstration of self-care, life balance and making time with others more productive and meaningful. 

Jenifer created thoughtfully designed and well-constructed designer pockets to cover cell phones when people choose to be unplugged.  The product line also includes artful canvas signs to hang over television screens, beautifully appointed boxes to hold multiple phones or gadgets, along with the colorful pockets all available in a variety of sizes and designs.  “Unpluggables” are handmade from start to finish using top grade materials.  




I always like to focus on the positive.  I wanted to teach my daughter she had a CHOICE to play/create/imagine instead of staring at a screen for too long. I wanted a positive message rather than always saying things like “TURN IT OFF” or “NO TV”. I wanted to create an opportunity with her rather than tell her what NOT to
do. This is the beginning of our MAGIC HAPPENS PHILOSOPHY.  When we choose to unplug from the distraction of our screens, we are available for all the other possibilities around us.  I have speaking engagements and motivational presentations in the future for Unpluggables and the Magic Happens Lifestyle. 
(This is the original sign – it inspired everyone who heard about it or visited us.)


I see my teenage daughter growing up in the popularity of cell phone usage. Kids need help unplugging and want balance.  And parents need help not being distracted from their kids.



Gumption for Business Unplugged 

In my professional life, I’m passionate about the power of listening and being present with my clients, prospects and meetings.  I always look for ways to help people choose to UNPLUG in meetings, classrooms, events and other gatherings. Unpluggables has HUGE potential for Corporate America! 
Join us and help with making meetings more productive. 


Hot Trend:  Unplugged Weddings

When I began developing ideas for products and ways to help people unplug and find their own “Magic Happens”, I immediately discovered the popular “Unplugged Weddings” trend.  I am excited about the wedding industry promoting the value of being fully present for the special occasions.  Wedding planners have access to signage, invitations and more to educate their guests about unplugging and respecting the photographer at the event.  

Unpluggables products will be designed to meet the growing demand of this niche. 

This empowering trend is expanding into other industries and will continue to grow in popularity.      


We are designing several “EVENT UNPLUGGABLES” that will have room for customized logos and names.  Get on board and make a statement with your branding. 

Just a few examples of other UNPLUGGED EVENTS:  Retirement Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Retreats, Luncheons, Conventions, Association Meetings, Funerals, Church Groups, etc. A branded Unpluggable would make a fabulous gift for all in attendance! 

Unpluggables will be in demand long into our technology-based future.  


People are empowered when they remember what matters most: Quality time together, relationships, being present, connecting, sharing precious moments, and more.  Unpluggables are the gift AND the present. 
Contribute to our campaign. We are including sets of beautifully designed POSTCARDS  to thank you for your donations. Six postcards in each set. 




Make some noise about the campaign – please share with your friends, your family, everyone you know.  

Just forward the link on this page. 

Or send them to our website:


Post and share with your social media network, mailing lists and personal connections.  Contact us if you need any assistance.  We are happy to write notes, send personal messages, answer questions or chat. (while unplugged 🙂


Here is a summary of your choices; 


I would like to thank my amazing team for everything we have achieved to get here. We keep believing in the dream! 

Karl Palachuck for his expert business direction. Tari Gordon for her talents with Production and Operations and Marketing. Stella Landers for her video skills. Ruben Young for the website. Jo Daley for her total support, and my Sacramento Mastermind Group for all the genius, the vision, and the business savvy we need.




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Jenifer Novak Landers

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