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Rivalfly National Network, LLC: Rivalfly – Mobile Game Platform for Hospitality Venues

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Rivalfly National Network, LLC

Rivalfly National Network, LLC

Rivalfly – Mobile Game Platform for Hospitality Venues

Rivalfly National Network, LLC is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000.


  • Four major distributors have signed Distributor Agreements.
  • Testing results have exceeded projection assumptions.
  • Initial rollout is underway in Colorado, Illinois & Florida.


Gamification for hospitality venues, with face to face, competitive mobile game playing for points and prizes, creates longer patron dwell times, more return visits and patron loyalty.


  • Funding Goal $500,000
  • Minimum Reservation $10,000
  • Pre-money Valuation $1,666,000
  • Open Date 01/19/2015
  • Closing Date 05/31/2015


Why We Started This Company

Mobile game playing is huge and fast growing. Patrons of hospitality venues play mobile games but play by themselves. The venue is receiving no benefit from solitary game playing. Providing locations their own mobile game platform, played by their patrons in competition with other patrons, will build location business through longer patron dwell times, more patron return visits and patron loyalty. This concept builds upon our history of finding and selling business building products to hundreds of thousands of hospitality venues nationwide.

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced in building, selling and installing a national network of in-location, TV-monitor based, entertainment systems.

Experienced in working with a national network of distributors which has been selling business building products to more than 250,000 venues for decades.

Have worked for over 14 months developing a unique, industry leading technology platform, and live testing has proven its functionality, and its attraction to hospitality patrons. Have completed several weeks of live testing of functionally and have commenced initial roll out in Denver, Colorado.

The cutting edge technology syncs the Rivalfly platform with the TV monitors in each location and with every mobile device playing our mobile games in the location.

Our Keys To Success

Four major distributors have agreed to distribute our Mobile Game Platform.

Testing shows our platform engages patrons, increasing dwell times and return visits, and patron loyalty to the location.

Our breakthrough hardware has reduced capex costs to less than $50/monitor.




1. Mission and goal: market effective business building entertainment products to hospitality venues world-wide.

2. Concept: use a location-exclusive mobile game platform to convert patron mobile game playing from a distraction to a location asset.

3. The Rivalfly Mobile Game Platform offers on-premise mobile game playing in competition with other players, using software which synchronizes the Rivalfly servers with location monitors and with patron smart devices.

4. Competition for the hospitality venue market is primarily POS systems developed by several competitors, and competitive trivia game playing location vs. location by more direct competitors.

5. The Business Model Canvas is a simple presentation of the Business Plan.

6. The Rivalfly team has broad experience in product distribution to the hospitality marketplace and in development of entertainment products for certain hospitality venues.

7. The team has invested over $350,000 and over 13 months in developing the Rivalfly Mobile Game Platform. Functionality has been tested in locations for over three months and rollout has commenced in Colorado.

8. Rivalfly has entered into agreement with four of the nine major hospitality venue distributors pursuant to which they and their Operators will distribute the Rivalfly Mobile Game Platform to their nearly 300,000 locations.

9. The hospitality market consists of hundreds of thousands of businesses. Including sports bars, bars, fast food and casual dining restaurants. A small penetration into this market will provide substantial revenue opportunities.

10. The Rivalfly Mobile Game Platform provides the location with a low cost entertainment system using strong consumer acceptance of mobile game playing and adding competition with points and prizes to winners.

11. Rivalfly has completed its platform; signed up major distributors; obtained copyright and trademark protection; has initiated patent protection; has conducted functionality testing in live locations for many weeks.

12. Rollout has commenced in Colorado, Illinois & Flordia and will continue in the territories in which Distributors have signed agreements to distribute.

13. The Company’s primary revenue source is a $108/month/location. This revenue is shared with Distributors and Operators with Rivalfly retaining $54/month/location. As the Platform achieves break even Player fees for Premium Play will be introduced. The Company projects reaching break even in July, 2015, with just under 2,000 subscribing locations.

14. Cost Structure. See Projections following this Tab. By using rev share with distributors and operators a substantial portion of operational requirements, including sales, installs and servicing, are shifted from Rivalfly to them, reducing payroll and management requirements.


In location testing has been on-going for over three months, and launch is underway in Colorado, Illinois & Florida.

MARCH, 2015

Rivalfy has developed a low-cost, 5-minute install hardware system which reduces capital expenditures and installation costs.


Four major distributors have signed agreements to distribute our Mobile Game Platform. These distributors service over 250,000 locations.



RivalFly has been great for my business. The short games grab peoples attention and keep them entertained and the digital signage help promote upcoming events. Also, digital ads help cut back on printing cost of promo materials. I LOVE IT!!
Greg GrzesikOwner, Washington Park Sports Ally
Greg Grzesik
We really like how easy it was to setup! We have tried more expensive solutions, that weren’t half as good.
Sneakers Pub
Sneakers Pub


allen marrinson

allen marrinson


Allen brings to the table, years of experience in business management, logistics, and corporate development. He steers RivalFly National Network, and guides this company to success. His previous experience in government, banking, and running a media company that provided sports content to locations nationwide, has given him the insight and experience necessary to bring RivalFly National Network, LLC, to great success.
Chi Babich
Chi is responsible for guiding and managing the implementation of RivalFly National Network’s business operations and products. His experience as Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Game Exchange of Colorado, and technical management, makes him an expert at RivalFly National Network, LLC. Chi’s vision and leadership has brought the RivalFly Mobile Game Platform to reality and soon, other products in the pipeline.
Lucas McFeature
Lucas champions the goals of RivalFly National Network through the technological architecture and design of their products, web presence, and network infrastructure. His pragmatic business philosophy ensures that every product has instilled the qualities that investors, leadership, and customers demand. His diverse technical skills guarantee that those products are reliable, and inline with company goals.
Rich Babich

Rich Babich


Rich’s passion for providing enjoyment to people started in the Coin-Operated amusements, and through his efforts, he built from the ground up, the Colorado Game Exchange. He eventually transitioned into distribution with the Game Exchange of Colorado and his vast experience in this industry, has made RivalFly National Network possible, and all leadership at this company benefits from his council and advice.
Albert Goodman

Albert Goodman


Mr. Goodman has spent many years been the leading supporter and driving force behind Chicago’s Goodman Theatre and Albert Theatre. Goodman Theatre is a leading venue for new and established theatrical productions, receiving national attention for its productions and forward looking presentations. A strong supporter of the USO, Mr. Goodman has provided annual financial and entertainment support to the USO gala. Each summer he provides recreational facilities to veterans and their families in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Mr. Goodman has been entrepreneurial in the music industry, with early entry into the commercializing of music on tape, and was one of the first to buy the half inch reel to reel video recorders in 1968. He ran a music commune and in up-state New York for several years, providing professional and amateur musicians a unique retreat to build their portfolios and interact with others in the art and business of music. Mr. Goodman served on the Board of Directors of OnSite Network, Inc., a new media company which provided sports and entertainment content to hospitality venues nation-wide. Mr Goodman is a private pilot and a licensed real estate broker in Illinois.


Contact Information:

allen marrinson
Chi Babich
Lucas McFeature
Rich Babich
Albert Goodman

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