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Apr 14, 2015 8:15 AM ET

Archived: FaceAffinity – Instant Personality Mapping via Facial Image Analysis: The first API to return personality traits from face images

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2015

Whether you’re looking for your soul mate or trying to understand your potential customers better, knowing the core personality traits of a person is important; but that’s not a quick and easy task, until now.

FaceAffinity™, The first API to return personality traits from face images.

Our faces tell our story. With FaceAffinity™, we now have the tools to read it instantly.

The art and science of facial analysis and personality typing has been around for a long time. People have been perfecting the process of physiognomy, or face pattern analysis, since the time of Aristotle.

For years, researchers have been predicting personality traits by analyzing the structure of a person’s face. And although the practice has a long history, it has yet to be done by a computer. Imagine if you could take a picture of a person and instantly know what makes them tick.

The potential applications of facial analysis and personality mapping are huge! This kind of technology could disrupt the current processes of a number of industries and lead to a much better approach to understanding and interacting with individual clients.

Digital Advertising & Target Marketing
Digital advertising is often a game of chance. You market to a generic profiled audience via large distribution sites and hope that the content is relevant to the consumer viewing it. But imagine a technology that reads the faces of its viewers and personalizes the advertising specifically to that individual’s personality. It’s no longer a hit or miss message; it’s always a hit.

Dating Services
Compatibility technology used by online dating services is limited and relies on time-consuming personality surveys. People often embellish or completely lie about themselves hoping for a certain match but the results are mismatches and frustrated singles. Facial personality mapping would make analysis quick and easy. Matches would be based on the innate personality traits key to making a good relationship, with questionnaires as supplemental tools.

Recruiting, Staffing & Career Guidance
Similar to dating services, career compatibility assessment is extremely time-consuming and limited. But instead of frustrated singles, mismatches result in poor hires, unhappy clients, and a damaging reputation. Facial analysis can provide immediate and accurate feedback, shedding light on the kind of work best suited for an individual based on their core personality traits.

Real Estate
Real estate is one of the most competitive markets for large ticket sales. Professionals are constantly looking for ways to gain market advantage over their competitors. High ticket sales are all about relationships and knowing how to best interact with your client and knowing exactly what they are looking for.  Being able to analyze a client’s personality-based affinities would prove invaluable in tailoring communication and sales methods, as well as providing insight into the types of homes that may be the best fit!

FaceReflect™ is the first app to work with the FaceAffinity™ API. With just a photo image of a face, FaceReflect™ provides an instant analysis of the user’s personality traits.


With an 80-90% accuracy rate, our proprietary facial analysis algorithm accesses an entirely new “Know Your Customer” data set, enabling rapid user characterization not based on expensive legacy searches or lengthy questionnaires. This kind of accuracy provides a huge value to product and services companies seeking to improve customer acquisition by utilizing a unique set of data that highlights a user’s personality-based affinities.

FaceAffinity™ works through a cloud API-based technology. Which means the algorithm can be integrated with a variety of applications for mobile, web and more. The image analysis algorithm takes a photo and maps complex personality assessments based on the structure of the person’s face which then highlights their consumer affinities.

The correlation between facial structure and personality has been studied, researched and tested for centuries. Your facial structure is evident at birth. By puberty all of your facial features are fully formed. Facial analysis is not affected by age, gender, upbringing environment or cultural background and cannot be impacted by cosmetic surgery. Facial mapping measures the biometrics of your face, the distance between your eyes, the space between your mouth and chin, etc. These features are an elemental part of you and reveal core personality traits that are inherent to you. When paired with supplemental information such as age, gender, and geographical location, one can infer a lot about that person.

The concluding results are similar to those you would get from the standard, widely used personality testing tool developed by Myers-Briggs. But instead of a lengthy questionnaire, you simply have to snap a photo.

In just two years, FaceAffinity™ has had a slew of tremendous accomplishments thanks to our talented team of technologists, entrepreneurs and human behavior experts. Facial analysis has been around for years but it’s never been done by a computer, until now.

FaceAffinity™ So Far

Created the code for assessing biometrics of a human face

Identified the expert in the field of face pattern analysis to assist with the development of the system

Created software that measures and equates facial features to unique personality traits

Demonstrated that FaceAffinity’s™ Application Program Interface (API) can support external requests for services via our mobile apps

Engaged a PhD psychologist and expert in neuro-linguist programming to assist with developing the language of trait descriptions for various market segments

Received over 600 assessments of the technology via an online survey, a majority of which were positive and saw value in the technology

Launched the B2C application FaceReflect™ in Q4 of 2014 to demonstrate the API and gain direct user feedback.

Signed up more than 200 inaugural members to the FaceReflect™ website who have been conducting more than 1,000 facial analysis scans.

Built a customized set of mobile apps that are stable and provide reproducible results via FaceAffinity’s™ API

What’s Next for FaceAffinity™

In conversation with several leading online dating sites as the precursor to a formal arrangement for beta testing

In the early stages of developing an app that will assist realtors in working with their clients

Launching B2B efforts in Q1 of 2015.

Ted Morgan, Co-Founder, CEO & President
Mr. Morgan is a former Xerox Corporation executive and has over 30 years of experience as a Founder, Financier and CEO of venture capital-backed companies, including Human Engineered Software, Office Club/ Office Depot, MedChoice, U.S. Electricar/Enova Systems, Med*Rite Laboratories, and Alternative Technologies International. Mr. Morgan is experienced in all aspects of corporate development from start-up to exit.

Wayne Rowlands, Co-Founder, SVP Business Development
For the past 8 years, Mr. Rowlands has been a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, providing portfolio management services and financing services for individuals and businesses. Previously, Mr. Rowlands was a Senior Financial Advisor at Merril Lynch, where he financed many small, mid-size and large companies, including two public offerings, and managed portfolios valued at over $300 million. At Merrill Lynch, he also raised seed capital, mezzanine financing, working capital loans, real estate financing, and other financing for numerous companies.

Rob Mayfield, Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Mayfield has been in the high tech sector for over 25 years. His experience ranges from Chief Architect for Food.com with co-responsibility for a $7 million budget and development of an ordering system for 17,000 restaurants; Principal Java architect for two San Francisco web-based start-ups; and Manager of IT for a Macintosh disk drive manufacturer. He was an early adopter of the Java technology and web-based B2B systems with client interfaces to IBM and Dun and Bradstreet.

Hiten Patel, Technology Project Manager
Mr. Patel is head of Cubeworks, Inc. and has over 27 years of experience delivering large scale IT projects. He has developed scalable and cost-effective solutions for healthcare, hi-tech, accounting & finance and retail sales & distribution. Mr. Patel is a formidable leader with a proven record of consistently designing and executing complex software projects that deliver competitive advantages to clients.

John Oblad, Director of Software Engineering
Mr. Oblad is an experienced software engineer and application developer with a proven track record of high quality and on-schedule performance, including multi-threaded application design, inter-process communication, builds management, networking, object-oriented programming, product installation, scripting, automation, web development, and systems administration. He has worked in engineering at reputable companies such as Autodesk, Inc, Caymas Systems, Giga-Tronics, and Hewlett Packard.

Contact Information:

John Oblad
Hiten Patel
Rob Mayfield
Wayne Rowlands
Ted Morgan

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