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Apr 10, 2015 7:54 AM ET

Archived: Slida® 3D Puzzle – Challenge yourself! A unique 3D puzzle concept that will challenge everyone

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 10, 2015

Slida® 3D Puzzle – Challenge yourself!

by Slida Pty Ltd

Slida is unique 3D puzzle concept that will challenge everyone

About this project

SLIDA is 3D puzzle for everyone. With its unique, award winning and patented interlocking design, we hope to challenge and encourage the next generation of thinkers while having fun along the way.

About us

SLIDA has had some real challenges along the way. The complexity of the interlocking design meant that it’s taken almost half of my life to finalize the design to be ready for manufacturing.

I spent a lot of time making sure that the puzzle was really ready for people to enjoy. I have produced various prototypes of the Slida to make sure that that the concept works. Our aim is getting it into the hands of kids, families, teenagers and anyone who really loves a challenge like we do.

We believe in growing through challenge

SLIDA is designed to challenge your curiosity and ability to solve problems, requiring creativity, determination and logical process-driven thinking – without batteries! Our aim is to continue developing a range of 3D puzzles for all ages. SLIDA is an engaging experience for everyone.

The best part is how much people who have played with SLIDA love it. It’s a real challenge that people love to take on and it doesn’t matter how old they are, or what their skill level is.

We’re dedicated to excellence and innovation

Having won the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, we have worked with a great design and engineering team to deliver a quality product that we hope everyone can enjoy. The tangible nature of SLIDA provides a much needed tactile element that is often missing in our busy, tech-driven lives.


Risks and challenges

We have already produced and tested high quality pre-production prototypes, confirmed tooling details with our manufacturer and are now ready to offer you a final product we are sure you will love.
The biggest challenge for us will be shipping if Slida is well received by the Kickstarter family.

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