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Apr 11, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Archived: MoticonCreators of OpenGo: World’s First Wireless Sensor Insole – The next step forward in wearable tech innovation

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 11, 2015


Creators of OpenGo: World’s First Wireless Sensor Insole

Meet Moticon: creator of the world’s first completely wireless sensor insole.

Our state-of-the-art wireless sensor technology has the ability to capture and deliver valuable body data with transformative implications across sports, fitness and healthcare markets.

Already making waves in the scientific research community and positioned to enter the commercial and consumer markets in 2015 and 2016, Moticon is paving the way for a new era of innovation and insight, fueled by simple, elegant motion data capture technology. 

Tech innovators across numerous industries are buzzing about wearable technology, and the the new generation of smart wearable devices with the potential to revolutionize everything from fitness to athletics to healthcare and beyond.

Moticon is proud to introduce the next step forward in wearable tech innovation: the OpenGo wireless sensor insole.

Our state-of-the-art sensor insole technology captures and delivers comprehensive body and movement data, including:

The data captured by Moticon can then be used in a broad range of applications, from product development to tracking and improving athletic performance tomonitoring and accelerating the rehab process after injury and even protecting against neurological diseases.

In short: with our OpenGo wireless sensor insole, Moticon is positioning itself squarely at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly expanding wearable technology space.

The OpenGo sensor insole doesn’t just look good: it feels good, too! Ultra flat, robust and lightweight, it also has a perfect ergonomic fit and gives the user a high in-shoe comfort. The sensor fits discreetly into any shoe, with electronics that are all self-contained within the device to make setup, implementation and use easy and efficient.

OpenGo is

  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy-to-use

Each Moticon sensor insole contains 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads, plus a 3D accelerometer for measuring motion. The sensor data is processed in the embedded microsystem. From this raw data, a variety of essential gait and motion parameters can be computed. Moticon delivers data wirelessly to the user’s smartphone or audio receiver for real-time insight into Moticon wearers’ health and fitness metrics.

The data can also be stored in the cloud for easy access and building large collections of data that can provide valuable, statistically meaningful insight on a large scale, which researchers and product developers can then tap into to drive new innovations and new discoveries in their field.

The power, versatility and simplicity of Moticon’s sensor insole gives our technology a wide range of applications in industries spanning scientific research and healthcare to product design and even retail.

Here are just a few of the areas where Moticon can make a difference:

Scientific Research Organizations can use Moticon technology to further their explorations and innovations.

Healthcare Providers, including orthopedic surgeons and therapy centers, can use Moticon technology to diagnose and treat their patients.

Sports Equipment Manufacturers like as Adidas or Nike can use Moticon technology to fuel product development and improvement.

Sports Training Facilities, from professional sports teams to gyms, can use Moticon technology to take their training to the next level.

And last but certainly not least: consumers everywhere, who will be able to bring Moticon technology home starting in 2017!

2014 was a tremendous year for Moticon—our company officially entered the black and secured some exciting new partnerships—and all signs point to even bigger and better things to come in 2015!

The Moticon wireless sensor insole is already fully developed and being sold at production volume (roughly 500 units to date) to over 50 organizations within the scientific research community. All of the technology underlying the Moticon sensor insole is unique and patent-protected.

Major organizations and brands who are either already implementing Moticon technology or have expressed interest in adopting it include the AO Foundation, NASA and Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few.


And corporations and organizations aren’t the only ones taking notice of Moticon: we’ve picked up quite a bit of attention from the press as well, racking up features in Medgadget and GizMag, just to start.

Up next: the time is right to expand Moticon and our into new areas and industries. We’ll be entering the commercial market in 2015, with the consumer market to follow in 2016. For more information about the future of Moticon and how you can be a part of our success story, please request access to the business plan page of this profile!

Dr. Maximilian Mueller, CEO
Enthusiastic skier and climber Maximilian Müller is the spiritual father of Moticon. His passion for sports and technology brought him as a research assistant to Professor Veit Senner, who has been working since the ‘90s with biomechanical methods and new approaches to technically support athletes. At Moticon, Maximilian’s roles include product development, technical purchasing and production. In addition, he is responsible for marketing, strategic and operational sales and along with Robert Vilzmann for business development.

Dr. Robert Vilzmann, CTO
As purposefully as he plans and explores his trails for mountain biking — that’s how analytically awesome Robert Vilzmann is at working on software solutions for our customers. He earned his spurs at the Chair of Communication Networks with Professor Jörg Eberspächer at the Technical University of Munich, where he received his doctorate summa cum laude and since then he contributes all his outstanding skills to Moticon. Robert’s responsibilities at Moticon include the management of the software development, as well as the product and user tests. In addition, he is responsible for IP management, accounting, and together with Maximilian Müller for business development.

Michael Reithinger
Michael Reithinger is a physicist with over 25 years of experience in IT, both as architect and CTO of a stock listed 150+ employee company.

Florian Zierer
Florian Zierer has an MS in computer science and six 6 years of experience in developing and testing hard- and software for embedded systems.

Regine Reithinger
Regine Reithinger has an MA in business administrations and over 25 years of experience in recruiting, certified business coach.

Contact Information:

Dr. Maximilian Mueller
Dr. Robert Vilzmann
Michael Reithinger
Florian Zierer
Regine Reithinger

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