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Archived: The Undeadly Podcast Network – Eclectic. Engaging. Excellent.: We vow to make UNDEADLY CONTENT – devoted to helping artists, entertainers, comedians, and cool folk of different tastes and backgrounds make their own shows completely independently!

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The Undeadly Podcast Network


Eclectic. Engaging. Excellent. Help us launch a new, dynamic and experimental podcast network!


What We Are About


Theatre that doesn’t function to connect with its audience is “deadly” theatre…the result of people doing things for the wrong reason, such as productions created solely to make money, managers who are too budget conscious, and/or audiences who come to the theatre for reasons other than wanting to be engaged”

-Peter Brooks, The Empty Space

Luke Palmer and his team are aiming to accomplish the opposite. We will not  sacrifice meaning for commercial value. We will be fun and make works that celebrate human life. We vow to make UNDEADLY CONTENT. 

  • The Undeadly Podcast Network will be devoted to helping artists, entertainers, comedians, and cool folk of different tastes and backgrounds make their own shows completely independently!
  • We are not married to one genre. What we are married to is dynamic, eclectic, personal and outside-the-box content.
  • We will be making seven shows for our first season which you can check out below.
  • Each show will release one to two episodes a month.
  • Please throw us some change, literally anything helps. By donating you don’t just support one, but all of these cool podcasts and more to come in the future.


What We Need

We are facilitating seven shows and need money for:

  • Website hosting
  • Podcast hosting for seven shows on libsyn for one year. 
  • Mixing board 
  • Microphones
  • Headphones 
  • Microphone stands
  • Editing laptop
  • Rewards
  • Memory card backups
  • Royalty-free music & FX
  • Misc expenses 
  • 10% Indiegogo fee 


We want to give an audience and a home to the wicked dreamers, romantic cynics and passionate creative daredevils based in NYC.  Here is who is involved, and just how wide our reach will be.

Hello, I’m Ira Glass
w/ Helen Seachrist & Ben Willis

Find out more: HERE

You all know popular radio host Ira Glass. He has some things to say to you. We would like to remind you he is definitely 100% the host of ‘This American Life’ Ira Glass.

w/ Hallie Haas

Find out more: HERE

Are you ever at a loss for words? Join our host (who is most verbose) Hallie Haas! Hallie is joined by a guest comedian to talk words, play games, create laughs and even learn a crazy new appellation to add to your vocabulary.

His Majesty the Baby Podcast
w/ His Majesty  the Baby

Find out more: HERE

Audio Transmissions from acclaimed sketch troupe ‘His Majesty the Baby’. Funnier than the sound of one hand clapping. You will Laugh. Laugh.

The World Domination Hour
w/ Baron Darren D’Barrin

Find out more: HERE

At long last, the worlds greatest radio show in the history of villainy makes its triumphant return. Join Host Baron Darren D’Barrin and weekly mystery guests for edge of your seat thrills, humor and doom.

The Earth Report with Bleep and Blorp
w/ Peter Zimmermann & Gregory Gallagher

Find out more: HERE

Earthling’s say the darnest things! Especially when they are under the watchful gaze of Bleep and Blorp. These two aliens provide the kind of hilarious commentary that can only come at the brink of madness. From the minds of Peter Zimmermann and Gregory Gallagher.

Dark Rides
w/ Luke Palmer 

Find out more: HERE

A short story anthology in the vein of Orson Welles, The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. The stories will not be limited by genre or content but will be guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. “Buckle up, and enjoy the ride”.

Turtles All the Way Down
w/ Gabriel Rodriguez 

Find out more: HERE

We are storytellers telling the story of the world. The world is a storyteller telling the story of us. Host Gabriel Rodriguez will question Story, investigate Story, celebrate Story — all the while inviting you to gather around the fire with them and their guests to collaborate in your own creation.


Luke Palmer is a graduate from Emerson College and ringleader of this whole operation. He has previously done audio production work for 100.7 WZLX, 88.9 WERS, UCBCOMEDY.com, and WECB. Luke wants to take his experience and use it to make the kind of shows he’d want to listen to. He is a podcast fanatic and probably listens to more people through his earbuds than in real life.  Ever since he was a kid, it was his dream to run his own radio station.

Sara DeViney is also an Emerson College alum. She loves people that love their thing, and loves to facilitate them doing those things. She is the producer for several small events in New York City including Shakespeare in the Pub, Natasha and the Bass Line, The Cafe Collections and an annual Broadway Cares benefit: Cares Continues. Sara wants to be the next Sara Koenig and has already started looking up phone records and sending love letters to convicts.

Contact Information:

Luke Palmer, Sara DeViney

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