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Apr 14, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: KosherSwitch – Control Electricity on Shabbat! On-demand control of electricity on Shabbat! Endorsed by leading Poskim/Orthodox Rabbis & Patented

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2015

KosherSwitch – Control Electricity on Shabbat!

On-demand control of electricity on Shabbat! Endorsed by leading Poskim/Orthodox Rabbis & Patented.

During our Indiegogo launch, our site is available at www.kosherswitch.com/live 


What is KosherSwitch®?

KosherSwitch® is innovative patented technology permitting the on-demand control of electricity on Shabbat, while making Sabbath desecration (Chilul Shabbos) impossible! KosherSwitch® is endorsed by leading Poskim & Orthodox Rabbis for use l’chatchila (ab initio). The KosherSwitch® Classic wall switch pays for itself by curbing wasted electricity, and is easy to install/use without programming (just wait for a green Status Light and flick the switch).
Anyone who’s observant experiences difficulties with electricity on Shabbat.  Our founder, Menashe Kalati, leveraged his 25+ years in technology expertise to create techno-religious solutions that enhance the observance and enjoyment of Shabbat & holidays.  After years of rabbinical consultations, R&D, and safety certifications, KosherSwitch® is finally here.  And you can take part in making it a reality… Together, we can improve the world, one KosherSwitch® at a time!
Why KosherSwitch®?

KosherSwitch® brings significant value to consumers and to institutions (houses of worship, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes) that deploy the technology as a value-adding amenity for their guests.

Endorsed by leading Poskim & Orthodox Rabbis

Validating the Halachic permissibility for KosherSwitch® has always been our primary objective.  During years of development, we’ve been privileged to consult with many Torah giants, who have analyzed, endorsed, and blessed our technology and endeavors.  Some have even provided crucial guidance on key design elements! More details are available on our website: Endorsements / Responsa / Lectures.

KosherSwitch® Technology: How Does it Work?

Like many inventions, KosherSwitch® technology employs simple concepts to provide indispensable benefits. Our technology is employs complete electro-mechanical isolation, and adds several layers of Halachic uncertainty, randomness, and delays, such that according to Jewish law, a user’s action is not considered to have caused a given reaction.  Many Poskim & Orthodox rabbis have ruled that the KosherSwitch® is not even considered grama (indirect causation), involves nomelakha (forbidden/creative act), and is therefore permitted for consumer use.When “flicking” a  KosherSwitch®, all we’re doing is moving a single, isolated, piece of plastic!  More details are available on our website.



KosherSwitch® Perks

We value our awesome backers, and have structured our perks with the deep discounts that reflect our appreciation for your support. Save 25% to 45% off anticipated retail price.

You Share Us & We Share CASH (or switches)!

We value our backers tremendously, but funding is not the only way to help make KosherSwitch® a reality.  We need lots of help spreading the word, and will thank you with more than a simple “thank you.”  With our REFERRAL REWARDS, you’ll earn 10% in cash or 15% in KosherSwitch® credits for funding that is received through your unique referral link.*  It’s really simple — no applications or setup needed.

  1. Create an Indiegogo® account or back the KosherSwitch® campaign on Indiegogo® to create an account automatically.
  2. Sign in to your Indiegogo® account (already done if you just backed us).
  3. Use the sharing links on the KosherSwitch® campaign page to copy/post your unique referral link. Your social networks are a great start, but getting creative via emails, WhatsApp groups, texts, etc. will give you broader reach and increase your earned rewards.
  4. Track your progress.  Click: Your username at the top right of the page > My Profile > Referrals. Watch your REFERRAL REWARDS grow as you share your unique link.
* By participating in our Referral Rewards program, you agree to be bound by the Program Terms & Conditions stated here.

KosherSwitch® is Real!

The KosherSwitch® Classic is a real product that’s been beta tested in real homes, synagogues, and institutions for over 2 years.  These units are not early prototypes based on 3D printed parts.  They have been manufactured using production-ready tooling, injection molding, and SMT processes; all geared for high-volume mass production. The images below are actual photos of real, functional units.

KosherSwitch® is UL Certified.

The KosherSwitch® Classic wall switch being offered here has been tested extensively by the UL and is a UL Listed device (with a cULus rating).  With UL certification, you have the world’s most respected body providing an independent assurance of our product’s safety & performance.

KosherSwitch® is Patented & Trademarked

In 2011, KosherSwitch® technology received patent no 7,872,576 when the US Patent and Trademark Office agreed that it is a novel and innovative over any prior art.  The Israel Patent Office did the same in 2012. KosherSwitch® is also a registered word-mark trademark, the strongest mark available.

Use of Funds & Risks

Since its formation in 2009, KosherSwitch Technologies Inc. has been working to bring its patented technology to market.  We’ve done most of the heavy lifting, utilizing private equity to fund operations, patents, R&D, engineering, prototyping, testing, safety certifications, and much more.  Now we’re ready for mass-production, and seek the funds that will support our manufacturing/volume requirements.

Every tech project has risks, but we believe that we’ve mitigated most of those risks: We’ve waited until now to accept crowdfunding/pre-orders, because we wanted to ensure our ability to quickly manufacture and deliver our product. After securing our UL listing, we’re confident in our ability to do just that!


  • Unless otherwise noted, all references to KosherSwitch® products refer to the KosherSwitch Classic (Neutral Required), Model# KSC-US-1201 (120VAC) in white. This version of the switch requires an A/C neutral wire (usually a white wire) for proper operation. See website for further product details & installation instructions.

  • This is an Americas version of the switch, much like the many other Americas-only switches/dimmers manufactured by Leviton® or Lutron® and others. While we’re happy to optionally ship to international destinations, users are expected to independently ascertain compatibility in their specific region.

  • Free shipping & handling to the continental US and Canada is included; add $50 for shipping elsewhere.  When choosing a perk, please make sure to add $50 to your payment amount.

  • Perk Contribution amounts include any applicable local and/or state sales taxes of Contributors in the U.S.

  • Wallplates shown in photos is not included. Use any “Decorative” style wallplate for installation.


A board range of FAQs are also available on our website FAQ page.

  • How do I get to your website to learn more?
    During our Indiegogo campaign, our main website address (KosherSwitch.com) is redirected to our Indiegogo page. Use the following address to access our content-rich website: www.kosherswitch.com/live
  • Does the KosherSwitch® Classic come with a warranty?
    Yes, a limited 1 year warranty is provided.
  • How easy is it to install?
    Installation is straight forward: attach the KosherSwitch® wires to the wires in your wallbox using the supplied wire nuts.  An A/C neutral wire is required. 
  • Is this real? I get to control electricity on Shabbat?
    Yes, it is very real!  Many of the rabbis/poskim who have endorsed the technology agree that it is not grama (indirect causation) and is therefore permissible l’chatchila  (the ideal Halachic condition or ab initio). For more info, see our endorsements page.

  • Does the The KosherSwitch® Classic require anything else installed, like a computer or a base unit?
    No.  The KosherSwitch® Classic is a self-contained unit that does not require any external devices such as base units, computers, timers, etc.  When we mention the device’s “computer” or a “micro-controller”, we’re actually referring to a tiny computer that’s included inside the switch’s enclosure.

  • How does it work?
    See the 3D animation portion of our video, or our website for a more detailed explanation.

  • Is the KosherSwitch® UL certified?

  • Does the KosherSwitch® Classic require any programming/configuration?
    No.  Just wait for the green and flick the KosherSwitch®.

  • How long does it take for the light fixture attached to a KosherSwitch® Classic to turn on/off?
    In Normal Mode, it’s instant.  In KosherSwitch® Sabbath Mode, there’s no way to predict how long it will take, since the device must go through one or more cycles, each with a possibility that it will fail to function as intended.  Typically, it will take “dozens of seconds” but sometimes, randomly,  it can take more than a minute or two.

We’d like to thank the many individuals & vendors who came together to make this campaign possible.  Special thanks to Charlene (and baby Yosef) Aminoff / Gali’s Couture Wigs.  Most of all, we’d like to thank YOU!  Together, we’re making KosherSwitch® a reality!

©2015 KosherSwitch Technologies, Inc. Protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,872,576 and Israel Patent No. 188,499. KosherSwitch® is a Registered Trademark. 

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