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Apr 11, 2015 10:00 EST

BStriker – Social testing platform , the next step of extending the disruptive Application Lifecycle Test Manager: The Complete Solution

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 11, 2015




Social testing platform , the next step of extending the disruptive Application Lifecycle Test Manager: The Complete Solution.

BStriker is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $5,000.


  • Funding Goal $500,000
  • Minimum Reservation $5,000
  • Interest (% per year) 4.00%
  • Term Length (Months) 18 months
  • Valuation Cap N/A
  • Conversion Discount (%) 30%
  • Warrant Coverage (%) N/A
  • Open Date 03/26/2015
  • Closing Date 04/25/2015


  • Tarjeta Nevada has chosen BStriker in only 3 days of extensive testing
  • Financials expressed need for in-house crowd testing tool
  • NOKIA Networks: approved service provider


BStriker is the first to offer a complete and smart solution which is easy to use and affordable, saving time and money independent of the SDLC implemented.


Company summary:

Our mission at BStriker is to identify all defects of software applications. BStriker is positioned as an innovative, market disruptive software technology company with the most powerful and complete solution to identify allsoftware defects instantly, this independently for all technologies, platforms and languages.
BStriker’s solutions brings quality assurance within software companies to the next level. Fundamentally and effectively improving the transparency, output and cost structure within their software development and testing departments. BStriker’s solutions are for everyone and therefore delivers SaaS as well as on-premise.

BStriker has its HQ in Holland and a development office in Argentina.

The first companies that showed interest and bought our solution recognised the need to improve and to solve the issues at hand. The first customer will extend the use within their organisation since it resolved more issues than at first recognised.

The problem

Striking the balance between the right level of testing and the crucial speed to market is an impossible equation. Recent survey revealed that 44% of users would immediately delete a faulty app and 96% writes a bad review. Undetected bugs can be destructive for a company’s reputation or “only” extremely costly. Automotive being in the news with “killer software” and paying fines makes the software more expensive than the best software ever written that of the Space Shuttle. The current products are: too expensive, too complex, lacks transparency, no traceability, limited solutions, no integration or support. In addition testing is too often performed by non testers.

The solution

BStriker’s easy to use subscription based software solutions are fed by the “Brain” and integrate with and improve the current available partial solutions independent of the SDLC implemented. It offers a centralised control and execution center for your software development and automated and manual testing efforts. The available and growing knowledge from the Brain (International testing standards, Testing techniques, methodologies and test scripts) will teach the users to execute software testing with a minimum effort professionally and faster, empowering the organisation. The next step is crowd-testing, connected to the ALTM and the Brain giving it a competitive advantage. Testing by real people with real devices in real conditions. Releasing software with more confidence because of the real time metrics and full transparency.

The market

According to the Gartner and Forrester the market size is approximately 200B. The current market leaders did not innovate their products and are loosing to the smaller innovative companies with the latest techniques. Many deliver a nice product in a niche market and not a complete solution.

On average 50% of the development resources are absorb by testing for quality conscious companies. BStriker will, over time, cut the cost with 70% and results are an instant saving 30% in development time (ISTQB standard). The market will evolve the coming years to more automation and a quality conscious environment, BStriker offers a market disruptive revolution.





NOKIA NETWORKS approved BStriker as service provider

APRIL, 2015

Universities use BStriker’s ALTM as the reference test management tool for master stream.

MARCH, 2015

First free bi-weekly training session by ISTQB board member Sergio Cusmai.


First On-Premise subscription customer. Including local brain.


Test automation and integration Selenium released. BStrikers automation is more advanced than Selenium and drastically saves time spend.

MARCH, 2015

World class telecom starts trial with BStrikers ALTM.

MARCH, 2015

Successsful delivery POC of the “BRAIN”.



At Nevada our drive for continuous improvement and aim to ensure excellence, led us to choose for BStrikers ALTM. For Process Control, Bstriker’s ALTM is a dynamic and flexible tool simplifying testing procedures. It gives us the opportunity to professionalize our work, improve response times and maximize the use of our resources. The improved quality, for us, should manifest itself in the confidence of our customers.
Flavia Irene ArnoldoProcess Control
Flavia Irene Arnoldo


Sergio Emanuel Cusmai

Sergio Emanuel Cusmai

CEO, Founder BStriker International BV

Seasoned test arena entrepreneur and visionary, Co-Founder and QA Manager at QAustral S.A., CEO at Nimbuzz Argentina S.A
John Berkeljon

John Berkeljon

CFO, founder BStriker International BV

John Adam Berkeljon is a seasoned global entrepreneur with an extensive financial, tax and business modelling background. He has been involved with MAIL.RU (IPO 5BN), acquisition of GADU GADU (200M), Nimbuzz IM (sold for 250M) and Pyramid Analytics (backed-up by Sequoia Capital). As a member of the due diligence team of MIH assessed a great variety of business models. As co-founder of BStriker ran one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns on the Symbid platform in Jan 2014. As CFO and co-founder of BStriker John is passionately pursuing company’s strategy to disrupt software testing market with its innovative testing solutions. Mobile phone +31(0)63 40 40 848 [email protected]


Team Member Name

John Berkeljon

CFO, founder BStriker International BV

John Adam Berkeljon is a seasoned global entrepreneur with an extensive financial, tax and business modelling background. He has been involved with MAIL.RU
Team Member Name

Anton van Binsbergen

International Interim Manager Finance & Accounting

Since October 2000 working Financial Reporting Professional with the talent to execute the statutory accounting and financial reporting activities for organization
Team Member Name

Lars Boelen

Datacenter architect at HP / Startup investor

IT Specialist with a focus on end user computing in a banking environment. Current specialties: End User Computing solutions (Thin Client, VDI, Citrix).
Contact Information:

John Berkeljon
Sergio Emanuel Cusmai

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