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Apr 16, 2015 10:30 AM ET

The Daily Rave: a satire comedy exposing the viciously hilarious truth about Success

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

The Daily Rave 

Please help us develop and produce The Daily Rave. Success Coaching that makes you wanna’ Jump. Be entertained while maintaining a successful daily mindset to trance-form any area of your life. Join the fun!


The Daily Rave® is a satire comedy exposing the viciously hilarious truth about Success. Our mission is to make the daily pursuit of Success, in any area of life, fun for all. 

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The Concept

We generously toast, roast and rave about America’s Self-Help and Coaching industry in the most trance-formational ways possible. It’s kinda’ like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but about Success not Politics.

… … 

The Plot & Storyline (Fictional)

Tony is the secret love-child of two extremely successful pioneers who accidently conceived him at an exotic coaching retreat. His father is one of America’s most celebrated Success Coaches and his mother is an ambitious daytime Tv Talk Show host.  After years of catastrophic failure, and no support from his highly affluent parents, Tony launches his own Tv Talk Show to viciously expose the truth about success, the Coaching Industry, “self” help, and his wonderful parents.  His coaching methods are a bit trance-like and… well, ummm… ‘unconventional’ with absolutely no limits to what he’ll say or do to ignite others, while discreetly seeking parental love, acceptance and retribution.

The Treatment

A television show treatment (pitch), including synopsis, casting, characters breakdown, pilot and episodes will be provided, as available, to all Campaign Producers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is my contribution to The Daily Rave tax deductible? No. Our crowdfunding Campaign is a for-profit entertainment partnership.

Q2.  Is this FundRazr site safe and secure? Yes. has generated over $52 million dollars with 40,000 successful campaigns across 20 countries. 

Q3. Will all funds be mananged and for development and production use only? Yes. All funds will be allocated & reported as public record by a Certified Accounting firm.

… …

Anthony Lamont / Development Team

Details @

Special Thanks

Endless gratitude and appreciation to my family, friends and supporters. Let’s have fun, celebrate every step and enjoy life ‘as if’ we’re already there… wherever ‘there’ might be for you. Life is often what we decide to make it. Much love – Tony

… …

Contact Us

E-mail [email protected], or call / text us at (323)505-6941 for Coaching via Text (see perks), feedback, or to simply say hello. We’d love to hear from you!

The Daily Rave with Anthony Lamont. 2015 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

Contact Information:

[email protected]

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