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Apr 13, 2015 1:30 PM ET

Tides, a visionary documentary about the River Foyle, by Alessandro Negrini

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2015

Tides, a visionary documentary about the River Foyle, by Alessandro Negrini


Imagine an island. 
Within this island there is another island.
And within this other island there is a city; a city with two different names.
This city with two different names has a river flowing through it.


a Film by Alessandro Negrini 

is internationally renown Norwegian OddGeir Sæther (whose credits include David Lynch’s ‘Inland Empire’), with whom Alessandro Negrini has collaborated with great success on the documentary ‘Paradiso’ (Winner of 17 international awards) 

My name is Alessandro Negrini. I am a film director based in Derry, Northern Ireland and I would like to tell you the story of this majestic, strange charming river:  the River Foyle.  It is a river that crosses Northern Ireland and flows towards the ocean in Donegal, in the Republic of Ireland. Apart from being the fastest flowing river in Europe (for its size), the River Foyle has played a central role in the history of Ireland: it has witnessed nearly everything from the Famine, to the hopes and dreams of generations of Irish emigrants leaving for a better future.  It has witnessed an Italian Fascist minister landing on its water, the surrender of German U-boats and the arrival of the American Navy in Derry.  And more recently, it has witnessed the difficult ‘Troubles’ era with the conflict between Catholics and Protestants.
In its long life, the River Foyle realized it had become a border. In the city of Derry, as a result of the conflict, the river became a symbol of division with most of the Catholics living on the west bank and most of the Protestants living on the opposite side.  Now, however, the river can see the building of new bridges and the hope of a possible reconciliation. 

                            THE RIVER FOYLE DECIDES TO TELL US ITS STORY

I would like to tell you this story in a magical, whimsical way and  the river itself is going to tell you this story.   What has it seen, heard and witnessed in this long time of running towards the ocean?   Furthermore, what is the River Foyle whispering to us today? What could it tell us? What are its secrets? What does it think? What does it know about us? Does history repeat itself? Or are the repetitions only penance for those who are incapable of listening to it?
For the river, the time that was continues to tick inside the time that is.
What if the river told us its own story? What if it whispered to us its own secrets, its own tales? What if the River Foyle itself delivered a letter to the city that lies along its waters? A river full of stories and dreams – some lost and some found – is now the most silent citizen in the North of Ireland.

To the project is attached internationally acclaimed Norvegian cinematographer OddGeir Sæther (whose credits include David Lynch’s ‘Inland Empire’), with whom I have collaborated with great success on the documentary ”Paradiso” (Winner of 17 international awards) 
                                                      WHY CROWDFUNDING

The River Foyle is going to tell us its story, its autobiography, embracing the fantastic, the tragic and the hilarious. Using a mixture of narrative filming and the imaginative use of archive material and underwater filming, ‘TIDES’ is conceived as a portrait of a region in which reminiscence, rumor, local history and legend flow into one another, moving back and forward within the same embedded space: the river’s tides. 

                                          THIS FILM NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!

Thanks to your participation to our crowdfunding campaign we will be able to buy the rights for the archive material necessary to complete a longer version of the film and do the post-production of the film, which will then be submitted to film festivals, making the majestic story of the River Foyle travel around the world. 

We have a great opportunity:  to reveal a story about a river who decides, by telling us its own story, to unite instead of divide. TIDES will be a mosaic of our humanity, keeping alive the memory of a river that, like history, moves back and forwards through its tides. 

Let’s keep in touch:

email the TIDES team: [email protected]

And join us on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you so much for your help and remember keep the tide high! 

The TIDES team


Contact Information:

[email protected]

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