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Archived: Trellis Systems: A new and effortless way of using trellis to display and enjoy their plants without the need for a shovel, hammer or nails

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Trellis Systems

Claremore, OK 74019, US

Trellis systems will disrupt garden products by reimagining how trellis is designed and offering consumers new ways of enjoying their plants not currently possible. The mission is to provide consumers a new and effortless way of using trellis to display and enjoy their plants without the need for a shovel, hammer or nails. The system is mobile or permanent, the applications include using the system on a deck, an apartment porch, next to a pool, flower bed, growing box or for those comfortable with using tools the system has the option of being fixed to a wall or post with ease. The system provides options not available previously through conventional methods and the system is user friendly for the elderly or those with physical challenges.

With an all plastic material construction the color choices are endless. The entire assembly is a snap together process that’s easy for any consumer. Big box retailers , nurseries and online sales channels will provide strong volume and high margin results.

Products / Services

Climbing plant display system

The current options for displaying a climbing plant is to permanently install lattice or trellis to a surface. This method requires physical ability and the know how or the consumer must use a shovel, this product removes those barriers , provides new locations to display plants and is unique and obvious so obtaining the additional patents should require little argument with the USPTO. In addition to the product line revenue the IP can be licensed to traditional lattice or trellis makers that wish to integrate new technology within their traditional methods or trellis systems can expand its product lines creating additional products and revenue sources.


Acting/Interim Development
Nick Hoagland

I have extensive experience with P&L forecasting and working to obtain goals. My strengths are managing people and inventory levels. If given the chance I will leverage all my previous skills to make this product line a success for myself, the employees, our distribution partners and my investors.

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