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Apr 16, 2015 1:45 PM ET

Archived: Meditations Through the Year by Bruce Carroll: A collection of short meditations on the Scriptures, each told in the voice of a Biblical character

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

Meditations Through the Year

by Bruce Carroll

A collection of short meditations on the Scriptures, each told in the voice of a Biblical character. Purchase price includes performance rights for the original purchaser in perpetuity.

Christian, Religion, Spirituality
Page Length:
50 – 100 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft

A collection of short meditations or reflections on the scriptures, each written in the first-person perspective of a Biblical character. Some of the characters are male, some are female.

The meditations are meant to be delivered aloud. They may be presented as a part of a worship service or any other kind of event you choose. While reading them to a congregation is perfectly acceptable, the presenter is encouraged to memorize the particular meditation. For some meditations, you may want to wear a costume. For others, contemporary clothing will work fine. These meditations may also be read as part of your personal devotions.

Before writing each meditation, I began with prayer, asking for the LORD’s insight and guidance. Then I read the relevant passages in the Bible and reflected on them. Only then did I choose a character and begin writing.

The book will be organized around the liturgical calendar. You are, of course, welcome to present any of them at any time of year. Scripture references will be included for each meditation.

It is my hope that the LORD will bless you and your congregation with a deeper understanding of His Word as you read and present these meditations.

What was your inspiration for the book?

As a member of Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Gages Lake, Illinois, I was asked to write and perform a meditation on the Scriptures and present it as part of Good Friday worship. Over the course of a few years, I did this more than once, always from the point of view of a Biblical character and always for Good Friday. When deciding what I wanted my next book to be, I recalled these meditations and thought, “Why not make a series of meditations for the whole church year?”

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

I feel a great sense of responsibility in writing this book. Its content must serve both the LORD and the congregations that use it. For that reason, I want to do it right.

To that end, I will use the funds raised here to cover the cost of research, editing, proofreading and cover design as well as to promote the book.

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