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Gemshow Lapidary – Changing the way glass windows are made in America! We want the Job!!!

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Gemshow Lapidary™

Gemshow Lapidary™ Changing the way glass windows are made in America! We want the Job!!! Gemshow Lapidary™ is raising $50,000 with a minimum reservation of $50,000.


  • We are an All American Brand
  • Our patented product saves our clients money.
  • We sell the Best quality American made tools money can buy


Changing the way glass windows are made in America. We want the Job.



On behalf of Gemshow Lapidary I would like to thank you for your time and consideration.

We recently filed patent on a low cost alternative product, Our products are proudly used on gemstones and in the glass windows industries. Our tool adds final polish and grinds surfaces depending on the compounds used.

Glass windows is one of the industries that has not been affected by the recession. We know there’s a large number of local manufacturers beveling glass , polishing and making new windows even in your neck of the woods!

We plan on selling at precedent setting low prices. Our product is used with polishing compounds like cerium oxide. Other products require and use more compounds and cost more to use..

Our customers are ready to use our universal fit product. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. Our market is waiting for what we have invented. We estimate if we are the new standard tool we can expect to generate anywhere from $18-40 million annually…

As with all patented products, The earliest investor will be rewarded the most and have the best terms offered and is paid first if a early buyout should occur. We are only seeking one investor and we are offering 9% of the profits for 10 years(half the patent life) or up to $500,000

This Inventor wants one year to get established and then amortization schedule is based off the current company sales. We believe we can be sustainable and grow from a debt ceiling of $50,000 ,Our target is the industry as a whole. We have a great product with a great price…

With all startups. There is risk. I do manufacture Product currently and I use what I produce ritenow but I have Product ,yes I do , It just costs too much to produce small amounts to try and advertise with ,I use them on my gemstones that I cut and polish ritenow.I pay 300% more than I should on manufacturing costs, I’m beyond research and development it’s a matter of cost in mass production now

My venture is not going to risk your money in research and development. For the last 4years I have been using my product religiously And I have proven the technology. I’m going to invest it into manufacturing my proven technology the same way I always have .

There is a 50/50 chance it will be exponential .Worse case is not you lose your money . We will work hard immediately to achieve our objectives ,Your investment would be for manufacturing a large stockpile of inventory. We are ready to proceed today ,give me a call :).

Few investments in this world can boast of creating valuable low cost inventory with investor money.

Call Bennie Ulibarri 720 234 4003

Checkout these gemstones polished flawless under the microscope, All cut and polished by me personally with my Product



Bennie Ulibarri

Bennie Ulibarri

President-Gemshow Lapidary™,Pioneer&BigThinker,SolutionFinder,Inventor

 I am an avid hiker miner Inventor and self starter , I am also the Creator behind Screamin Bright™ über cerium oxide™ Cerium Oxide Suppliers Of America™ Gemshow Lapidary™ and our flagship patented product Flawless Dome Felt™ I created a diverse portfolio where we have raised the bar every step of the way.


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Bennie Ulibarri

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