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Apr 11, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Vintage NY Messenger Bags – inspired by the fashion and style of New York City in the 1960s

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 11, 2015

Vintage NY Messenger Bags


The story of the project

Hello from Vienna, Austria in the heard of Europe and thanks for checking out my project for messenger bags. (sorry for my poor english, i tried my very best ;-)

Let me tell you the Story of how it all began …
Last year, shortly before Christmas, my best friend Peter wanted to get a cool messenger bag and realized that only the standard boring ones where available all over town.

He finally found one, but it wasn’t totally to his liking, as it was clearly not an outstanding individual messenger bag with stylish design. Instead, it was just a mass-produced one, and you’ll see thousands of other people with the same type of bags.

So, my friend suggested, that I design a unique, stylish messenger bag so he could use it to carry his stuff, Ipad, books etc. and look cool with it.

As I´ve always been inspired by the fashion and style of New York City in the 1960s, and I am in love with iconic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany´s and Barefoot in the Park, i decided to go for that retro style.
Back in the 60s air traveling was still glorious and first-class passengers received travel bags from the airlines as gifts.
I remember, back than my Dad brought a such an airline bag home from one of his business trips. My first mid-size model Cockpit is inspired by these airline bags and was the first one I created.

After a few iterations, lots of sketching and sewing, I had the bag I really loved.

The next challenge was to come up with perfect vintage logo designs that would reflect the retro look and feel I had in mind and that would give the bags their unique retro appeal. After lots of brainstorming sessions with some graphic designers, I finally found a young, very talented artist who was able to implement my ideas in the most perfect way.

That was just the first step. Once holding the first samples in my hands and getting exiting feedbacks from my friends and first customers, I decided not to stop there, but to go on and develop a whole collection of retro-style messenger bags in different sizes and for different purposes.

What is very important for me though was to always produce only a small number of bags to give them a Limited Edition exclusivity.
Another priority for me is to use high-quality materials only. That´s the reason why I have decided to make my bags from environmentally-friendly premium PU leather, a light, heavy-duty, water-resistant material that looks even better the more you use it.

With the samples made and everything in place this is where I need your help!

For more information and to view the first sample bags, I already set up the german online shop:



Alina & her favorite ALLROUNDER bag

How the funds will be used

With the samples made and everything in place this is where I need your help!The funds that i will hopefully receive with your help will be used to buy the different colors of pu-leather and the canvas material needed for the production of the first bag collection, that comes in five different models.

The funds will not only be used for the fabrication of the bags, but also for paying additional fees, like, Paypal, taxes, cost of shipping, advertising and any additional funds will be allocated to the upcoming collection.

Thank you very much for your support!

With your help, I will be able to produce a larger number of bags for a reasonnable price. The savings of the larger production numbers will be your advantage! That´s why i will be able to pass the savings directly on to you, so that even for smaller donations, i will be able to send you a messenger bag as a reward.


The Canvas Bag

Commander – the small size messenger bag

Cockpit – the medium size messenger bag

Allrounder – the messenger bag with optimal protection for laptops and tablets

Sports & Travel – the large size messenger bag

Checkout the rewards on the right hand site – Thanks for your SUPPORT!

Some of my other work

So far i was working in online payment solutions, webdesign, photoshooting as well as tv production where i could always put in my creativity.Now, for the first time, i am dealing with physical products, my first fashion production and will see how that goes. ;-)

For the first sample bags, I already set up the online shop in

Next steps will be to translate the e-shop into english (and maybee other languages later) and to implement the english payment solutions and to promote the shop.


Challenge in my eyes are, to be successful in marketing, pr and advertising and establish cooperations to receive online traffic for the webshop.As a new creative label I will be competing against many others and the global manufacturers. As my budget is significantly lower than a lot of my competitors I will have to find creative ways to get my brand known!


Thanks soo much for your support!

Hope you like my messenger bags?  Thanks so much for your support! Thanks for funding. Enjoy the rewards and please spread the word!With your help, I might be able to enter the US and Australian market

A special thanks to all my people that already helped me to reach the very first steps in this amazing project.

Thanks to you, i was able to create and produce the first samples, set up the e-shop, experience the first photoshooting, so that i am now able to present this project here to you guys at the pozible site.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ken Krüger for his amazing work on the photography. Another thank you to Paul for his help with the translation and webshop. A special thanks and credit to Mr. Rei for his valuable input on the designs. And much love for Laurinho and Alina, our professional models, who supported me and made the photoshooting possible.

and last but not least – thank you LOLA for beeing always so patient … (Lola is my beloved golden retriewer)

Thanks Thanks Thanks!

behind the scenes photos ….


Project Team

Contact Information:

tanja rahman

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