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Apr 14, 2015 9:15 AM ET

Archived: .Ozone Drive – Connecting Islands to Electric Cars: HELP US implement a permanent electric fleet along every island. Car by Car. Shore by Shore.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2015

.Ozone Drive – Connecting Islands to Electric Cars



WE promote FULL ELECTRIC mobility, and have committed to CONNECT this electric adventure to EVERYONE


.Ozone Drive, the Silent Revolution of Electric Cars

.Ozone Drive brings to life the ideal of sustainable mobility, where the pollutant emissions, noise level, and ecological footprint fall radically down to zero. We are transforming mobility by facilitating access to electric vehicles.


Conceived at the University of California at Berkeley, .Ozone Drive currently promotes EVs along the Mediterranean islands, starting with Spain. We target customers who are willing to have a daily positive impact in the world, and provide them a risk-free opportunity to experience electric cars, through a clean, emotional and attractive brand, strongly attached to their values, lifestyle, environmental awareness and aspirations.
By partnering with major hotel chains and car manufacturers, we facilitate access to electric charging, thus assuring a perfect rental experience and a complete solution for electromobility for the first time in the industry.


We have already launched our services in the Balearic Islands in 2014 and have created an important impact, not only in terms of electric car driving experiences, but also in terms of media atenttion to EVs, featuring .Ozone Drive in some of the most prestigious media channels in Europe.

We invite you to have a better taste on our services watching real .Ozone Drive user experiences at our website. They are incredibly fun !


.Ozone Drive has received financial and institutional awards and recognition from European Institutions, affirming its business model strength and its environmental impact.

“Ozone Drive places itself at the forefront of a new kind of touristic services while minimizing the environmental impact.” – European Commissioner of Energy and Climate Change.

  • Spanish Ministry of Environment (institutional and financing support)
  • Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (institutional and financing support)
  • Biodiversity Foundation and European Union (institutional recognition)
  • Spain Startup Investor Summit (Top 5 most promising cleantech startups in Europe, Award)
  • FITUR 2014, Top 3 international tourism fairs in the world (Invited .Ozone Drive to present its innovative business approach)
  • Ozone Drive Electric Road Show has been featured in national and international press and media.


We will focus first on expanding our services across some of the most attractive and impactful locations in the Mediterranean islands. However, we will also consider transatlantic opportunities of development as they arise. The Caribbean, Florida, California, or Hawaii represent some of the locations where we would love to operate in the future.


.Ozone Drive expansion strategy is currently limited upon its partnerships with hotels and car manufacturers for the distribution of its electric rental services. In order to expand organically, .Ozone Drive needs the financial capacity to manage its own fleet of 100% electric vehicles.

After market validation and the overwhelming customer acceptance of the .Ozone Drive Electric Road Show in 2014 (http://electricroadshow.ozonedrive.com/), we need your support to launch a PERMANENT rental fleet in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza). This will enable us to deploy more EV services along the Mediterranean and achieve sustainable growth.

Your donations will help us afford the leasing costs of our electric fleet: ($5,000 leasing cost/car/year). Therefore:

  • Each $5000 received will translate into a new full electric vehicle incorporated to our fleet for 1 year.


In addition to helping EV adoption through your donation, you will also get the chance to receive our fantastic perks.

OUR TEAM: bridging Silicon Valley and Spain through sustainable transport


Master in Business Administration (MBA) from University of California at Berkeley, with a focus on Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship. Double degree in Industrial Engineering from ICAI Madrid and Ecole Centrale Paris Universities, Top Industrial Managers for Europe Program.

From 2005 to 2008 Angel worked at the Engineering Department at Renault in Spain. In 2009 he joined the Global Infrastructure Deployment at Better Place in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, California, where he was directly involved in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Israel, Denmark and Australia. During this time, Angel gained first-hand expertise on new technology and innovative business models applied to electric vehicles.

In May 2010, at UC Berkeley, the idea for OzoneDrive was born and developed, and in January 2011, the company was incorporated. Since then, Angel has grown the idea into a full-fledged company in Spain and launched its main services in 2014, achieving large press success and customer satisfaction.

PABLO DIAZ, Director of Operations.

Starting in the UK at Hertz, Pablo has worked for more than 15 years in the rent-a-car industry, gaining profound experience in all the operational aspects of the business from planning to kickoff. Appointed Fleet Manager at EasyCar in the UK, he was responsible for all fleet operations in Netherlands, France and Spain. He was then invited to form part of the initial launching team as Fleet Director at PepeCar  in Spain. Both companies are still considered a complete success in introducing the then new paradigm of low-cost rentals based on operative excellence, yield pricing techniques and high fleet utilization.

Pablo has the unparalleled  knowhow and required experience to launch and operate new mobility companies. In addition, his extensive network in the industry brings unique and precious value to .Ozone Drive.

EDUARDO AVENDAÑO, Corporate Communications Manager

Eduardo is an expert in sustainable mobility, energy and environmental policies in the European Union, providing relevant strategic input for .Ozone Drive communication strategy. He has been behind the whole corporate communication strategy of the brand within the industry, as well as leading high-level conversations with other industrial players.


Carlos holds an Industrial Engineering Degree from ICAI University in Spain and a Master in Engines from the ENSPM in Paris. He has more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry working for many of the most important car manufacturers in the world: Nissan; Renault; Peugeot and Citroën, where he has also acted as Electric Vehicle Technical Manager for Spain.

He advices the team in electric powertrain and charging infrastructure technologies.



1. Do you own your own fleet of vehicles?

No, we get our vehicles “on lease” from the car manufacturers with which we partner. However we plan on owning our own fleet in the future, when we obtain additional funding.

2. Which car manufacturers do you partner with currently?

We currently use BMW i3 vehicles in our fleet, however are not exclusively tied to them.

3. How do you monetize at the moment?

We serve as a promotional agency between hotels and EV manufacturers, thus monetize on the advertising fees we collect.

4. How do you plan on monetizing in the future?

We hope to expand into a fully owned and operated fleet of EVs that we disperse across various locations in Europe.

5. Do you have a network of charging stations?

Our network of charging stations is through the hotel locations. As we expand and build out our own fleet of vehicles, we will invest in a robust network of charging stations, as well.

6. If the project does not reach its funding goal, do I get my money back?

No, because we are doing a Flexible Campaign, which means that even if we don’t reach our goal, we will still receive all the funds raised.  This means that your contributions to our cause will still be going towards expanding our business to achieve full adoption of EVs in Europe and America.

Learn More about .Ozone Drive

www.ozonedrive.com [commercial site]
www.ozonedrive.net   [corporate site]
www.vimeo.com/ozonedrive [videos]
http://electricroadshow.ozonedrive.com/#od-drivs [drivers’ experiences]

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