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Apr 16, 2015 4:15 PM ET

EM&N8 Controllers, Inc: We are not your ordinary Software corporation

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

EM&N8 Controllers, Inc

Auburn, CA 95603, US
Computer & Control Systems, Robotics

Investment opportunity with a very high return potential in less than 5 years in internet of things software corporation

We are not your ordinary Software corporation. We have great traction. Our Seed round was self funded and has a market value of over $25m. Series “A” round benefits are instant real value and potentially will benefit from no further dilution from any further funding. Company profitability in less than 24months and then phenomenal growth rate and margin. Currently we have three lighting distributors/manufacturers waiting for certification & commercialization and a Hotel chain waiting to run a pilot program for its chain.

Current products offered in the lighting control industry are complicated to set up, commission, and/or maintain. In addition, no products can calculate & predict energy savings. Lighting customers have accepted that paid professional is required for installation, commissioning and setting up lighting. For all changes and modifications, a paid company representative will revisit the site to make changes.

Despite advances in energy preservation, no user use metrics are available for calculation of how much energy is being used or saved with new technology. EM&N8’s LightValet solves all of these problems and more.

Lights can be commissioned with auto discovery to find lights that populate as individual icons on the iOS application for program grouping. Best yet, LightValet measures realtime energy usage, then reports back for current savings recordings by day, hour, week, or month.

Our executive staff has over three decades of experience writing commercial Mac software. EM&N8 has implemented driver and firmware support for some of the biggest companies on the planet, such as Sony, Toshiba, and Fujitsu. PlugValet technology works the same with EM&N8 SmartPlugs.

We believe our software should be smart enough to learn, predict, and create it’s own programming to lead the worldwide Internet of Things into the next decade.

Products / Services

LightValet Energy Management and Adaptive Control

EM&N8 Controllers designs and develops products specifically for the adaptive LED lighting control, energy savings, and plug load management industry.

EM&N8 controllers are used in the distributed control of highly scalable SmartPlugs, LED lighting (timing, dimming, zone control) and real time energy load management monitoring.

LightValet controller technology has the ability to dim lighting electronically to any of 125 different step levels of brightness. With this range of levels, users can mimic sunrise/sunset at a given light level, and automatically turn on or off lights at a timed interval. All control is executed by a software resident on the individual light interface board, making the system fail proof and resistant to outage.

All controller operations can be viewed over the internet and managed wirelessly through on board controller web server software via any web browser. Alternatively, controllers can also be monitored worldwide through smartphone iOS software.


Managing Director Executive Officer
Wyler Furgeson

Wyler FurgesonWyler Furgeson has over 30 years of experience as founder, president, and CEO of a commercial software corporation. He is passionate about creating superior products that will change the world through technology evolution and energy savings. Furgeson has demonstrated leadership skills by constantly seeking out evolving software market trends and expansions of current feature sets. With his research findings, he has implemented goals, guidance, and drive to bring product to the forefront of the market. Furgeson continues to be instrumental in over 15 different successful commercial software product releases. He is proud to be at the helm, looking to changing the world at large as a globally conscious corporate leader.

Chief Technology Officer
Chris Logsdon

Chris LogsdonSoftware analyst and developer with experience in C, C++, PowerPC, Intel Assembly, Cocoa, and Embedded C++ along with driver and kernel-level development on Apple and Windows (PCI card drivers, USB, FireWire, SAN and RAID 0-5). Logsdon executes software development for automated disc duplicators (DVDs/CDs, BluRay, optical discs) develops firmware for robotics and greenhouse monitoring and control instruments, and designs SAN and LAN application software and custom protocols iPhone, iPad, and iPod utility development for iPhone and iPad application design and creation. He also creates drivers and applications for SCSI, ATA, SATA, USB, FireWire, FiberChannel, SNS protocols analysis along with designing and developing firmware for PIC and Atmel microcontrollers. With Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Visual C++ SQL, HTML, XML, PHP, proficiency in the aforementioned programs, and Logsdon’s written and oral communication exceeds technical assistance expectations for users.

Chief Information Technology
Nate Furgeson

Nate FurgesonNate Furgeson is a hands-on Information Technology Security Specialist, Network Engineer, and Systems Engineer with over 15 years of highly technical IT experience. Furgeson can assess systems and processes, identify weakness & vulnerabilities, and plan and carry out remediation. He have hands-on experience protecting valuable information assets. Furgeson enjoys learning about and being on the front line of information security. Specialties: Network & Systems Security • Wireless Design & Deployment • Network Architecture & Implementation • Strategic Planning • Operational Efficiency • Project Management • Training • Corporate Physical Security • Disaster Planning • Compliance • Startups

Chief Marketing Officer
Randolph Osborne

Randolph OsborneRandy Osborne is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of technology leadership experience. He has established a strong track record of developing and leading sales organizations in various phases of the business lifecycle. As the VP of Worldwide Sales of Minerva Networks Inc. Randy is responsible for building the sales organization through direct and indirect channels. Randy was the Vice President of Worldwide Sales for FutureDial, a provider of software of Mobile Content Management solutions. At FutureDial Randy was Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Venturi Wireless. Previously to Venturi Wireless Randy was VP Worldwide Sales for Minerva Networks, Director of North American Sales for Zapex Technologies, the industry leader in chip development for the DTV industry, and also held key management positions at ONI (Nasdaq:ONIS) and RasterOps (Nasdaq ROPS). Randy holds a BS in Business Administration & Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento.

Contact Information:

Wyler Furgeson (916) 764-7017 call or text

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