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Archived: NexTravel – Business Travel Made Simple: Helps companies save time and money on travel – Book travel, manage employees, track expenses, and much more

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Business Travel Made Simple

Business Travel Made Simple

NexTravel helps companies save time and money on travel.
Book travel, manage employees, track expenses, and much more.

Save Time
Book Flights, Hotels, and Cars

Book all your business travel in one spot and easily view where all employees are traveling.

One-Click Cancellations

Cancel all your travel with one click. No more painful phone calls with airlines and hotels.

Save Travel Profile

Store all your travel preferences, loyalty, and payment information in one spot.

Manage Employees

Easily see where your employees are traveling and how much money they’re spending.

Save Money
Travel discounts

Get exclusive discounts on thousands of flights, hotels, and cars all over the world

No Booking Fees

Book travel without worrying about booking fees (or any other fees)

Flexible Cancellations

We know business travel can be unpredictable so we provide the most flexible cancellation policies.

Travel Policies & Approvals

Assign travel policies to control spending. You can even approve all travel before it gets booked.

How are we different?
We get discounts of up to 40% on hotels and car rentals. Cars are almost always cheaper than other OTAs. Hotels are discounted from the direct hotel rate.Easy Cancellation
We have easy one-click cancellations. Most major airlines (other than Southwest and budget airlines, which are non-refundable) can be easily cancelled online within 24 hours.Flexible Cancellation Policies
Even for our non-discounted rates, we often provide a better cancellation policy than you’d find anywhere else. Many of our hotels are fully refundable until the day of arrival.

Customer Service
For those times when flights are delayed or cancelled we have agents on staff who can immediately help you (fees apply). This often saves clients time and money for just a small re-booking fee.

Travel Profiles
Stored travel profiles save you time from re-entering information. We show results that are catered to your search preferences.


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