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Apr 14, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Archived: Movyl Entertainment – Mobile Entertainment Network for Emerging Markets: The leading entertainment network for Latin America (and beyond…)

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2015

Movyl Entertainment

Mobile Entertainment Network for Emerging Markets


Movyl Entertainment is building the leading entertainment network for Latin America (and beyond…) Our focus is on mobile games, unique content, large-scale audience aggregation. Our platform will provide the technology tools for creators to understand their audience and better monetize their games.

We work with regional partners, brands, and game creators to reach hundreds of millions of consumers, bringing them the content they love. Our focus on audience aggregation differentiates us from other content publishers and distributors.

There are 620M people in the region, half of which already own a mobile device. Our platform and services will allow developers, brands, creators, and marketers to reach them, addressing the fragmentation, monetization, and discovery challenges they currently face in the marketplace.

Our approach is built on process and platform, and we have demonstrated during our first 9 months in business our ability to effectively reach and acquire users for our games. Our cost of acquisition and social reach in Latin America are unparalleled for a mobile company.

We are starting with content creation and distribution first, and we plan to build the leading audience aggregation platform in the Hispanic and Latin American world, connecting millions of users effectively and efficiently for our partners.

Mobile has already transformed the way we play. It has also allowed regional markets to develop, from China, to South East Asia, to Russia. We believe Latin America is poised to be the next largest market opportunity.

There are 400M+ Spanish speakers in the world, and smartphone users will reach 220M by 2018. Mexico and Brazil are highly connected and experience mobile growths of 15-17% a year. Revenues are booming, and users are skipping PCs to go online and use their smartphones instead.

But when it comes to games, very few cater to the diversity and uniqueness of the region’s tastes. Global and local video game developers and their publishers lack the distribution and support vital to maximize results in the region.

With Latin America rapidly emerging as an important mobile games market, there is a big opportunity for content creators and publishers to take advantage of the explosive growth in the region.

We at Movyl are addressing this opportunity and opening up bigger horizons for game developers by providing them with a modern, data-driven game platform that makes distribution, marketing, as well as user-acquisition and payments cost-effective and efficient.

We have the unique experience, knowledge, relationships, and capabilities to leverage user insights and new marketing techniques to promote games that gamers will love.

Movyl was founded in January, and started product operations in May 2014.

Since then we have built development and business teams in Mexico, created extensive relationships in Mexico and LATAM, entered a number of partnerships with media and mobile companies, built a large audience through press and social media, established a strong brand, and successfully raised capital.

We also launched our first game in the fall, Redeemer: Mayhem, for Android and iOS, which in just 12 weeks has reached more than 250,000 downloads, with 3.9-star rating and customer reviews highly praising the game. All with very cost-effective user acquisition.

We have also secured a license for a popular Japanese IP, Uruma Delvi’s Capsule Samurai, and are working on a few more, including a Mexican toy line. We are in negotiations with several developers in North America and Asia to publish their games, and are working on products from many other independent developers in LATAM.

We enjoy strong press and deep social media presence, reaching more than 15 million users reached on Facebook alone  and with over 10,000 fans across our company and product pages. We also reach more than 50 million users through our partners in Mexico.

Movyl was founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans who set out to create a modern cutting-edge approach to content publishing on mobile, with a strong focus on aggregating large digital audiences in the Latin American and US Hispanics market.

Giancarlo Mori (CEO)
Giancarlo is the former EVP of Product of Atari, and Chief Creative Officer at Glu Mobile. He has held executive positions at Activision, Microsoft Game Studios, and Electronic Arts.

Greg Deutsch (Partner)
Greg is an Entertainment and Gaming Lawyer and former General Counsel for Activision Publishing, Inc.

Paul Rappoport (Partner)
Paul was the former COO of LEVEL Studios, and Head of Entertainment, Media and Gaming at Rosetta. He also held senior roles at Activision, Electronic Arts and Disney.

Rodolfo Villalobos (Partner)
Rodolfo works as an International Management Consultant. He is also a Lawyer and a Fulbright Scholar with comprehensive experience in investment, management, and consulting.

Contact Information:

Giancarlo Mori

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