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Apr 15, 2015 2:15 EST

Urban Power USA: Manufacturer of a new wind turbine that produces cost effective electric power in urban areas

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2015

Urban Power USA

Urban Power USA

Manufacturer of a new wind turbine that produces cost effective electric power in urban areas.

Urban Power USA is raising $498,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • Funding Goal$498,000
  • Minimum Reservation$5,000
  • Pre-money Valuation$500,000
  • Open Date02/12/2015
  • Closing Date05/08/2015


  • Urban Power will have a positive cash flow in 2015.
  • We have very few competitors in the billion dollar urban market.


Urban Power USA manufactures a patented new wind turbine that is quiet, creates an income center on your roof, works in the city, and sells to a Billion dollar sector of the growing urban market.


Company Overview

Urban Power USA is a new company founded in Western Massachusetts which manufactures and sells a new type of vertical wind turbine called the Urban Turbine.

Our turbines are unique in design and patented. The turbine is a drag style turbine which means it does not need smooth fast moving air required by traditional blade type turbines. This characteristic imparts a significant advantage over traditional wind turbines because it means they can be installed in the city environment where smooth air is difficult to find. In addition to not requiring smooth air, our turbines cannot move faster than the wind is blowing, therefore it is not capable of generating the noise or vibrations as traditional turbines do. The large urban market has been under served for renewable energy due to the limited products capable of operating there.

This opens up a unique niche by making it perfectly suited for large and small flat roof tops building installations in the city where the customer need the power. The roof top installation is cheaper and uses space which typical is not used to generate an income. Urban power USA enjoys a large customer base which other renewable energy sources are ether not suited for the location or too expensive to utilize. Our target markets are any flat roof building or open land with at least modest to good winds anywhere in the US or the world.

Even though our turbines command the low wind environment, we also excel in the high wind areas. Unlike traditional turbines our turbines do not shut down during high wind situations. Instead we have a unique system that kicks in an additional inverter system to act as a break by generating addition electrical production.

Another feature of our turbines which is one of the best in the industry is the installation and shipping process. We do not need any special shipping requirements so we can use standard shipping methods so trucking costs are kept low. Installations of our turbines are just as easy because all turbines are assembled on site and do not require a crane for placement on a roof. This significantly lowers the cost of installation.



Urban Turbine USA received US patent for their new vertical wind turbine.


Completed field trials and commercial designs on the Urban Turbine.

JUNE, 2014

Completed construction platform to build towers without cranes.


Urban Power USA reached an agreement with an incubator group, SACDEP and OWLI in Kenya to supply turbines and towers in Kenya.

MARCH, 2015


Mark Maynard

Mark Maynard

Founder and President of Urban Power USA

President of Urban Power USA Inc. Founded Urban Power USA Inc. in 2010. Developed and patented the open flow wind turbine which Urban Power USA Inc. manufactures and installs. Mr. Maynard patented the open flow wind turbine on Nov. 26, 2013 Patent Number: US 8,591,171 B1 Water Quality Manager for a regional water utility. Organized and developed the newly formed Water Quality division for a 100 MGD per day water utility. Designed and developed the unidirectional flushing and system maintenance program which evolved into a highly effective pipe swabbing program. Developed methods to put old tuberculated pipe back into service and restore old non-functional fire hydrants to 90 % of new performance with ongoing maintenance program. Developed a field computer system that allows instant information searches, allows the complete field operations to be paperless and integrates field data into primary data base. Designed, developed, and built automated portable chlorine system which is capable of boosting chorine levels anywhere in the system and keep customers on line, or an emergency chlorination up to 300 mg/L. Developed comprehensive disinfection program with distribution activities to maintain water quality during construction projects and routine maintenance. Winner of the 2013 New England Water Works Association Past Presidents Award EMPLOYMENT ASSOCIATIONS URBAN POWER USA INC. Easthampton, MA 01027 President and General Manager 2011-Present SPRINGFIELD WATER AND SEWER COMMISSION; Springfield, Massachusetts Water Quality Manager 2003-2011 EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS; Amherst, Massachusetts Bachelor degree of Science in Public Sector Administration Graduated with High Honors WESTERN NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE; Springfield, Massachusetts Credits toward a Bachelor degree of Science in Chemistry and Engineering SPRINGFIELD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE; Springfield, Massachusetts Associate of Science in Medical Technology


Contact Information:

Mark Maynard

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