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Apr 16, 2015 9:15 AM ET

Archived: Next Generation in Translation – Lingmo users can communicate easier in any language no matter where in the world

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

Next Generation in Translation

By Danny May

The story of the project

Lingmo Bluetooth device

Lingmo is a simple, affordable Bluetooth language translation device that will let you communicate and understand in 45+ languages. Forget about bulky dictionaries and awkward, slow translations on your mobile. Now with Lingmo at the touch of a button you can instantly translate the words you need into any chosen language and hear the results of your translation instantly!

Lingmo can also be used for answering phone calls, and as headphones to listen to your favorite songs or movies on your desired device making it a must for all lifestyles.

Lingmo Packaging

Lingmo App Wire Frame

Our Mission

At Lingmo International our mission was pretty simple, We set out to make a device that pairs up with your smartphone / tablet so users can communicate easier in any language no matter where in the world, You might be either on holiday or for that all important business meeting.

Imagine going to any country and being able to communicate and understand the locals to order a simple coffee or meal.

Lingmo came from the word multilingual (being able to speak and communicate in more than 2 languages) which fitted the type of device we were producing.

Lingmo allows near real-time translating of 45+ languages. It has two modes of voice translation. You just simply set your native language, then the language to translate to. By pressing the first button and speaking your phrase Lingmo in turn will translate and pronounce it in a language you have selected. By pressing second button.

We at Lingmo International have produced a working prototype which has been tested in specific regions across the world from late July to present, We have and will be taking all the feedback from our testers and implemented those changes to make the PERFECT device for you our backers and the general public.

Once the fundamentals of the device and application are settled we will then be finalizing the designs of the lingmos ready for mass production.

Lingmo will be available on iOS, Andorid and Windows Operating Systems for both smartphones and tablets (Windows version available mid May 2015)


* English (US , UK & Australian) * Spanish * Hebrew* Czech * Turkish * African * Malay * Croatian * Thai * Greek * Bulgarian * Turkish * Slovakian * Hungarian * Ukrainian * Hindi * Spanish (United States) * Spanish (Mexico)* French * Finish * German * Italian * Japanese * Chinese * Mandarin and Cantonese(Taiwan / Hong Kong) * Catalan* Korean * Dutch * Norwegian * Swedish * Danish *Portuguese (Portugal) * Portuguese (Brazil) * Polish * Russian * Arabic * Indonesian Plus many more.

Why do i need Lingmo?

It’s a no brainer, if you are travelling overseas to a foreign country for your once in a lifetime holiday or a regular traveller for business just having a Lingmo to communicate and translate in real time is essential to making your life easier while abroad.

Lingmo can also be used to answer phone calls or as headphones to listen to your favourite songs…. Because of its small, light size you can take it where ever you go with ease.

If we reach our stretch goal of $250k we will put into production our Bluetooth translator which will have reverse translation by pushing a button and speaking, It will have a outward facing speaker for others to hear your translation.

Along if we hit our $500k stretch goal we will make Lingmo a offline translation device plus incorporate technology so that when translation occurs it automatically gets put into a phrase you understand.

What the future holds for Lingmo International.

As the late Steve jobs said NEVER stop innovating……

We at Lingmo have used his words wisely after we have launched our Bluetooth translator we have plans of designing a translation pen scanner that will scan foreign text and translate it to words through to your lingmo ear piece.

So not only will you be able communicate easier in any language but also convert foreign text to words making all aspects of travelling abroad easier.

How we got here.

For the past 8 + months we’ve been busy conducting feasibility studies, Market research, Sourcing suppliers, coding and designing of the Lingmo devices and app’s,

How the funds will be used

The donations you give us will be used to fund the molding, final design, production, packaging and shipping. Every cent will be used to make our Lingmo’s into a reality, After shipping to you our backers we will be making it available across the world.

We are currently discussing with a few retail stores across South East Asia, Oceania and the US to distribute Lingmo’s throughout their network.
Although our devices are in final testing stage they can see the potential this device has. We hope to have the contracts signed seal and delivered by the end of this campaign (or just after) The suppliers contract is on the provision clause of us showing them the final working product, packaging and so on before we can distribute through their network.

Your pledges will make this happen for us at Lingmo International and we thank you in advance.

You our backers will get fortnightly email updates on the progress , this will happen on Friday’s so you are always in the loop… Communication is the KEY,…. so please don’t forget to leave your email address. (This will begin at the conclusion of the campaign)

We are unlike our competitors that have promised and not delivered, What we say we DO, No exceptions, No excuses…


We at Lingmo International didn’t want to launch our campaign until we had a working prototype that had been tested in the field along with manufactures lined up and our production schedule in order.

We have been working closely and building up a strong relationships with our device supplier to ensure we deliver the best quality devices with minimal problems,

We have confidence to ensure stock and lead-times are within our production requirements; and ensure all the components have been tested and met the highest standard possible.

The spirit of the Lingmo International is high speed implementation across the board, What we promise with gifts / time frames to you our backers we will ensure that we meet & beat your expectations.

We now have a working prototype so all that is required is to fine tune the product and put it into production, We will then have it to you our backers in or before the time frame we indicated.

We are unlike our competitors that have promised and not delivered.

Project Team

Contact Information:

Danny May

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