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Archived: Werkly, a marketplace for Freelancers: The Airbnb for jobs or Uber for skills – fair wages and a safe working environment for freelancers around the world

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Werkly, a marketplace for Freelancers.



Werkly is the Airbnb for jobs or Uber for skills! Help us link Facebook and SMS into our platform.


Help us connect you!

Werkly, launched in December 2014 in New Orleans, has already grown to be over 3000 werkers strong! We are a totally self supported platform, trying to create fair wages and a safe working environment for freelancers around the world. ¬†Our technology is simple to use, mobile, and free to sign up! Unlike Taskrabbit, we don’t get between you and the customer, so you can actually make a fair wage! Werkly only charges $2 per hire!

We’ve also won a few awards, not to show off ūüėČ

  • Launchfest 2014
  • Propeller Fellowship for Social Venture Businesses 2014
  • Silicon Bayou Tech 100

We have also been featured in Techcrunch, Forbes, Times Picayun, and more… I’m just trying to say, WE ¬†ARE LEGIT!

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking for funds to complete one or both of these two features:


Connect Facebook’s API to our emerging platform. ¬†Have you ever gone to FB to crowdsource a plumber, contractor, artist, sound guy, babysitter, dog walker, etc… ¬†Well in the future come to Werkly and we will show you all of YOUR friends who have the skills you are looking for and give you a safe place to hire them. ¬†It’s like craigslist but with your network instead of strangers.


We want to be able to use SMS txting technology to deliver all job requests and job information. ¬†This will allow us to provide our platform to millions of american’s who don’t have internet access in their homes or a smartphone. ¬†It will also mean that you will be able to get a job request anywhere and everywhere and accept immediately.

  • Our developers, Revelry.co are the best in the south! We need $3-4k to do a sprint with them. ¬†That is a burst of programming, so we can get the feature completed and tested.
  • We can deliver this feature within 1 month of reaching our goal!
  • All funds will go 100% to this development.

The Impact

With Facebook integration we can assure you that you will be working with talent from you own network and community.  You can feel safe that these skilled werkers are not strangers.  We know that one of the biggest hurdles in employment is trust.  We hope this will go a long way to easing that worry.

SMS integration can bring hiring equality to the workforce! ¬†Currently less than 50% of homes in Louisiana have high speed internet access. ¬†Yet all families need access to jobs. ¬†With Obama’s new phone campaign, every home in America has an SMS capable phone. ¬†Let’s break the cycle of unfair employment and create equal access to jobs for every one.

Other Ways You Can Help

We are only asking for a $1-5 contribution! There is strength in numbers and we are a growing community. ¬†If you can’t contribute financially, please spread the word about Werkly.

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