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Apr 13, 2015 3:30 PM ET

EcoQube: Desktop Aquarium That Stays Beautiful – the desktop aquatic ecosystem from ADI Ventures that lets you grow plants and herbs in the convenience of your own home.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2015

Meet EcoQube, the desktop aquatic ecosystem from ADI Ventures that lets you grow plants and herbs in the convenience of your own home. 

At ADI Ventures, our mission is to create products that inspire sustainability and connect people with nature. EcoQube is the embodiment of that mission. 

 EcoQube is a simple, fun way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. It’s a practical, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution all in a cube—that’s EcoQube.


How many times do you have to clean the algae from your aquarium? Or change the water? Or change the filter? Or, worse, have your fish die within the first year?

Having an aquarium, whatever the size, requires commitment because of the cost and work you have to put in when it comes to regular maintenance. But we still do it, because we are indulging an innate human desire to stay connected with nature.


Now, you don’t have to worry about it all—EcoQube provides an even better solution to keeping an aquarium that does not need filtration or huge amounts of electricity and is essentially self-cleaningsustainable, and 100% green.

  • Plant your seeds
  • Feed your fish
  • And watch nature do its work

At the heart of EcoQube is aquaponics, a filtration system that uses plants, the nature’s best filter, to keep the aquarium clean. As a result of this filtration process plants, in this case a basil or mint plant, get the nutrients they need to grow. In return, they give off oxygen and clean water for the fish.

Watch Nature Do Its Job
Through aquaponics, the waste that fish produce gets broken down into nitrates with the help of plants. As water passes through the web of plant roots, it gets filtered. Meanwhile, plants absorb the nitrates as fertilizer. Clean water then is transferred back into the aquarium without the ammonia and thus preventing algae growth and any need to further clean or constantly replace the water.

This cycle is not new because it happens in nature everyday around us. EcoQube harnesses it into their compact aquatic ecosystem to provide a green solution to keeping an aquarium environmentally sound while allowing you to connect to nature.

Compact Design
EcoQube is made up of five main components, which are the LED light, LED UV sterilizer, aquaponics natural filter, aquarium tank, and base.

Behind EcoQube’s patent-pending, compact design are mechanical workings inspired by NASA’s search for growing plant life in space. Built from scratch and undergoing various iterations, EcoQube provides a solution for growing plants in various low-light conditions through its two lights. One LED light provides a full spectrum of light similar to the sun, which is essential for stimulating plant growth. Another light, the LED UV sterilizer, is embedded into the filter itself and is used to sterilize the water that passes through the plant’s roots and prevents growth of algae and harmful bacteria.

100% Sustainable
EcoQube is driven by a powerful induction pump that feeds fertilized water from the fish fed to the plant roots 50 times an hour. No regular cleanup is necessary as the EcoQube is self-cleaning. Simply feed the fish and add water once a month. The faster the plant grows and the more mature it becomes, the better the filtration.

Except for the LED lights, EcoQube requires no electricity, saving you more on your electricity charges than traditional aquariums. The lights need extremely low electricity at 5 watts and can also run on batteries.

A Growing Work of Art
EcoQube is also designed to look life your very own natural work of art. The materials are designed to be compact and minimalist, with the aquarium tank clear and seamlessly joined together so you can showcase your own aquatic ecosystem in all its natural glory.

You can decorate any part of your home or office with EcoQube and truly bring nature much closer to you.


The past two years have been a wonderful journey for EcoQube and our company, ADIVentures as we continue to grow. We have made some amazing progress especially with the successful conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign last year, which racked in $79,026, more than twice our funding goal.

Since we launched EcoQube, $105,000 in preorders including the Kickstarter campaign. We have sold 530 units and are in talks with many distributors and retailers who are highly interested with EcoQube.

More importantly, we can see EcoQube’s potential to go beyond desktop aquariums to be used in wider and bigger applications, such as education, sewage treatment facilities, waste water clean-up, aquaculture, and farming.


EcoQube has been successful as well in creating buzz in the media space. We have been featured in various media outlets and this is what they have got to say:


EcoQube creators Eric and Kevin met in high school and instantly became fascinated by aquariums and planted aquatic ecosystems. As time passed, the pair discovered aquaponics, and how it can help lessen the unsustainability of keeping aquarium ecosystems and the technology’s potential in helping humanity as a whole in terms of food and water supply.

Over the last 7 years, Eric and Kevin have worked in various stores and helped build and maintain large-scale aquariums all over California, before eventually started our own online aquarium store.


Kevin Liang (Founder & CEO)
Kevin has extensive experience in the aquarium industry and ran his own aquarium store out of his sister’s garage in San Francisco grossing over $90,000 before turning 18. He has also managed multiple aquarium retail stores, managed the 100,000 gallon public aquarium exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, performed extensive research at the largest aquaponics farm in California and started the largest online aquarium freshwater livestock retail shop in the US.

Kevin also does marketing for Current USA and Ecoxotic, two of the largest aquarium LED manufacturers in the US gaining overview of the entire industry from retail, ecommerce, and public aquariums to offshore manufacturing and branding.

Eric Suen (Founder & Director of Product)
Eric was one of the first employees at Archaea Intl. Corp., the largest importer and distributor of aquatic ecosystems goods. He then went on with Kevin to run the $100,000 business out of a garage and managed over $100,000 in high-end aquarium installations and ecommerce business.

Contact Information:

Kevin Liang
Eric Suen

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