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Archived: Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine printing/subscriptions

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Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine printing/subscriptions

by Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine

Newly founded Victorian Gothic & Steampunk magazine seeks local printing for subscriptions and distribution for its nationwide readers.

About this project

In October of 2014, Sarah Harris and Kasandra Zavrie-Higdon took a walk in the park to discuss a new idea for a local publication.  That talk was the starting point of Victorian Gothic & Steampunk Magazine, a monthly publication, the first and only one of its kind in the Midwest.

We announced the magazine at Teslacon 5 and were met with enthusiasm and excitement from the Steampunk community in the Midwest.  We have contributors all around the country and supporters all around the world.  We only lack one thing and that is the money to have the publication printed locally so that we can offer subscriptions, one thing that so many of our readers want.

We are currently printing via a print on demand site with costs being extremely high, and through digital downloads.  We aren’t actually making enough money from the magazine through the print on demand, nor are we able to offer subscriptions through print on demand features. Our expenses for everything we do for the magazine have been all out of our personal pockets so we don’t have the money needed to print locally.  Since all the staff is on a volunteer basis, and with no established subscription base as of yet, we have already out grown the print on demand feature.  We need your help.  With your generous donations, we will be able to print locally and send out monthly subscriptions thus increasing our reader base and allowing us to grow and continue to move forward with our project.  We hope to be able to actually pay our staff and fund the magazine expenses once we print locally and offer subscriptions.

With your support, we can continue to help new and emerging artists, art galleries, musicians, fashion designers, prop designers, Neo-Victorian enthusiasts and other locally owned businesses in the Midwest and beyond.

Risks and challenges

We have come a long way in a short amount of time. We have experienced set backs, deadline delays and other minor obstacles yet we have come out each month with a consistently good product. The only current obstacle we face is printing locally so we can send out subscriptions. We are very quick to address our problems as they arise and we aren’t afraid to ask people for guidance. We consistently ask for feedback from our readers. They are very good at telling us what they want and we are very good at providing them what they ask for. It is a mutual partnership between the staff and the readers that make this the fantastic magazine that it is. We will only improve over time as that is one of our goals.

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